Exclusive Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Ferrari Tourbillon Watch 50 Day Power Reserve

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This is an exclusive overview on this very complicated and much talked about Hublot LaFerrari MP-05 (MP 05) Tourbillon. I had the most amazing opportunity to sit down to try on this amazing timepiece that ressembles a Ferrari V12 engine.

The watch features a complex shaped sapphire crystal clearly reminiscent of the car’s outline, as well as an open case-back, and is made from black PVD titanium. It is topped by a titanium and carbon insert in its centre, revealing the winding crown. The time-setting crown is positioned under the case. Both are completely integrated into the design, and therefore practically invisible. -Hublot

On the left side tells the amount of days left of power for the Tourbillon (50 days). On the right side that is were you tell time.

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ochiboy11194 says:

hmm how do you tell the time on that thing?

jo kerh says:

it looks good. its referencing to their v12 engines

kudikamo says:

Making ridiculous watches for Russian oligarchs since 1990.

John Smith says:

Not a timepiece.Not a watch.Not jewelry.Nothing more then a mechanical gadget.I truly believe it is an insult to actual watch makers and designers.  

Jeff sHo says:

Not a fan of the design, but great videos and editing.

Daniel Murcio says:

what does 50 day power reserve means??

Phi Estrada says:

Do time indicators glow at night?

Rab says:

I would feel like an ass with that on my wrist

parsu538 says:

Mate, awesome videos. Keep it up. Am personally a huge fan of AP, Hublot (only a few select models), Patek, Breguet and Richard Mille. Just wanted to ask if you’ve ever considered a Richard Mille timepiece?

Would you do a review of that anytime soon? I reckon that watch’ll look good on you too. It’s very well built and beautiful..

Dubuajay says:

“Hey, what time is it?”
“Idk. Can you give me a ride home, I sold my Ferrari for this thing”

Vitalstatistix Stats says:

$300k for time please… Kaatchinnng… Thank you Sir…

liitlebig14 says:

As a designer I would like to say that this watch is one of the biggest failure I have ever seen. Biggest also cuz it is enormously big and doesnt refer at all to the brand actually. I like hublot. I have one big bang king but still didnt understand what is this. Soon I will come up with a better design solution. A watch addressing to car. Maybe hublot will c what is design. Regards.

The Lalilulelo says:

what the fuuuckkkk you bought this one?! it’s fucking damn nice!

Mysterious Artistic says:

alien technology confirmed

The Lalilulelo says:

Maybe you can buy it and do some reviews ? 😀 it’s very nice artistic way… 😛 not design.

Hulk Super Powerful says:

I wish and love it so much

John Tan says:

if it was really ferrari design, it would have been limited edition 01/49 😉

fastcougar3200 says:

Um, does it catch fire too?

Jezus Zambrano says:

What masterpiece of engineering, The best watch I´ve ever seen…

beastmode1980434 says:

Why is this watch 300k ?

Gabriel Barile says:

wow, disgusting

04218158 says:

your wit does not make the watch anymore tasteful

ogostaboy says:

This design will not pass the test of time.

joschi jogi says:

From me the clock gets the prize for the ugliest clock in the world.

carlos fortanell says:

you dont need to go an unsafe country….down town L.A or compton would do just fine…

Mandy Lion says:

I love this watch!

HappyQuails says:

I wish it showed some active movement representing the “second hand”.

Nick Ranger says:

I have a casio paw 1100.
updates time daily using radio signal from 1 of 5 atomic clock signals around the world depending on the location.
is solar powered, never needs winding, thus endless charge!
rugged for outdoors
works great, 180 bucks


OMG, watch for USD$ 300K

Bad Hombre says:

How do you tell the time

fatoni698 says:

Neat… but I would rather own an actual Ferrari…..

hot socks says:

to be honest it looks like a pretty shitty watch

Saint Celistine says:

they have that watch for sale here in las vegas at the forum shops, I asked to try it on but only by appointment.

BattleNativeHD says:

That is an ugly ass watch

mynamehaschanged says:

For the half of that price you can buy a real Formula 1 Engine. Now that is a piece of Art.

EADPE says:

Im not an engineer or a designer but i do know that this watch is ugly as hell and it doesn’t worth the 300k they ask even if it was hand made by hublot.

It is just about how much you can waste on something ugly, how much you can waste on something unnecessary. “Limited edition” means nothing in this case. Status with no taste at all to some people.

Leon kennstenich says:

sooo…and how late is it ?

U C Y says:

I have $3

TheCODBoxOnYT says:

nice videos, do you own all the watches you review?

elmilanmilan1 says:

wow… one of these days!!…

Jordan Cookie says:

I actually like the design. It could be a bit smaller though. The tool it comes with is cool.

Messiah Lovre says:

I read somewhere this watch is 300k I just graduated as a mechanical engineer design and I don’t think this design justify the price tag I mean We talking about a price of a house here

Saladin Gucman says:

Its like…… ur waiting for something to happen with the watch

Chilysm says:

After 50 days need to wind it again?

Mike Brown says:

Nice….of the beaten path!

Philip Mcritchie says:

Floyd Mayweather has just bought one of these abominations. Nuff said..


WOW! Amazing

william wolfe says:

This watch clearly confirms that there is little faith in humanity.

GhostCarbon0911 - says:

A Ferrari 458 costs around 270k so this watch costs more than the actual car

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