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Chiroptus H says:

To be fat and with no talent and to make millions dollars you must be a genius ! Respect ✊!

Illn Incomplete says:

couldn’t help me,is this reall

Daniel Glencross says:

Correctional Officer Rat.

Thomas Smith says:

how can you hate on a billionaire, all of u kill yoselfs come back and walk into a bullet.

Illn Incomplete says:

this is fake ass shit

Keeping faith Soulja says:

Fuck the police

Twinzzzzz says:

Damn rick Ross is winning out chea

dr iftakhar haider says:

dr dre.first of all you are an idiot calling yourself a dr dre,you should have given that money to people who are starving in 3rd world countries,i don’t blame you cuz you blacks are showoffs and uneducated.

Allblacks4lyfe #back2black says:

can’t these fukin apes do something decent in society for a change

skills1ent says:

Dumb, pointless, ignorant and typical… All these dudes are culture killers. They’re all rich but will never be wealthy!

NoThing2Lose says:

fuck dre he soldass nigga. rıpPAC

Robbie The Great AR says:

Puff Daddy and Dre in the same room wow!

Hiring Ceo says:

Ross ONELOVE ! Get at me 626 383-7038 June

Daniel Glencross says:

I lost respect for Dre for fucken with this fat cop

Runaar INCASO bv says:

rick ross fake rappers haha stupid cop go back to your job

Fireluv says:

fuck rick roach !!!!!! meant to say Ross fuck Ross!!!!!!

Jimmy Two-Times says:

From one studio gangsta to another. One wears lipstick and the other locks up men.

Thomas Smith says:

watch the whole thang

Rashaad Handsome says:

big fan maybach music

Szymon Małachowski says:

Fucking jailer !!

Dami Justt says:

ya gay move got his low key a gift hahahaha WOOW #Standup

Emeka More success says:

Man is so much success man, may God bless me like you

Niko Songz says:

the song at the end was fire

Uso Strong says:

Dr dre n puff is the real money boss…

Susanoo says:

This party is like the epitome of the african american’s success.

Daniel Murillo says:

I wonder what fifty thinks about Dr Dre’s gesture towards his nemesis

Cooley Geez says:

These MMG vlogs used to be the shit to watch back then… like mini movies

Gghn Vffgjk says:

Fat bastard

Danny P says:

Jr Hood Forever

TheSinisterPress says:

How you gone buy a millionaire a 100k watch? Dre did his thing in the music business but personally I have no respect for him. You could buy thousands of little kids a happy meal and you’d only spent a fraction of that useless watch.

Triple D says:

He called Eminem a Monkey so dre shouldn’t be associated with Ross at all!



Undisputed says:

Lmao at all the haters in the comment section. Whole bunch of kids from the burbs speaking on shit they know nothing about.

Big Moneytalk754 says:

timberland swizz beats Dr dre But what about shawty red lex lugar youngchop

Candy Johnson says:

selling out em for this pig

War Child says:

this birthday was a plot by didy and ross to shorten dre’s bread so didy can beat him…illuminaty 2017

Todd Chambers says:

Now that’s Gangsta!

thebuilder86 says:


kajcsapapa says:

what a nice event for all those studio Gs

Popito Makarono says:

Yesterday when i was at hospital i saw Dr Dre healing 3 kids.What a nice guy

jason sloten says:

Fake nigga!
Freeway Ricky Ross is the real..
This fat punk just stole his name..
Thats true bitchness!

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