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Nick Nixon says:

Hublot is a Floyd sponsor, I’m sure they gifted that watch to him for all the business he sent them.

football JD says:

Stfu u cunt u have no life pussy

Pokeeon says:

this is the most jew vid ive seen

geegee902 says:

looks like a G-Shock

Jonny Football says:

Stop hating on ufc its way better than boxing bitch

Skyler L says:

Beyoncé bought jay this same watch for his bday

victor anaya says:

Isn’t Ellie a girls name? Plus what kind of faggot brags about another mans money

Kevin Harrison says:

1 million for a watch that looks shit, and no I’m not jealous.

Ambiorix Filpo says:

The McGregor hate is real.

Mitchell Lawrence says:

I don’t care how much the watch is worth. Even if I had the money I still wouldn’t buy it. The design looks standard, and all the diamonds make the watch look ugly! Rea-talk

junior cunanan says:

This Jew….you need to learn how to pronounce the name of the watch properly before you make a video and put in your jew cents. Fucking cock sucker! I hope McGregor finds your Jew ass and beat you like a drum! Kike!

BrawnyLion says:

i think the hate isn’t for the watch but the fact that a video had to be made about the watch along with a strong dickriding vibe

HEERO Yuy says:

You’d a fool to waste money on a wrist item

Victor Herrera says:

$$$$$ good for him people all so forget that he gives back to the community he is a good person God blesses him

Danny Small says:

Nobody likes ellie because hes just a pure hater and has a girls name lol

Rick says:

thats a fucking uglyass watch… im not “hating” just not for me…. too ghetto/thugged out for my likes…. Suits Floyd perfectly.

sypen1 says:

If I had the watch I’d sell it cos I hate it. You don’t have to like it just cos it’s 1 million $.

I Flick says:

I remember Mike Tyson’s million dollar Rolex. He and it are no longer together.

HomeMade FunSTUFF says:

Tbe spending 1 million on a watch is like me spending $40 on a snap back

Allahmein Crews says:

Only broke people worry about other people’s money smh

sergio garcia says:

Why is Elie hating on McGregor he just made 12 million in 13 seconds how much did Elie make in 12 seconds?

OutsideTheRopes says:

A man has the right to do whatever he wants with his money….I still think it’s stupid as fuck though.

ScarFace W/Diamond Teeths says:

I will love to have that watch because of the value but lets be honest is ugly as fuck LOOOL. Floyd has a horrible taste.

zues2013 says:

Looks like a 120$ gshock lol

bj smith says:

Ellie is hating

johnie654 says:

It’s funny floyd brags about how much money he makes when bill gates doesn’t……

boxing1000 says:

watch looks like crap…

Green Orange says:

Ellie is hating on Conor because Ellie is so cock sucking Floyd and see’s McGregor as a threat. Next thing you’ll hear Ellie calling Connor Mcgregor is a bum. Do yourself a favor Ellie and hop of Floyd’s dick from time to time, we know he made hundreds of millions against Pacquiao and we know he’s undefeated you stupid prick

William Ducrot says:

watch is ugly as fuck looks like a gshock. this dude needs to stop hating on mma

HEERO Yuy says:

Boxer fighters make more than them broke mma peoples

carlos deberto says:


Stephen Thorn says:

Floyd spends money like a bored house wife. If he’s so bored go feed the poor.

king T says:

elie just shut the fuck up already

Davontae Strange says:



He earned it. I’m happy for him

Love gun says:

that’s one of the most ugly watches i’ve ever seen. I dont care how expensive it was.

Muhammad AliVEVO says:

Who ever say he’d be broke he has made smart investment so is not gonna be broke he was the highest paid sportsperson

I Flick says:

Why doesn’t someone like Bill Gates own a wristwatch like this? He doesn’t have too! Everyone knows he’s Bill Gates, he would be just as fashionable wearing a Swatch. Only money will buy it and all the money in the world will never let Floyd Mayweather wear a Swatch. If Bill Gates needs to hit the grocery store, rumor has it he still uses a 2003 Honda Accord. There are those desperate to let you know they have it and those desperate to keep a secret.

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