Buying Another Hublot

This video is about Buying Another Hublot


jim LEHMN says:

Hublot? Fuckin weak bro.

bigperm1978143adri says:

what does a watch have to have to be worth 500000 ???? serious question…

Patrick Channing says:

What a bellend

Jojo Pimentel says:

nice quality watch but the guy low quality! doesnt match!

Riyact says:

Please take what im about to say with a pinch of salt. Vacheron Constantine have been making watches since 1755. Patek Phillipe 1839, IWC 1868, Audemars Piguet 1875, Hublot?…..1980. You’re older than the watch company. There is no heritage and history to justify the current value. That’s the problem most enthusiasts see with the brand. Its all just marketing, and price-based exclusivity.

I can tell you that 50% of the hate you’re getting is for brag/buying two Hublots that are way too similar to each other (for me atleast). The other 50% is from your own comments, you’re being your own worst enemy. Ignore the hate and watch your dislikes go down on all future videos.

P.S: I own a 1915.NL30 Hublot Classic Black, which may not cost as much as the two in the video, but its a Hublot nonetheless. I’ve instead opted to spend more on an AP Royal Oak Offshore, and an IWC Big Pilot. To each their own!

ij777 says:

Buying a new Hublot is quite frankly, idiotic disregarding how much money you got. Once you walk out the store, the price depreciates by 50% or even more. Hublots are just super trendy right now & will not last imo especially with the 100’s of “special editions”. They’re very cool though regardless; just buy them pre-owned, mint condition.

JamesD M says:

Not a bad looking watch, don’t think I could live with the red sapphire. Reaction to others comments indicates one thing “trailer park”. Don’t post videos and always expect respect. It’s the internet after all . Wear these watches in good health.

CorpTech says:

Good watch those fuckin things will last a lifetime

mt89 says:

Why would you get Hubolt instead than watches from other brands? Just want to know your opinions. Thanks

shopSAHNWINcom says:

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tazntpa says:

Sweet, I love my Ultra Thin Titanium Skeleton!

ashley89837 says:

Be humble, you have big arms and wrists that watch looks slightly small for you, i dont however like over sized watches and my collection i will not go above 44mm but my wrist is only 7.25″ just my opinion

Brandon Bockman says:

Looks amazing, but horrible investment. One of the worst at holding value. Then again, that doesn’t matter much if you don’t care about that kind of thing. I just like knowing my money was spent well.

Paul Gavin Chaplin says:

Wow. I love the red crystal. Stunning watch, Sir. I don’t care much for the disrespectful comments that other people have posted on this video. But good luck to you. Any fan of watches, of any kind is worth my attention. Enjoy wearing in good health! Subscribed!

FLUF_GOD Channel says:

Happy to have you in the Hublotista VIP family, friend.

TheBagBalm says:

My Citizen Skyhawk will last forever. No battery needed and the time will adjust itself even during daylight savings.

Hendrix Lynch says:

John! You rock! This is Hendrix in Atlanta. I met you working at the Hublot store in Atlanta. You, your family and friends are the best. Keep being you!

John says:

Oh come on now,20K subs on YouTube doesn`t pay for a 37K watch,let alone two. Enjoy and wear it in good health

Omar Creed says:

All the money to spend on those time pieces but what the fuck is up with those cheap ass shoes the kid is wearing god damm buy everybody some nice clothes before u do this videos.

Marko Djurdjevic says:

Bunch of rednecks

vitalalive69 says:

Hublot king of watches, I hope I will own one myself one day ! Have fun with it how does it feel after 2 years of wearing it ? You still happy with it ?

Tuur Laenen says:

Did you get a discount on the watches by making this ad for them? Oh and at first I liked the video, but then I saw your replies too the comments and wooww don’t get so pissed of by comments man.. It’s just the internet after all!

Two Flame says:

how much is it dude

Christopher Mendez says:

hey I remember that painful seat!!! I went to Vegas to buy a gold sub and ended up in the forum shops en route to the rolex dealer and hit Roman times first. Just wanted to look at their new in house stuff and ended up with a king gold unico banger. I just didn’t like the piece though, sold a few months later and only took a 1500$ hit since they were backordered and in demand, now they’re dime a dozen. I’m trying to get into an AP Royal oak in rose gold with solid band similar to the 15400. but been buying breitling lately, on a binge lol

Jeremy Smith says:

That Black, Red, and White is awesome. Looks awesome.

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