A First Look At A Classy Hublot?! Or Should I Buy A Zenith El Primero Next? + Surprise Unboxing

Today I dip my feet in the water of luxury watch brand Hublot, and reconsider an old favourite from Zenith. While I continue to deliberate my next medium term goal between the iconic Rolex Explorer and my current lust for salmon pink dial Rolex DateJusts, I bring two more dramatically different watches into consideration. Priced around the same as the Rolexes I mentioned, the Hublot Fusion Classic is remarkably elegant and modern in design, yet refreshingly different from anything else I currently own. The Zenith on the other hand is classic, traditional and horologically more significant with its famed and prestigous El Primero movement. Decisions, decisions, but that is half the fun right? Also, in this video I unbox a special early Christmas present – a very cool racing chronograph I reviewed and was very impressed by, last year.

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Da A says:

Hublot is an example of price perceived quality. The are expensive so people assume they are good or special, it’s a very clever marketing tactic as there are droves willing to buy them.

java titus says:

Nickname for the Tudor Day Date: Goldie 😛

Vincent Bailey says:

honestly i can respect hublot, but i hate the look of them with the whole porthole thing. Zenith’s are absolutely beautiful and if it suits you, go for it over that modern oh look at me with my huge watch hublot. Especially if it will hold you over til your Lange.

H Jones says:

I just bought that rose gold one.

Mathew Alves says:

Hublot is where it’s at

Stefano Cecchini says:

The El Primero is an icon but you have reviewed  already one. Hublot would be more interesting. I heard they are very robust.


negative feed back is reset every 12 month…………..
So 100% feed back right now . does not mean 100% last year. Just FYI …

maseratiquattroport says:

i currently have the el primero. i bought it back in 2007 from tourneau. all i can say is that reliability is an issue with this watch. i recommend getting warranty with it which i bought for $5k for 5 year warranty.

DJZ says:

Zenith “independent to this day”? It’s under LVMH

Watch Aficionado says:

Zenith is better than Hublot!

Radim says:

You should call your Tudor “Jason” [ ja: son ] – reffering to greek mythology – Argonauts and quest for the Golden Fleece – as the dial is gold linen…

Foxglove says:

seems like an autodromo take off with a couple extra bits thrown in. sorry.

LFCzeppelin8 says:

The Zenith for me… it’s just more mesmerising to look at! And I’m a fan of Roman numerals.

Brecheisen says:

Please don’t even compare Zenit to Hublot!

Seya Auto says:

A different nickname might be the D-day. I know it’s a bit obvious.

Jeff Vanderwerf says:

Sorry, but the Hublot doesn’t even compare with the Zenith, particularly when price is taken into account.

Ade Hall says:

Hublot. A garish brand if you ask me and when rappers are brand ambassadors this simply would make me run at Usain speed, in the opposite direction. Horologically questionable in my view. I’d take the Zenith over a Hublot any day. Hublot strikes me as a brand of little substance save for “if bling is your thing”. Ugh.as a conversation piece the only associated story to tell is who they sponsor and who wears the brand. Ergo you by association, become an association. Not a brand for a gentleman or thinking man. Just ghastly…

frieswithmayo says:

hublot is for show-off footballers. zenith all the way !

pingshen fun says:

Zenith aint independent. Both Zenith & Hublot are under LVMH

Marketh Coleman says:


VerticalMind says:

I know I’m a year late but for the Day Date; how about the Double D? =))

Mr. Bass says:

VERY Good VID !!

Ata OnTheRocks says:


SpotMe says:

The movement looks terrible. It literally looks the same as the Forsining ripoff version of the watch but with Hublot written on the rotor. Don’t believe me go look.

jimbobmedog says:

nick name has to be the henry

Adam Poots says:

That watch gift – horrible looking watch! Seriously who thinks that would be nice!

Morpho Polis says:

I like the Hublot over the Zenith. But I also like the pink Rolex (the one with the Jubilee bracelet). But I agree with you — the Hublot is like nothing you have in your collection, and as such, you will probably get more satisfaction out of it, and by extension, your entire collection. Filling a hole makes the whole collection more satisfying, in my experience.

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