$50,000 Hublot Watch Shopping

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Truth 75 says:

I think the Rolex is better.


hey mo hii

evanrichterer says:

Acting like a 13 year old and dressing like one, have fun shopping with mommy

Muhammet Bayralı says:

Madem o kadar paran var şu kaşlarını alamıyonmu aq 2 simit attım helal et sjsjsjsjs

Rebel 00 says:

That light is dope….

Da Killah says:

your mom seems such an elegant lady..such finesse in the soul…she would be a perfect match for me if she was 15-20 years younger…not the daughter of hers (no offense but your sis is too mainstream for my taste).

Alex Mani says:

I swear lana is so dumb and useless

charlie aguilera says:

So tired of seeing your stupid videos

Sim Moto says:

This guy is so rich, he could buy half of China if he wanted to.

Muhammed Nazim says:

First time seeing a pink audio GT and a orange G WAGON and a lotus it is unexpected.

PaperPlanesParadise says:

“Mom.. I think we left Lana” HAHAHAHA that’s so cruel.

Andrew Ross says:

You need to do a few things quick smart.
1. Tweezer in between your eyebrows
2. Learn how to pronounce Hublot
3. Understand that solid gold watches are not golden designs or gold plated
4. Grow up

YH K says:

이새기도 맨날 제목 어그로 끌어; 위블로쇼핑이라하고 30초가다야 개패고싶아

Nigel van Kersen says:

Before you spend that much of your mothers money on a watch of which you can not even pronounce the name right, pls check ur head lol

faiz mohammed says:

my name faiz in INDIA

Pony Boy says:

FOR EVERYONE who dreams about this watch ! Here is a HUBLOT BIG BANG AUKTION 1 Euro !!!!!!

Xing Guangming says:

Sorry, what about your father? I never seen you filmed with your father.

Truth 75 says:

Lana looks amazing as always and mommy mo.

Serginho Ifrenetikz says:

U can have all money and any watch or car u want. U still with ur ugly face 🙂

V P says:

Who-blow the ultimate ISIS watch.. choice of doobai faggots.

Glen Daly says:

He said he may spend $140K on a watch in a year, but not now.  I guess he’s only willing to pay the money for a cheesy Rolex Submariner, and he’ll have to suffer through for the next year.

Tetrahidrokanabinola says:

Help ur damn Syrians, make a Blog about them..why don’t u showing off assholes help and build hoces for them..why dont u trillion billion Dollar friends cant take them since they are muslims like you instead turning the other cheek..dumb greedy assholes..All off you will go to hell
und should be ashamed off yourselfs, disgusting.

HiroAM4316 says:

この眉毛野郎 何自慢なの?

GadgeTech Guru says:

and he buys nothing, don’t waste your time guys. its a clickbait.

Overkilled says:

It’s pronounced Hue-Blow you fucking goon

Anto Sooraj says:

I love it

lyrasimo says:

ma vaffanculo va

Teodor Atanasov says:

where can i buy that laser?

Iza Déun says:

Your mom is gorgeous!

Mohamed Jama says:

His sister is weird

Original LoMain says:

Send me a shirt(MoVlogs) please Wilbur Jennings 153 Clifford St. Newark N.J. 07105 1fl apt …..I got idea for you make a shirt saying ” I Got Rich People Problems “

tunis bab djadid says:

تحية من تونس عيش يا معلم fooooooort. برشا

Sean P says:

‘HUB – LOT’ haha. It’s pronounced Hue-blo

faiz mohammed says:


Batian Thorpe says:

hub lot? hahahahahahhahahahah hue blow

Matteo da silva says:

a gold plated hublot hahahahaha what a dickhead

Junaid Rehaan says:

your house is a mess you should clean it

Sanjo Jose says:

what’s the point of going to hublot showroom just for enquiry?

Jack Montgomery says:

Cant believe u accepted the money wtf

Anthony M says:

Huh Blaht lol WTF??? it’s Who blow

charlie agajanian says:

please. say. hublot. correctly.

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