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Whether we like them or not, big watches are here to stay. Thick, chunky and in your face, these are timepieces that hide under no man’s cuff. Like a low, wide car, or a window-shattering concert, there’s something inherently appealing about a watch that lets you know you’re wearing it. Just as the Bugatti Chiron is too fast for its own tyres, and as the heavy metal band Manowar’s 1994 129.5db performance was louder than a jackhammer to the face, there are a few watchmakers out there who want to see just how far they can stretch the limits. Here are three watches that took crazy to the next level.

Featured Watches:
Panerai Luminor Submersible Royal Navy Clearance Diver PAM00664
Panerai Luminor 1950 Pangaea Depth Gauge PAM00307
Hublot Big Bang Black Magic 301.CI.1770.RX
Hublot King Power Oceanographic 1000 732.QX.1140.RX
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 25721TI.OO.1000TI.01
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Survivor 26165IO.OO.A002CA.01

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Ken Salisbury says:

I believe these big watches Won’t Last the test of time and now people are going back to a watch actually suits and fits well on the wrists. These watches are only like one hit wonders good for a very short time but gone by a year or two. Never to be real classics.

kenya smith says:

Review invicta

VennWK7 says:


afarhan21 says:

I like the entertaining story telling. Three cheers!

Gerald Brienza says:

WoW loved them all! I’m a “big” watch guy. Even a “dress” watch has to be 42 mm for me.

__karl benz__ says:


Rintaro Hernandez says:

Im sorry, but who says Pan-gay-ah (I dont mean to be offensive with the emphasis). Everyone i know (including me) says Pan-jee-ah. Maybe its a European thing, idk.

Hello Again Guys It's Your Buddy Greg says:

We came a long way from the Ingersoll Midget.

mosipd says:

Hublot is the Invicta of Swiss watches.

L Al says:

Thanks to this video I had to buy one…g shock…because its the only monster watch I can afford 🙁

George O'Shea says:

Amazing. This video is perfection. The descriptives are outstanding – while I’m a purist and think all these watches are hideous (with the exception of the Hublot, which has become an icon) – I love these videos

*obviously Genta’s Royal Oak is an icon, but the original design.

moghal ameer says:

Love penerai

Mayank Goyal says:

Best clip till today

Alex K. says:

The Bugatti Chiron’s tires are actually designed to withstand speeds of up to 475 km/h. Once.

watch repair says:

thank you for good review!!!

Douglas Ladowski says:

Thanks for great info and entertainment. These are not my cup of tea but they need to exist for somebody. Variety is the spice of life

Julko Trulqo says:

what I think? best video ever 🙂

G K says:

Humanity would be pretty boring if it filtered out all outrageousness. Mountains should be climbed, extreme sports should be played, Lamborghinis should be built, Rock & Roll should never die, and crazy mechanical watches should never cede to practicality. Then all remains right with the world.

moghal ameer says:

Penerai dpt guage

amyloidse fibrose says:


An idiot in a racing car says:

All three are pretty awful…

Isaac Kim says:

every watch nut should sub this channel.. interesting history and tid bits . keep up the good work.


i just wondering how you get all those great watches I don’t have eny watche at at all hhh

lxrd says:

Imagine that, you are diving and you hit the band release on your Hublot… I would cry haha.

Mohd Alhmoud says:

What is the camera type ???

Nez Ram says:

Gives you new appreciation of how classy and beautiful Rolex watches are.

Alby Euesden says:

The way the bezel screws on that hublot are so out of wack makes my skin itch

Kenneth Ravelo says:

It looks like my g-shock

Pillowcase says:

Your reference to Manowar earns a subscription

snarf says:

This is something that has been said a thousand times over:
I really don’t like the Hublot, its just a less tastefully made AP Royal Oak

Richard Davis says:

A road to nowhere……

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