15 Things You Didn’t Know About HUBLOT

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What is Hublot?
Is Hublot a luxury brand?
What is the most expensive hublot watch?
Is hublot expensive?
What is the price for hublot watch?
How much does a hublot watch cost?
How much does Jay-Z’s Hublot Watch Cost?
Is Hublot the most expensive watch in the world?
How much does a Hublot Big-Bang Cost?
How do you pronounce Hublot?
What are the most expensive watches in the world?

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China Expat says:

Casio for me, I’ll never wear analog.

Calvin Raj says:

Alux please upload a video on how to start your own watch brand.

Tiger93 says:

What’s the name of the one in the thumbnail?

Jhan Estevez says:

CAn you make a video about Richard Mille watched

Rafael Reyes says:

I love hublot and I also own 2 but let’s face it the value drops might as well buy a AP

TrojanMars1 says:


Anthony Montgomery says:

I’m for sure going to do business with Hublot. I see a big difference in the company now . I’ve never seen a African American as ambassadors of any other famous swizz watch companies like (Rolex,AP and etc….)

krishna aditama says:

Casio G-Shock

mark ocharo says:


a1d3nh0 says:

Up 300% on 0 orders? So that’s 0 orders?

Somthirtha Sur says:

I own a tissot watch. My grandfather gifted me so I am waiting for a tissot episode

J. A. Dudley says:

Garmin Fenix 3hr

Paul Leather says:


Nicholas Hartanto says:

15 things mentioned and yet nobody mentioned their ETA movement

Murali krishna Matta says:

How about diesel watches?

Calvin Raj says:

Alux please upload a video on how to start your own watch brand.

dhyaan j says:

I feel hublot watches are too bulky… If I would buy one it would be a jaeger le coultre

AttitudeAdjusterAA says:

Who blow’s?

Hech Bee says:

Subbed below 100k

Calvin Raj says:

alux pls upload a video on how to start your own watch brand.

Calvin Raj says:

alux pls upload a video on how to start your own watch brand.

Hendrix Lynch says:

Number 15. I was there.

Paul Leather says:

I couldn’t afford any of these watches but rolex sub date is for me a long with a chronomatt and a hublot

Zak says:


Rehab says:

1. Audemars Piguet
2. Hublot
3. Patek Philippe
4. Richard Mille
5. Rolex
6. Panerai

Mark Kristian Pedersen says:

Please pronounce it right !!! “Tag ‘Euier”, “Are-De-Mar Pi-Ge'”, “Uh-Bloh” … damn I’m pissed ever since time I hear “HU-BLOD” .. it’s a silent French H and and the same with the T .. like “Hermes” – “Er-Me”

baby suneetha dasari says:

Please make a video on Richard mille.

Alex Gamboa says:

M i the only one that likes hublot i agree no craftsmanship no heritage at least that ik of but i simply like the design the jewles & gold also the distinction like jean straps or their ferrari line etc

Enrique Aguilar Urrutia says:

15 things about tah heuer please!

Calvin Raj says:

alux pls upload a video on how to start your own watch brand.

ARusso22TV says:

Beautiful time pieces but don’t hold value as well as its competitors

Hendrix Lynch says:

Number 13 is partially incorrect. Jet Li is also the brands first ever ambassador. With the original Big Bang Shaolin Temple edition.

Faheem Abdullah says:

Iam the 10th dislike

Shareef Taylor says:

No respect trying to swagger-jack Audemars.

minnie saab says:

How about to learn how to pronounce the name of the brands ? C’mon ! It’s one single word!

Mark Kristian Pedersen says:

Pronounced “Uh-bloh” .. stop it

Jose Miranda Ramos says:

Please donate or help to share the link. thank you


My name is Jose R. Miranda Ramos, I am the CEO of Forex Mandamus Services Inc. and I’m launching this campaign to support the Humanitarian Effort on the island.
Forex Mandamus Services Inc . A Veteran Owned Business in New York City will match every donation given in this campaign and our staff with other volunteers will travel to Puerto Rico to provide humanitarian support to the local communities.

Lala Loepsie says:

I rather have an Omega

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