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Dylan A. Kent says:

Started seeing signs of downturn and lack of real cash in 2000. I was selling vintage items on my own and vintage guitars professionally. The bottom started to drop out. People were using plastic for everything and prices were artificially being driven up. Then they realized they actually had to pay with real cash.

Sept 11th was a big consumer standstill. Many sellers did not recover. People continued with plastic, mortgages, cars all on credit. All prices still not based in reality. It was artificial madness, then Sept 16, 2008 and everyone became exposed. The Emperor’s New Clothes, everyone is financially underwater.

It will take years before the middle class can buy vintage, gold and antiques in cash again. I’ll be waiting and watching until that time arrives as I did love to buy and sell.

Jeremy Corrao says:

Those are the two ugliest watches I’ve ever seen.

Kerry Hawes says:

Fuck me dead arch i love the show but wake up gold watches look shit.

Johnston Pettigrew says:

80’s dog shit look.

Thomas Williams says:

I’d never buy a yellow gold watch. White gold all the way.

John Trawis says:

The real man choose: PHISTEX JIZZMARINER

Brandon Carter says:

Maybe people just aren’t as flashy as they used to be and don’t want to pull off all gold watches…

SB SB says:

Bollocks Archie, the economy is doing great, and people are loaded buying new cars and electronics.But yellow gold Rolex is not cool anymore, buy Tacky.More like a show off watch.People rather have something more discreet like Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.

Rich Alvarez says:

Your fucking annoying !

Kavinsky Smith says:

today on the archy luxury show, archy pulls a Michael Richards with his own audience! and gold is too flashy, and not very elegant, its the equivalent of Gatsby’s Yellow Rolls Royce, as it looks like a clown metal if not balanced correctly. hence why two tones or white golds are a better deal. they cost less, draw less attention and generally look better, so dont get angry at the punters for not liking something archy, you’ll just loose viewers and donators, also your not offering your old vacheron, just gold versions of watches people can get easily in steel.

jonsku321 says:

blue & gold looks ugly and when you buy a watch over 10k you buy new 

and you call people broke? you paid this shit with a credit card while you have 2 children and 3 divorces lol

RaiderInNY says:

The average punter, if they are getting a gold piece, and are spending a dump load of cash on a watch… they are going to get it NEW. Retail. Not pre-owned, owned by at least 2 other fuckers… maybe more. So why pay that much for a used gold fuck off piece? If you can, then you are buying completely new. Sorry, Arch.

Albert Cross says:

There is a smaller consumer base. – Pasty skinned people, particularly gingers just cannot wear yellow gold. Everyone else should be ashamed of themselves.

Brother & Sister's Life says:

Fucking cunt

Alex P says:

Where I live, there are plenty of wealthy people and very few wear Rolexes anymore.  In short, they are dated from the 1980s and there are far too many fake ones out there.

In nearby South Coast Plaza, the premier mall in the US, business is very good and even the Rolex shop sells quite a few daily.  Most are the stainless steel variety.

Those who really want the good stuff go to Patek, Piaget, Vacheron, JLC and IWC.   Cartier always does a brisk business and Omega has a new shop.  Lange is opening a new place and everyone is quite excited about that.

Mr Arnault’s Louis Vuitton has a flagship store here doing land office business and two other outlets are in the same mall at Saks and Bloomingdales.  In nearby Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Neiman-Marcus recently added an entire new wing just for Vuitton, which has to be one of the greatest retail firms of all time.

Sorry, Rolex is out as a power watch except for building contractors.  All the other fine makes are the most popular among enthusiasts and those in the know.

Morris Nell says:

Its not the 80’s anymore Archie you’re not Sonny Crockett from miami vice.

Renovar Wwis says:

free market capitalism fuckerz. Ever heard of supply-demand? When the market has oversuppy and no one wants those turdy watches, ever thought of that? And trying to book $1000 profit on a 20 year old president no box no paper no warranty and no value-add? No wonder it doesnt sell.

fuck off says:

You are overpricing them xD

joseph chiarello says:

broke nasty fuckers!

Johnston Pettigrew says:

itz like Archie in Bangers……….ahhh….you have a penis, ahhhhhh….how much? ahhhh, letz blame Obama…………..ahhhhhh……ok, letz go….750 thb for a PPPHHHHHHHHHHHHIIISSSSSSSS$$$$$$$$$$$ssssssTTTTTTTTTTinnnngggggggggggg


Why Is Andy Hunter UNFLUSHABLE? That’s the real question.

Jeremy LV says:


Brother & Sister's Life says:

Everyone is equal you think different because people can’t buy a 14k watch

ged mcgaffin says:

Go Big A. Never a truer statement.

PlanetPowerHD says:

because they are for chocs

Domain Admin says:

Only the top alpha dogs own solids. Tell it like it is, Arch.

somerville99 says:

I’d buy this watch just so Archie stops calling me a useless, lazy, miserable fucker! I blame Obama.

Tomasina Covell says:

30+ years of neocon, right-wing, libertarian, anti-progressive, corporate-Stalinist, oligarchic policies and that’s what you get.

L8bro says:

I hate to break it to you but blingy solid gold watches are just a little bit in poor taste. They’re not selling because they gauche and represent a nasty demographic.

Thomgxx100 says:

Ever given your ill reputation any thoughts ?

ssvman100 says:

Your asking too much!!!!!!!!!


A gold President is an excellent statement watch. Problem is you can get an 1803 for 3K on leather 5K on bracelet and the majority of the public can’t tell it from a 18038 or 18238.

norman tingee says:

21,000 aud for submariner is reasonable. where can we get in touch?

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