Men’s Micheal Kors Lexington Watch Review [HD)

Gold Michael Kors Men’s Watch; The Lexington MK8281 Chronograph mens version watch review. ROLEX This watch looks very similar to that of a Rolex. They are very similar in design. From the Bracelet to the Bezel. (UPDATE): I found it on Amazon here:

UPDATE MAY, 20th 2014 – The watch is still in good condition the color is still the same, it has not faded or anything. The one thing that I have to mention is that I got it adjusted to fit my wrist again after this video, and now I need to get it adjusted again to fit my wrist for the second time after buying.

– I bought mine for $275 + tax. I wish I knew about the Amazon deal before I bought mine. You guys are lucky.

————-Features of this Watch—————-
– Water proof up to 10ATM – 100 meters (Safe go swimming with)

– Chronograph function (lets it works as a type of stop watch)

-Gold Toned/Plated (The watch’s surface is covered with a thin layer of gold).

– Stainless steel (The watch is Steel)

+ A hidden feature (Watch video to find out)

NEW Update—————–June 24th, 2014
I recently went swimming with this watch in a swimming pool that contained chlorine. Surprisingly the watch did not change colors or anything. I was nervous to swim with it in the water because it is gold toned meaning only gold on the surface. In the end the watch did not turn colors or anything. It is still the same color.
Only complaint is that the links have gotten loose again. I’ve gotten it adjusted twice already. It’s going to need to be adjusted again. Other than that cool.

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wazz up says:

No why do people buy this garbage and to make it worse it’s a gold color scheme if you like me can’t afford stuff like omega,Rolex,AP etc…. Buy a Swiss army victorniox ,tissot, Hamilton etc buy a proper watch MK is the worse possible watch in my opinion

Gotaa says:

yo man, can I trust amazon? I really wanna buy that watch

Fahid Zaied says:

There’s a rose gold one too ?

klachi7 says:

Whats wrong with Seiko?

Ben Ten says:

thanks cool vid ill get this watch

Leonardo Cabrera says:

Seiko’s are far superior than Michael Kors, better internals and better build quality, also look into Grand Seiko

Nero says:

well nice Rolex Day Date clone

smouthdudesmooth says:

Seriously,he graduated and can’t form a sentence ? Gold tone is what it is played with and gold means it would be solid gold starring at about $10,000.00 . All watches can tell the time , not just a chronograph feature .yikes .

Dahlia Cierra says:

Hi! I know it’s been a while since you reviewed this watch, but, if you still have it, has the gold-tone faded?

alonso 2smooth says:

“Tells time accurately” lmao

Rolls Rolex says:

hello any issue with mk gold plating ??

chris jones says:

Just copped this watch, new without box on ebay for $65 not to shabby I see

smouthdudesmooth says:

Don’t put yourself online if your not interested in feedback , just sayin .all the best .watch is gorgeous

Rubber Soul says:

What’s your wrist size dude? I really want this watch but I’m not sure how it will look on my small ass wrists.

Melvin Nieves says:

do u get a lot of compliments from chicks?

Juan Salgado says:

I wouldn’t pay $2 for this shit

vrsa7 says:

Why does mine not glows in the dark? 😐

Gotaa says:

Is it waterproof?

PhantomDrawing says:

Gorgeous watch!

slow says:

My dad bought me a silver and gold one it’s pretty cool and it was $275 as well

Stiven Mejia says:

is it real gold?

IntroGang992 says:

is it real gold or nahh??

A Guy With a Pen says:

here from the video on how to make money

Joe Slacker says:

Ok… Now bleach your skin so I can see how it would look on a white guy like me.

Marick Thompson says:

You spelled the brand name wrong it’s Michael Kors.

EmusefulYT says:

not bragging but my MK watch looks quite nice

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