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Homeboy Chris says:

I’m gonna go put my life savings into gold rolexes tonight now

Renovar Wwis says:

Howabout invest in a good lawyer to get a good prenup in place?
All this shit is discoverable through a court order.

Club Soda says:

Good advice. I think solid gold rolex goes up in value too.

Katrice Hovey says:

I think to invest in gold .

ThaiprawnCurry says:

Bullion is a far safer/wiser option…

naim2002ful says:

loooool its fake look at the right rolex at 0.22 the glass aint meant to pop out on a presidential

argopunk says:

Buy gold bullion. Ounce by ounce. Much easier to sell than Rolexes.  Instantly transferable to cash. Rolexes can be sold but take much longer. 

OnPointFirearms says:

You need a new headshot.  You’re a solid gold joke, Archie.  You’re videos are comic gold.

hcavn says:

I do hate to say it all you phisters – but that solid gold DD with the diamonds doesn’t look that bad. The brown dial one without the diamonds in the post two back, is even better.

Peter Martin says:

Good investment, but ONLY if you buy it from some desperate loser who is running away from a “wench” and needs to get rid of it ASAP. Then you can take your time to sell it properly and cash in.

MrRedskins0021 says:

Why don’t you just take her on a vacation tto Mexico and put her in a barrel? Believe me, no one will find her.

Rolex Masterpiece says:

Last week the “Rolex Bubble” was about to burst…

hcavn says:

Is a gold Rolex easier to hide up your arsepipe than a steel one? Maybe two-tone would be a better idea?

King Beezy says:


DLH says:

4 videos about same shit advice

GA J says:

You useless fat turd, stop spamming this shit.

Turk Sandwich says:

Simple advice from the simple minded.  lol

vernon polk says:


fit and sexy prince says:

What plans do you have to stop internet begging lol

Keith Greenan says:

I think buying gold and silver coins would be a better option.

Billy Ray Valentine says:

Sorry Archie…..given your financial history, you are not allowed to use the words “Cost Effective” EVER!!!!! in a sentence……

Mad Man says:

Golden Rolex is harder to sell as a steel one and burns a lot of money. Just take a look at chrono24 and guess why Archie still has one 🙂

Werner Blazejewski says:

Who cares Archie? All you need is money in the bank and a debit card ! Difference is I have MONEY and you have Depth !

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