How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold

Music by Milan Tintané

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Patricia De Mesa says:

I’m very tempted to try this but I cant trust myself to deliver the results

ᏩᎾᏞᎠᎬN says:

Why is the unboxing like HowToBasic did it?

soupgaples says:


Flips N Tricks says:

If I get 500 likes I’ll do this to mine when I get it

Shootemup89 says:

That actually looks acceptable and worth it if one was actuallyyyy going to get the gold version. You wouldn’t even be able to tell unless you looked close.

Azel Neistat says:

Fuckin Awesome..! ✌

Nicholas Mulder says:

Oh spray paint, what a wonderful thing

Darshan Dhande says:

You would have just bought the Golden colour. Lol

Leo Cruz says:

that is so awesome…

bob patel says:

how did not destroy the watch

Miez LP says:

But apple is shit

Graeme Hall says:

A bit harsh on the box

28KALLA says:

At the end he looks like uncle Stan for gravity falls

Thao CA says:

:)) the smile at the end is golden

tech 'n' style says:

make more making stuff videos!!!!!!

Chanz Maximen says:

I dont blame him for doing that XD

NotsoYogi says:

Can we get an update on how that paint job looks now? = +)

sean oliver nero says:

i like the time he smiled after making tha watch gold

Nguyen Tuong Quan says:

Gold i love gold !

Roopam Poddar says:

absolutely barbaric!

hello965 says:

hahah i’m too scared to do this!

MoreFromDelo says:

I wonder how mad apple is at Casey for making that video.

Anonymous Person says:

gerbst cuts a smart and beautiful hour from a post

Karim Murr says:

cool idea

Yoyoyosaul 21 says:

Savage box opener

Alex Bonilla says:

I know Casey is already successful but he going places

Slovak Gamer says:

how to void your warrenty

Daiso One says:

Casey please make more DIY videos like these ! It’s one of the best hacks I’ve seen online man

Natasha kiwi says:

does gold nail polish do the same

RJ_2711 Gaming says:


Alex K. says:

Designed by Apple in California. Assembled by children in Bangladesh.

Super Evelyn says:

Yeah your so careful on your Apple Watch

- Krew The Editor - says:

I can watch a Casey Neistat video 50 times and never get bored of the video.

Isacco Tanghetti says:

Casey teach how break the laws

Random ForTheWin says:

lol you really rekt apple

Joseph Peters says:

You’re so brave!!!! I would never have the guts to do that!!!!

hammondsfromtexas says:

what’s the music at beginning ?

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