How to Accessorize on a Budget, Lika Boss! Necklaces, Watches, Glasses, and Hats!

In this in depth money saving guide, I’ll show you how to ball on a budget, and find amazing steals on hats, glasses, watches, necklaces, bracelets, and much much more. Be sure to check out all of the links below for money saving options!!

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Icon4svn says:

this nigga funny as shit I love it !!!!

Sam says:

Real gold or fake gold?

Jose Vallejo says:

Hella dumb that necklace (25 cent one) is on amazon for 6 bucks lmao and either way 40 years ago.. that shit would look hella crusty asf.. lmao hella stupid

Ali G says:

Gay or????

Juan Garcia says:

bucket hats not for the fall

GH 14 says:

u so cheap bruh buy stuff from good places not the thrift, smh

Jayy Mulaa says:

berleezy stole your intro saying

Cecilia Rosas says:

you got some butch earrings :’D

Hector Lopez says:

dude I respect and like what ur doing. Don’t have to be rich to be in style

TheRealNG says:

You can go to Rue 21 for dope ass chains with silver and gold ones and they have cuban and rope chains

Nathan Lovato says:

danm boo!!! 😉

off line says:

is the vulgar the nowdays “sexy” !!! really???? seriously???? ……

Simon unkown says:

How do I convince my parents to let me get my ears pierced I already have my left ear and I want both??? Tips/advice?????

Cyrus Alderite says:

when you talked about that high fashion shit it made me think about that video you filmed in fucking ikea hahaha

king ryan says:

Lmao ball like a boss … more like ball like a bum ass

Tiara Davis says:

you really wanna be black.

Samuel Mckenna says:

Fucking gaycunt

Long walks On the beach says:

ugh everytime u said gold I was like *cough* stainless steel *cough*

Jamall Blake says:

Bro, Just came across your videos today and its dope. Happy I came across this. BTW, you dropping the real at the end was perf. It’s dope to see someone that have been building and working on themselves to then share that with others to do the same. Creating a ripple effect to enact that change and that intent that you had set out in the first place. Amazing to see. Keep Doing You and you’ll hear about me at some point. – Bless Up

ThE YoUtUbEr says:

Did you ever go check to see if the chain was real?

SeBaStIaN IbArRa says:

is this guy gay or something why does he have floral earrings

Wake N Bake says:

nigga wearing women’s glasses

Bug DEAD24 says:


Flemming Tønnesen says:

Are you J-rock from trailer park boys?

Mike Johnson says:

As a reminder to not go to hell lmfao

Roger Sallee says:

I don’t wear gold chains but I do wear a decent amount of stainless steel jewelry. I wear four rings on my right hand and four on my left hand. On my right hand I wear my Batman logo ring on my ring finger, my Superman logo ring on my middle finger, my Green Lantern logo ring on my index finger and my Star Wars logo ring on my pinky finger. On my left hand I wear my The Flash ring on my ring finger, my Legion of Superheroes ring on my middle finger, my Deadpool ring on my pinky finger. Sometimes I waer either my Spider-Man ring on my index finger or my X-Men Wolverine ring or my Captain America Civil War ring. It’s easier to alternate rings on that finger because my rings are easier to put on and take off of it unlike my middle finger on that hand. My Legion of Superheroes ring on my middle finger is almost impossible to remove at times because my fingers swell up especially in the Summer. I also wear 24 necklaces. I wear my DC Comics Batman Black IP logo pendant necklace, DC Comics Batman Retro logo pendant necklace, DC Comics Superman S cutout logo pendant necklace, Marvel Avengers logo pendant necklace, Marvel Iron Man face pendant necklace, Marvel Spider-Man Black IP face pendant necklace, Marvel Daredevil logo pendant necklace, Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. logo pendant necklace, Star Wars Darth Vader Black IP Mirror pendant necklace, Star Wars Etched Darth Vader Black PVD pendant necklace, Star Wars 3D Darth Vader Black PVD pendant necklace, Star Wars 3D Stormtrooper pendant necklace, Star Wars Millenium Falcon pendant necklace, Star Wars AT AT Walker pendant necklace, Star Wars R2D2 pendant necklace, Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet pendant necklace, Star Wars Celebration 2015 Anaheim Exclusive Episode IV Poster pendant necklace, Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite pendant necklace, Star Wars Galactic Empire and Death Star etched pendant necklace, Star Wars Episode 7 Kylo Ren 3D pendant necklace, WWE Championship logo pendant necklace, Sons of Anarchy Grimreaper pendant necklace, Transformers Autobots logo pendant necklace and Transformers Decepticons logo pendant necklace. My Batman logo bracelet is the only bracelet I have. I wear that entire collection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I’m planning on buying more to wear for my collection.

chris plaxe says:

dude a real gold chain isn’t 100$….. more like 500-1000$

arnold and melvin skittzlestein says:


Krakenhydra says:

GAY forever 21 and Claire’s for fuck sake

Fushsbs abahsg says:

What’s the first hat called

Europe's Native says:

Your sponsored eye glass company copyrighted Alverio martini the design of the case is alverio martinis idea 1a classe alverio Martini im gonna report it

Brandon Goss says:

he said gold necklace everybody on this knows that that ain’t no gold necklace from Goodwill that cost $5

Greg T says:

Hey I’m on the firm website and I’m trying to find the frames you wear at around 3:00 minutes.. can you help me out? Ill make sure to shout you out to the company

Ac!DFTW says:

I just got my ears pierced a couple weeks ago, got some white gold earrings, a brass knuckle necklace, a cross necklace, and a MGK necklace, and a few snapbacks

SeBaStIaN IbArRa says:

is this guy gay or something why does he have floral earrings

Gerard Frank says:

Great video

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