Casio Gold Watch A168WG-9 – REAL vs FAKE

Bought a Gold Casio watch off a Top Rated eBay Seller that has already sold hundreds of these watches. Either I received a knock off or just very poor quality and want to warn those thinking of or already purchased one from those sellers. Buyers beware.

Here I go with my first public video comparing the authentic vs the replica. I decided to make this video to help those who were like me: searching videos, pictures, reviews on fake vs real before buying the product.

Excuse my hands as they are beat up from saltwater and catching Lobster during mini-season yesterday in the Florida Keys.

Thanks for watching.. Feel free to leave any comments or questions relating to the watches.

Cliff notes:
-Purchased $36.99 Gold Casio Casio A168WG-9 from TOP RATED EBAY SELLER who has sold hundreds of these Gold Casio watches
-Received poor quality watch. (Could tell from first glance)
-Compared it to Authentic Casio A168WG-1 Stainless Steel version
-Noticed many differences
-Ordered another from a reputable seller on Amazon Prime with free returns and 1 year CASIO warranty for $42.xx
-Received and looks great, feels great
-Contacted eBay seller and requested refund.
-Replied back stating I need to pay for return shipping for the fake watch received




You get what you paid for man, you shoulda known

SuperMurrayb says:

Casio is a huge company with factories all over the world.  They also use many different subcontractors to make the parts.  It may be that the watches are both genuine Casios but made in different factories.  One is marked “made in China” and the other “made in Malaysia” and I am pretty sure that genuine Casio watches are made in both of those countries.  A good way to identify a fake is to open it up and examine the module inside.  Fake modules are rarely marked with the manufacturers name.  Casio often moulds their name into their modules.

HomeMade FunSTUFF says:

U just saved me from buying that crap.. Thanks!

Sevenlp says:

I just ordered a casio A168WG-9WDF for 46.99 on amazon. The seller is shopemco. I hope I will receive a real watch.

:bea says:

you can order a very cheap one here adf. ly/1ZV0QW [delete the space]

niall foss says:

Do you know how to adjust the time

Miguel Salazar says:

Wal-Mart sells casio watches and I wanted to know are those real???? are they worth to buy one? the price in Wal-Mart are 16 dollars.

Cesar Orozco says:

did you notice the malisia one luminases is b3ter than the rial one

Dellano White says:

You are better off buying it from Casio themselves on Amazon.

BIG2hats says:

But even the real one isn’t good quality, a fake one can’t be much worse?

diego corrales says:

thanks man



DobleL says:

What is the difference between A168WG-9EF and A168WG-9WDF?? last ones are fakes?

DobleL says:

A168WG-9WDF is different to A168WG-9EF?? what means wdf

Dan Mac says:

Always buy Amazon. Never eBay.

Thomas Tomkins says:

Many thanks!! This is very helpful!

Matthew Gomes says:

probably both fake… thats why you buy Casio watches off Casio directly..

Shannon Womaje says:

I mean…the solution is not to order a 1980’s style watch. I wore one of these in 1978!!! The Casio Protrek and Pathfinders are too complex to copy, and do way more things, and will outlast one of these by 50 years. You can get one for little more than $30 than what this watch sells for. Unless you’re making an IED timing device, these belong in the Smithsonian.

snah mm says:

está pulenta la replica si o no? es igual

Jibbz707 says:

Why would anyone go to the trouble to make a fake casio watch lol

Emo Velazquez A. says:

Hi Vu Pham, I bought 2 days ago a casio wich looks very cool, almost the same as the 2 golds you have shown, I would like to talk with tou personaly to know if the one I have is real, thank you

Lilith Immaculate says:

hi! why does the original gold you bought atch has no box? I bought the same thing. the stainless one. and base on your video, it’s authentic. But mine too has no box. Well, I believe that box is a big thing on a watch. pls


Did you buy the gold watch from this seller?

venomkiler says:

i think what happened was casio went to a manufacturer in malaysia to make the watch, and maybe they switched back to china, this is possible. its probably genuine just from a different company or factory

Rodrigo Martínez says:

i bought the gold one for like 15 dlls so i tough it was real beacuse i Bligh the ailver one for like 10 dlls and that was real, then doing some research i firgured out the gold was fake becauae of the bracelet but in the other hand it does say casio if you push for 5 aeconsa the right button, so dont trust that thing even a fake casio can display the word

Ayoub Chourga says:

f you press the button (starstop) for a few seconds ‘ comes out ‘ casio ‘ if it doesn’t come out is a fake

Viviana Castro says:

thank muchas gracias super!!!!

V12 screaming says:

You can take the bracelet off of the fake, it’s called a spring bar tool lol

Gen Acenas says:

Cassandra Selina says:

i thought they are made in Japan? mine’s made in Japan.

Scott Tyner says:

No disrespect to anyone but my question, why make a video of real vs fake Casio? The “real” is cheap as fuck, I guess it’s cool to sport a $17.00 or less watch for budget minded or broke ass folks. I just don’t see how the fake is much worse. Maybe these cheapos last longer than my $500 plus watch. Again, no disrespect, at least now people can tell the difference between a $17.00 and a $5.00 watch.

Angel Gomez says:

I bought mine from Casio on Amazon… it’s literally the same one he calls fake… maybe it’s real just different factories

Neuro says:

I dont think it’s fake, I think they were built in different factories under different quality control, Casio has factories in many nations. .. I think someone prior to you noticed the crap quality of manufacture.. sent it back and the vender sold you a “refurbished” watch as new..

Bird Man says:

Tbh who cares

Izland says:

hmmmm….. dude…. its a casio… not a Omega de ville 18K gold watch..

Dave DoesDave says:

so many fake watch here in my country and cost like 4 bucks

Bllue HD says:

Made in china is it original?

Angel Rojas says:


jose aguirre says:

It’s not even real gold buy a Rolex or seiko like I did

phoebe lao says:

Thank you very much!

kushzh says:

Mostboring review iveever seen

Mason Atkinson says:

Why are there even fakes when these watches are dirt cheap as it is? like 60$

Rafy Koby says:

I like the retro look I get a white one

Bruno says:

I don’t really care all that much I just want to look fresh

Serdce Danko says:

Worse build quality doesn’t really mean that it’s fake, different factories, materials, etc. Also it can have any kind of stickers, depends from the country it came from.

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