Best Watches Under $100

1) The Fifth Watches:

Use code “TMF10” to get $10 off your order

2) Timex Weekender:

3) MVMT:

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Nilesh Mehta says:

Take a look at the Brand Bering Time Under $200 no saying that you need to go crazy

Aza The Raza says:

These The fifth watches can be bought for £5.00 reduced from £20.00 – ‘Wish website’ about 6 dollars

Arosh Gihan Karunaratne says:

Timex weekender is really good! Bought one 4 months ago, still love it. Good watch for a “first watch”.

buzz lightyear says:

what do you think of the timex weekender fairfield

The Skateboarder's Synopsis says:

you didn’t list both drawbacks

Mitchell Laughlin says:

Its not like he is endorsed by mvmt or anything.. don’t take his advice

3Helium3 says:

MVMT’s watches are worth $10 and less, in reality. Just cheap Chinese shit, you can go to Ali express for that and get a real classy watch for $100< Which is more value for money than MVMT as they have massive margins.

BW Montages! says:

What’s your opinions on the emporio Armani mens choriograph watch (AR1733)?
Im debating whether to purchase it as my first watch – is the leather good quality? Is the price of £104 good? Etc.

Santiago A says:

Try Vostok Amphibia. Beautifull watches

myactualizedlife says:

Perfect Gift for her!  Only $3.45 per watch.  I bought like 10 to give out as gifts.

TheZiroPlayer says:

you got a little vid on your add

chenbo luo says:

you should also look into the seiko 5 series. the snk793 or snkl23 is well under 100$ for an automatic movement. you can pick them up for around 80$ brand new. 🙂

SNGaming says:

sekonda do really good watches for low value

George Grasser says:

There are 15 brand new Glycine models selling on eBay for under $100 right now. So much for “Swiss Luxury”.

Akuuzii says:

idk, just bought a seiko sarb033 and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Garrick Marchena says:

I liked The 5th watches style, tried to sign up but the site does not have my country of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles listed …. smh.

Gravitation3Beatles3 says:

Are Fossil watches good?

Kirill Larsen says:

beggar rabble American


All this watches are a great choice for anyone who wear his watch on his right hand. .

Hazelwood Disney says:

yo nigga welcome to Trump’s America

Nilesh Mehta says:

I support you because everyone has it’s own style and taste

Jordan Bragg says:

Thank you This video was a lot of help

rebwar akram says:

this video is either sponsored or you don’t know anything about watches.

AHappyLittleDwarf says:

Hey there. By the way that movement watch is purchasable on AliBaba. No wonder it wasn’t good quality considering that they don’t even have the effort to make their own watches. It’s made of cheap Chinese materials and sold for $25.

dunecigar says:

your Chicano accent slips in and out throughout the video.
Dude, just be Hispanic… be proud of who you are… and quit trying to be gringo… cus you are not.

viktorgoa says:

Talking about watches, why aren’t you wearing one? 😀

Aza The Raza says:

In my opinion LORUS or PULSAR have got to be the best value main stream budget watch companies purely because they are owned by Seiko and use Seiko movements. – Bought a Lorus recently as an every day beater for £20.00 RRP £44.99 – looks as good as watches at four or five times the price – Quartz watches are all great timekeepers so can’t see the point in spending lots on a watch unless its an automatic.

johnny zheng says:

Dude clearly is getting paid by the fifth that’s why it’s on the list

astroboirap says:

*is this cunt a shill for fifth watches?*

blackopssavage says:

The loud ticking on the weekender would be a constant reminder that time is a valuable thing. Idk

summerdying111 says:

The fifth is one of your biggest sponsors! I doubt you even wear that watch.

Taqi Sayed says:

can online watches be trusted for example if i buy a Timex online is it the real one ???

Hyeok Jun Kim says:

Best watches “under” 100 lol

Jay Kay says:

MVMT is REALLY BAD they stop working after half a year

XxTakeDownm120xX says:

my wrist i think is around 6.5 inches or so…i was wondering if that would make the melbourne minimal 5th watch look too big on my wrist. Im deciding between that silver one with the tan band and the tribeca new york rose gold one and i am worried one might look too big. Is 6.5 inch wrist too small for the melbourne?

D Pec says:

Orient Bambino (~100-150$)
Seiko 5 series (50-150$)
Citizen Eco Drive’s (75-…$)
Seiko skx007 or skx009 (200-250$)
Orient Symphony (75-150$)
Timex expedition scout (30-40$)
Timex weekenders (30-50$)
Vostok Amphibia (50$)
Tissot classic dream quartz (150$)
Skagen watches (50-100$)

Spend your money on one of these real respected watch brands instead of those bad quality chinese fashion watches like Armani, Diesel, The Fifth…

Matej Kunzo says:

Is the code “TMF10” still Ok? i want to buy and the 5th february is near 🙂

aaron toliver jr says:

I am very new to wearing watches and want nice watches for a cheap price. What are some brands that has nice everyday watches ⌚️ for a cheap price

excitedrod says:

I got some awesome looking watches like in this vid at matteblackonline, all under $50

Rivaldo Riyanto says:

“No orient bambino” what about seiko 5s……… just kidding keep doing your videos

Jonah Poole says:

Lol I like how 2/3 of these watches are sponsored watches it’s not even an honest review

BW Montages! says:

Take a shot everytime you hear ‘watch’ lmao

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