The Best 10 Most Underrated Watch Brands On The Market Today – From $100 To Luxury & Haute Horology

In today’s episode I share my personal top 10 watch brands that I feel are greatly under appreciated on the watch market today. I look at super affordable cutting edge digital/analog hybrids, to the very highest in refined haute horology. From unsung heroes of watchmaking history, to brands steeped in old world class and history.

Among my selection for this video are watches from Zodiac, Ball, Certina, Girard Perregaux, Vacheron Constantin, Fortis, Roger W. Smith, Casio Edifice and Gallet. What brands do you feel are underrated? Please nominate them in the comments to this video, thank you.

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Ionut Macinoi says:


Patrick Chip says:

Sad to hear Fortis went bankrupt

charles Henderson says:

What do you think of stuhring original watches. I love the designs. The prices are very affordable for what you get.

Blood and Vomit says:

Okay, hi guys!

Shibin Shaji says:

Why Rado didn’t make the world market?

Juny Beltran says:

Hey TGV what do you think about Dakota brand??

Lisa Maren Stein says:

Great vid! I must own a Gallet and a Fortis at some point! Fantastic horological history in both! 1466, by jove!

ahojahojish says:

Bought my first swiss wacth Certina ds action diver, black face, chronograph for about a thousand dollars brand new just yesterday. Went to the store and tried citizen, festina, tissot and other brands yet when I put the DS on, it was a whole different game. Was astouned by the build quality and the feel, the material and the overall fit, the difference was really there. Since I my intention was spending around 500-700 USD, I still had to buy them. Verry god decision and a beautiful, stylish watch.

Aldo Susanto says:

damn… ball magnate chronograph with black dial… it’s really nice… but I opted for a similarly styled tudor black bay chronograph.

Rob Seibert says:

To me the best watches are the ones that don’t own you. 1. I must deeply like what the watch looks like (heritage a plus, but not a requisite). 2. It is an automatic, has a sweeping hand, or no second hand at all. 3. It can face abuse or water without crumbling or drowning. 4. I won’t lose sleep if it gets lost or stolen. THE FINE PRINT on the above: 1.LOOKS: The watch will likely be stainless steel, may be brass or titanium, not gold unless it is real. It should not be too big, too small, or too thin, but can definitely be too tall (for my tastes, tall is where the SKX fails). If the brand is not iconic it should either have an understated branding, a low key logo, or no dial bastardizing at all. 2.SWEEPING: I don’t care how it happens but the second hand must sweep. 3.DURABLE: I also don’t often drink with fine crystal glass, as I know life happens. 4.COST: Finding the perfect watches that you know you can replace without them costing a fortune makes it all easier.

Darshan Sachidananda says:

Can someone help me with the model number of the Casio Edifice @17:30

kyle GC says:

Squale is under appreciated for all their contributions

allinacan says:

What’s the music track in the intro

Joseph Low says:

Thanks for rekindling my interest in watch collecting after a hiatus of some years – I hope you will review the Casio Oceanus at some point in time – and comment on their ‘zaratsu’ polishing process similar to the Grand Seiko – for this series

chi Tsang says:


Beverly Paradis says:

Boulder / Ferrari scuderia / croton all are CHEAP and have very materials and quality

JamesBardolphCS says:

Did you ever watch The Watchmaker’s Apprentice’? You can rent it on amazon prime streaming video for £1!

Roy Gardiner says:

That was a really, really enjoyable and informative video. As a complete novice your channel in particular is really pulling me into the world of watches.Thank you very much.

Lee Penney says:

Quick summary:

1. Dubey & Schaldenbrand
2. Vacheron Constantin
3. Gallet & Co
4. Zodiac
5. Roger Smith
6. Ball
7. Casio Edifice
8. Girard-Perregaux
9. Certina
10. Fortis

zeeshan ullah says:

wasnt rado the first scrathproof watch, not certina, and the certina diamaster case was from rado

Raphael Miguel Villaluz says:

Hey TGV. What do you think of Philip Stein and TW Steel watches? These are popular brands from where I’m from. Don’t have much information about them. Thanks a lot.

Guilherme says:

u are fantastic dude

Pattyann says:

My husband gave me a few hundred dollars to purchase a new watch. Actually he purchased a vintage gold mesh Rolex for 1100 but I didn’t like it. Too tiny and small and for my body size and taste.

I looked at some of the fashion brands then checked out a few YouTube channels and happened upon yours. Well, suffice it to say I have spent hours this weekend holed up with a cold and watching your videos. I ended up purchasing a Tissot Everytime Medium Men’s watch off for less than 300. Thanks for the info and someday I’m going to dip a toe in the eBay scene. For now, I will keep watching and learning. A lady with a passion for the nostalgic is a new follower of a gentleman with a passion for his wife and his life! Thanks.

Thunder Moth says:

I mean Ebel has no appreciation nowadays at all. I find no rewievs on these watches online:(

Franz Maurer says:

Intro music is made especially for You? Cause it’s brilliant!

Voodoo Six says:

Out of my collection, the watch that gets noticed and asked about most often is my Zodiac Sea Dragon.

Tour Guide says:

That Dubey is an absolutely gorgeous watch

Robert K. Leaverton says:

One of the most entertaining yet educational you tube subscriptions I’ve encountered – great stuff.

Mike Zebro says:

Raymond weil freelancer?

MMA fanatic says:

I have fortis chornograph and certina ds podium, your second and 1st picks 🙂

qodi run says:

Alexandre Christie

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