Is Festina a Good Watch Brand?


Cristian D'Antonio says:

Tag are better than omega and breitling.

Mohamed Kaltoum says:

You are sick… fuck you and Rolex!!! Edward heuer invited the oscillating pinion otherwise you don’t even talk about automatic watches… stupid…tag is not about time is about who you are

Frank Handy says:

I bought my 1st automatic back in 2004 and it was a Tag Heuer Aquaracer. 2019 and I still have it. I love it. Don’t care what anyone says

matthew hoover says:

I don’t think their in house Chronograph movements are garbage but I also don’t think the Caliber 5 are good value. The retail price is way too high for what you get. I think some of the hate is just collectors trying to cajole newbies into looking into other brands before making a decision, which I appreciate, because I looked at Tag but settled on a Maurice Lacroix and don’t feel like I over paid.

And there have to be watches for every price point. It is snobbish to not like a brand that offers affordable luxury but I guess if I had that kind of money to only buy 30k on up watches maybe I would feel the same.

marko marin says:

I sense high dose of snobbery in this video. This this guy is a joke.

Jimmy C says:

The TAG Monza and Link Calibre 36 models are both nice.

Packers1m says:

I had the super professional dive automatic nice watch

Juan Ballester Molina says:

There are two kind of people who wears TAGHeuer: stock traders and doctors…check it for yourselves…

Jim Novack says:

If a Tag Heuer has a very good water resistant ranking, would this be a good way to a good Tag Heuer watch from a watch that is garbage. I would not think that a watch that could withstand a lot of water pressure would be low quality.

Lenny says:

If you’re gonna hate them at least say their name right

Packers1m says:

Steve McQueen wore the monaco

Felis cabral says:

is the Festina horloge F16968/1 a good watch?

Billy Bigboy says:

The only TAG I would buy is the Monaco caliber 36 24 Gulf all the rest are shit period.

Robert Gennari says:

I have a Tag mechanical chronometer and I love it. It is beautifully made inside and keeps time within 1 sec per day…..probably made around the 80’s. It’s the only Tag watch I like. Down turn is that most late model Tags have that ‘mass produced’ look about them, especially the quartz models – too overpriced but without doubt, Tag still retains a great reputation, but perhaps stemming from the past.

Chas Evans says:

What a complete waste of time that video was.

UserName says:

Festina means:to hurry in Latin 😀

ronisworld2 says:

Hello there! really glad to came across this video. Please, what about the TAG in the Bourne movie series? specially in the 1st movie. Please make a video review regarding them. thank you!!

Dimit Pap says:

Fantastic watches. Excellent quality at a very good price. I have a gold-plated and is fantastic . The company uses tried, simple and tested technologies and great design. The festina watches are of the best options.

Stephen Goggin says:

I thought I was not going to like this video but I enjoyed it I have a quartz Tag Monaco and I really enjoy it.

RøβєяŦ R๏ƙɨ F. says:

My favourite quartz watches

chef luigi super star says:

lose the rock music

Kris S says:

is festina f16761/4 a good watch? and do you know any good,cheap watches of similar design?

Paulo Vargas says:

I do not agree with this opinion, what to say about the HORRIBLE Rolex Day-Date, DateJust and Explorer, to me is unsightly watches made for old people over 60 years, please, Tag heuer makes high quality watches and for one price that people can afford, even being Quartz some models are excellent, I even have an F1 Tachymetre and it is sensational and with current design, not 50 years ago !

Louis Jackson says:

TAG started using Seiko movements; tried to keep it secret.

WIS autists spotted the sham and blew the whistle.

Another disgrace in the long list of TAG failures.

Manhamoh Mohamed says:

Festina is the best at all

norka dyrne says:

it was not founded in 1905 but in 1902 and Festina is a Spanish watch manufacturer. The company was founded in 1902

Packers1m says:

Cartier is in costco what are we to do

Vincent Kennedy MCmahon says:

My festina is very bad build

Hof79905 says:

Timex & Casio do just fine.

Cowboy Rider says:

Which brand is better in your opinion, Festina or Seiko?

Packers1m says:

Breitling is in costco

master kenobi says:

Hello anthony what do you think of the formula 1 from the thumbnail

FRS says:

I agree with the comment below. The watch has to feel like “you.” It has to be comfortable in terms of your personality and what it says about you. Tag is that brand for me. I have a quartz Aquaracer and automatic Formula 1 and love them both. The dimensions are perfect for me; 41 diameter and 12 height. They look great and work perfectly. I just bought a Carrera 39mm which I have not received yet.

Ji Nnix says:

Ur face is garbage .

FrightfulAccountant says:

Good watches, but not collectible watches, deffenitly not their models from the 80s onwards. With the exception of some limited edition sports homage watches, that mostly fans of the Tour de France will want, my bet is that on the 2nd hand market, an early 80s Casio digital watch will sell for more then a Festina from the same time period. So I would not buy a Festina as an investment. On the other hand, if you have 150 to 200$ to spend, you will get a lasting and precise Quartz quality watch in return.

Sam sam says:

They are over priced way over!!!! Garbage bad experience aquaracer 43mm the new one complete garbage blastic hold the movment sw200 12 second + they used to be good!

Simon Hornby says:

What is a wideo ?

Stephen Graham says:

My first watch ….an original vintage heuer passed down from grandfather. Just the history and use behind it gave me the bug for watches . I now own a few tudors , Rolex, seiko, Hamilton’s and an omega. Looking to expand and have a nice vintage side of the collection.

Un-Named Trucker says:

What do you think of the new Autavia Isograph line?

branden8045 theultramangofighter says:

Like the guitar music. Btw it’s called smells like teen spirit

Bigbanger80 says:

i got a chrono bike bought in 2003 and it still works. not bad for a 200 euro watch. got many other watches too

Gianpa Kasa says:

I had one Aquaracer (ceramic) I sold it and I bought another Aquaracer (steel bezel) with no regrets at all. What you said about TAG in ’90 and early 2000 is correct. What you said about Biver is correct too. Surely I like TAG also cause you can easily buy with 40% discount. The movement is very precise (my second Tag is with me since 6months) and: THE BRACELET is one of the best in the market, if not the best, in the range 500 to 2000 USD. I promise you! Ain’t Longines, Oris, Seiko, Tissot, Maurice Lacroix, (even Rolex oyster perpetual bracelet look poor compared to my Tag) or other few brands that can compete with Tag. Do not forget sinergy with Hublot…

Flávio Guimarãe De Luca says:

Excellente watches with the best cost benefit ratio. Most of the other marks offer you the same quality for a much higher price.

vsboy 25 says:

Rich people are obsessed with status symbols

El Cajon de Pepillo says:

Festina is a fashion brand, not respected at all by the spanish watch enthusiasts comunity, it’s like Viceroy or Lotus.

Paupers Budget says:

Hi J. just curious as to what camera you are using for your videos. . .Have a good one

Mordrag01 says:

I have 6 Fastina Watches and i love them all

aquamedica2 says:

bla bla bla

NB says:

TAg her is garbage, no doubt. I had 3, they all deteriorate very fast.

Величко Бабинов says:

Cheap and not working properly are the festina watches, better avoid them

Richard Ristic says:

Don’t you mean Pepsi not Coke???

Lars A G says:

That was three and a half years ago. Today I’ve looked at the 16900/1 which tickled my fancy. But I’m a bit hesitant as it is a bit blingy. Any thoughts someone?

Mark Robby says:

YOU WON’T EVEN OPEN UP THE WATCH TO SHOW WHAT MOVEMENT IF HAS. Festina,Casio and many other watches are made with MIYOTA MOVEMENT. So what mater actually is to have a watch with the superior MIYOTA movement. A good miyota movement should economises the battery for at least minimum of 3 years.

yooser naime says:

Get a shave…you look like a criminal.

Allan Harvey says:

I owned a quartz Formula 1, 2003 and and Aquaracer 500m, 2009 Selita movement. Both have been great watches and feel,look and perform like quality watches apart from the usual Selita movement crown failure ( well documented ) they both kept great time and made me feel good wearing them. I accept most of your points except for the “poor quality” comment regarding how they were put together. I saw no evidence of shoddy components and the two models I owned. BR

Carla Wong says:

one thing that I concern is about the glass. Is it scratch easy? I bump my hand here and there so I am actually looking some strong and unscratched glass. What do you thing about Lorenz?

Ben D says:

Same with Rolex it still a considered to be a garbage compare to JLC, PP, VC, AP and A Lange.

As he explains all the things why TAG is being hated is like describing Rolex. Ha!

I still scratch my head why people buy Rolex wherein you can have away better watch and not just better but a real one.

With more than a century of existence Rolex only came up with a handful of what you can consider as an innovation and actually almost nonexistent in the movement category. Which I believe should be the core criteria of watch making.

Instead Rolex focuses on how to market itself and fool people with their different gimiks like color and design like Pepsi, Batman etc which is really funny because it is very similar with TAG. Ha!

Richard Ristic says:

I bought a Tissot for only £160, $200. Yeah okay it’s obviously a quartz movement, because there’s no way on earth you’re going to get your hands on an automatic for that price. Other then the fact my Tissot was so cheap, that definitely was not the 1 and only reason I bought it on the spot. Bottom line it’s a Swiss made timepiece, and that always means it comes with the same glass covering the face as a Patek Philippe, an AP
Rolex, Omega, Breitling or any other quality time piece. Sapphire crystal glass. Tissot are quality! They have been making timepiece since 1853 and are still going strong! I’ll always own one.
I can completely agree with what you said about Tag Heauer. With “some” the quality just hasn’t been there. Especially with there quartz movement watches retailing for over a £1000. now for the majority of us who appreciate a nice watch but haven’t got the money to buy a Patek Philippe, you can still get a nice Automatic for around £1000.
Oris, Longines to name but a few. My advice stay away from fashion watches!! And go for a brand that originates back to fine watch making and nothing else. Fashion watches, your just paying for the name!! They really should just stick to what they are really good at, making clothes.

Elizabeth M says:

I bought a lady’s 28 mm quartz SS TAG Heuer Link for $1200 at a duty free shop in Mexico in 2000. The battery lasted for a little over 2 years each time, and it always kept perfect time. I swam in it, showered in it, golfed in it, mountain biked in it, rode my motorcycle in the rain in it, and generally beat it to death for 16 years. When it finally wouldn’t pass a pressure test, I sold it on eBay for $500. Considering cost per wear, I think I more than got my money’s worth.

SevArmKnight says:

Normal early 20’s person here. I own a Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45. I know its an odd ball of a smart watch. But I like it!

Conrad W says:

A very diplomatic video about why Tag Heuer is not desirable anymore.

It simple; they have been skirting along on there past glory and reputation for years. Currently, their resale value is horrible on the secondary market. In short, they are the Cadillac Cimarron of high-end watches. Do not buy. Do not invest.

PS: It is very nice to see you back making videos!!

BL says:

Great review, thank you very much!

Gregory Gant says:

The thing I don’t like about Tag Heuer is that they produce some nice pieces but they put them in generic movements and jack up the prices , for the expensive pieces I mean .They don’t produce many pieces with in-house movements.
You could say that for most brands today , except Rolex , but still it seems Tag just throws in a generic ETA or Sellita movement , nothing altered except the name on the rotor and charge a lot , for the expensive pieces I mean. Great video btw .

mikehaynes751 says:

Tag is so tacky.

Cunt Destroyer says:

The real reason effectively is that us rich people are pissed off at TAG for making cheap pieces and allowing the plebs and dregs of society to wear a desired brand.
The outrage!!
Anyway must dash,I have more £10 notes waiting to stoke my fire.
Pip pip tally ho what what.

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