how to open the watches to change their battery

In this video I teach you how to open two watches
for this we need a flathead screwdriver and a
Watch Back Opener Wrench to open the other watch
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if you are interested in buying the tool get it here

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Tigerfireblue16 says:

The struggle is real 1:50 to 2:15

Bob says:

Sh1t video. Fucktard didn’t mention what that tool was…we supposed to be psychic?

Figgles274 says:

Yikes. That case back is scratched up nicely. Also for those who seek the watch tool you can purchase online at Amazon. They are not that expensive.

panosm panosm says:

I have the festina 16040 do you know what battery it has?

Pipelyon says:

He forgot to mention the one without notches has one place made to pry it up. It’s a slight over hang, allowing the tool to grab the back.

Daniel Donnelly says:


475thehitman says:

where the hell is the battery lol

Mookool Mark says:

Tghe noise he makes makes me feel sick like BREATHE MAN STOP HOLDING UR BREATH

Stewart Moskos says:

definitely would not have you touching my watches!!!! jesus dude, never lay a watch face down on a rough surface……just sayin’

Suricka van der Merwe says:


pferrer90 says:

Excellent video. Thanks for sharing the information.

Samantha Hernandez says:

chill out people he just made video and thought that it might be useful,stop being so rude

Oleg Robinov says:


pickle 0mistake says:

500 like

Pipelyon says:

Thanks !


1:52 *cringes
2:25 *cringes even harder

PhantomMatrix says:

has anyone stabbed their finger by accident when doing that? 1:52

ronen shoyhat says:

U cen open the spinning one with a sisers

Worrun says:

It’s a simple watch cover removal wrench, can get on Ebay for $6

Suricka van der Merwe says:


gasdorfic muncher says:

i scratch the fuck outta it i dont care i not going to buy tool.. still too tight soo fuck dis company no resion for such poor battery door design..going to easy battery replace watch first and formost

Grant says:

shit video

qaiser khan says:

Done v v badly

Kai Mesarch says:


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