Festina Tour De France yellow (tdf f16542) review (The Rock)

Sick 54k views Thank you for watching !
My Festina Tour De France with Yellow/Gold dail (Modelnumber: f16542)


Omar Reffes says:

Tres belle

B Buse says:

Gillar Festina. Maskulin klocka som passar mina handleder. Har hittat way billigare än 300 dollar. Mellan 90 och 100. Sen om det är kopior vet jag inte. Får beställa en och kolla. Blir ca 600 svenska.

fariborz eskandari says:


richard jones says:

I’ve taken my Festina 16542/5 to 2 different jewelers to get links removed from the band so it fits my wrist. After 10 minutes or so, they both returned the watch to me and said they could not do the job. Something about the inner sleeve could not be removed from the links. Has anyone else encountered this?

Strikehard92 says:

Thanks Guys 15k views! Please Go ahead and watch my video of my new Swiss Legend Trimix ! It’s just a unbox quick look!

gschock201 says:

Wow, that sounds cool.
Maybe you could make a video where all your watches can be seen but where you mainly focus on your Invicta…?
I have an Invicta myself and it’s awesome! Especially when you’re into big and heavy watches. 🙂

gschock201 says:

That would be cool. Which other watches could you do a review of?

Strikehard92 says:

I have two Jaques Lemans one f1 automatic and another quartz. One Orient mako xl. One diesel chrono. I also have a Invicta huge arsenal watch its 57mm diamenter. 2 alpha watches (cheap from china but still ok to wear, automatic). May have forgot someone…

Aryan Adibmehr says:


gschock201 says:

Sounds cool. I’ll be looking forward to that vid. 🙂
Any idea on how long it’ll take before you’ll upload the vid?

Well, I definately couldn’t do it better if I had to make a vid in English so I don’t think your English sucks. I’m from Denmark btw…

Billy Spaz says:

Could buy this watch for 40 pounds, would you recommend it?

Strikehard92 says:

Actually no never heard of. Did they move/knock the pin in the right direction?

shiela flores says:

where i can buy that? I am so interested

gschock201 says:

Will you make such a video with your Invicta or don’t you like the idea?
Btw…Are from Sweden? Just think you have a Swedish accent when you speak English but maybe I’m wrong…? 🙂

Strikehard92 says:

Yeah I am planning on doing that very soon buddy ^^. Yup Swedish 😛 my english sucks but still, I get to practice it when I am making these videos, winwin ^^

Stan Kaplan says:

Is there a power reserve indicator?

gschock201 says:

Cool video and cool watch.
You mention that you have made other reviews of your other watches…Have you deleted those videos since then?

Strikehard92 says:

Yes buddy will do it this week soon maybe tomorrow, when I’ve got some time in my hands! 😉

I think you would do a great job “meget god engelsk” haha. My neighbour then, we live Parallel. ^^

Frank Tessmer says:

Nice watch. Do you have the total diameter in cm incl. crown?

Strikehard92 says:

Thanks man! Nice that you like the video! No I haven’t done any more reviews but if you would like to i could do more reviews 🙂

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