7 Watches Under $500 That Will Double In Value & What Increases Their Worth (WWT#84)

In today’s WWT (Wrist Watch Talk) episode, I take a look at 7 watches currently under $500 that are either in the process of, or I predict will double in value over the coming years. In doing so, I highlight key determining factors which increase the demand and value of a watch.
Among my choices in this video are, the current trend for 1950s manual wind Omega watches. The iconic movie star that is the Seiko Ripley SCED035. A classic 60s “Made In Britain” annual wind Timex. Rare Japanese market special editions of the Casio G-Shock Riseman GW-9400BJ-1JF and vintage digital casio watches. Pop culture or artist themed Swatch watches from the 80s and 90s. And lastly, the Marina Militare’s automatic dive watch of choice, the Citizen Promaster NY0040.

To watch a review of the 1950s “La La Land” style Omega click here:

To watch a review of the 60s Timex click here:

To watch a review of the Seiko “Ripley” watch from Aliens, click here:

To watch a review of the Citizen Promaster NY0040 click here:

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Jeffrey Chilton says:

What about the Seiko SARB003? I just got one.

Jaideep Pannu says:

I have subscribed. I have been watching your video. I like smaller watches. What do you think of the jlc p478 a and the Polaris seamaster? I understand you may not have time respond to all of your comments no worries. Please keep sharing about books and things.

Chris Debnam says:

Michael Biehn. Quintuple?

Felipe Belluco says:

Hey! How’s it going there? I would like to know what do you think about Victorinox watches? I’m interested in the Maverick V241602 model.

NallenTV says:

How did this pan out? You should do a recap

Tristan Pouw says:

The one that is also increasing in value and very hard to find, is the Seiko SARB035 and especially the seiko SARB017 the “alpinist”

Matt Frank says:

Just picked up a JDM SARY 055. Kanji days and flawless. Crushes my Tag

aldousjove says:

The Vermeer book is 36 box today

Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer says:

TGV, please check – spelling devil – “Made In Britain” annual wind” – Manual is Annual – LOL – this is in the show more section

Adrian Eyre says:

Love your channel. I don’t even own a watch I’m to poor . Your the best

Arie Fds Esprit says:

.you right about vintej Omega from ’60.. their price increase in so quickly.. nice 🙂

Tristan Pouw says:

The one that is also increasing in value and very hard to find, is the Seiko SARB035 and especially the seiko SARB017 the “alpinist”

Robert Drake says:

The Seven Dwarfs.

Freddie Cox says:

So with the Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 in Gold. Where is the video where you talk about all the compliments with that watch? And do you have it anymore? I was looking at buying it.

The JP says:

Do you know a watch ambassador of seculus?? Is it a good buy?

DrPruthviraj Hegde says:

Can you please suggest a skeleton/open dial mechanical watch, with good quality, under$300 ?

paulvsmith says:

I just love it when I hear a watch described as “timeless”.

Jaideep Pannu says:

I mean just as far as quality. I am not very concerned with the value increasing although that would be a great bonus.

Thomas Ashley-Smith says:

1 year later, Risemans are being sold anywhere between $300 for a beaten up to $800 for a NOS.
I have a Men in Matte Black with a spare white bezel and strap. I won’t sell it because I love it! I think I bought it for about $200 so imagine it’s 3-4x it’s original value now.

Bruce Rioux says:

I love this man. He is so good at describing what he loves.

Mudge Mudgee says:

well . it’s a year later and the SNA411 is still low at $339.00

Firstas Lastas says:

i remember when i was in high school.. all those crazy looking swatch watches. i bought a black one – too bad i didn’t get a bunch of the odd looking ones and save them. they were like 15 a piece

Adrian Eyre says:

Lance henrisen

A MATTI says:

I like Bulova it survive the moon

DL Beaven says:

Lance Henriksen.

Guilherme Reis says:

The Seiko Ripley is now selling for around $4,000. Which means it’s going to be a very long while until I’m able to buy it.

M M says:

Informative and interesting.Cant make my mind up as you keep showing me new options: Hamilton is close to my wrist(Jazzmaster)!

Brian Haight says:

On it as usual, Your taste is spot on Brother. Keep them coming.

Jazz Man says:

Flighty has indeed doubled in price. I paid $205.00 for mine at Amazon in 2015 or 2016. Now, over $400.00. BTW I think the Seiko Alpinist was 369.00….. Now over $500. Love this channel!

Arnaud Meert says:

Well that is quite a coincidence, you mentioning Timex. I bought 4 Kelton’s (Timex) for about 50 dollars in total. They indeed work flawlessly and have never been maintenanced.

Tony Lope says:

Hello all, looking for advice. Im pretty new to the hobby and I just got handed down my grandfathers 61 yr old omega. what are thoughts on having these vintage watches serviced/cleaned up/repaired etc. it still runs just looks a little dirty like the dial would need a cleaning.

Pantelis Pontikakis says:

love your show ! I have an omega from my uncle no name gold from the sixties manual but with no seconds is there a way to find out the model? Thank you keep up the cool job!!

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

Good work with the Alpinist, Seiko.
Now stop making Turtles & SKXs.
Thank you.

bri marie says:

Citizen will never be a Rolex and Rolex will never be in the military again

Papa Torr says:

I just “won” a Seiko SNA414 last night at $340, the golden version wearing a leather strap, including the original strap and manuals. Do you think it will increase in value along with the SNA411? I found and bid immediately after watching this very video. Oh, did I mention? It was part of a four watch lot that included a Seiko SKX013 black dial and bezel wearing a grey and black NATO, and includes original rubber strap. Also a desert tan Seiko 5 SNK803 with a leather and original canvas strap. And finally another Seiko SKX013 moded with a blue dial and a pepsi bezel wearing a red and navy blue NATO strap! I know I shouldn’t brag publicly, and pride cometh before I falleth, but I don’t know how else to communicate and tell my little watch brother about my acting on his tip and how excited I was…about a WATCH! Keep all them vids a comin’! And keep covering other topics. Thanks for the “self help” and pep talk ones!

James McNary says:

I love the intro music. Where does that come from?

bri marie says:

Funny thing they just came out with the Marlin I think they already sold out

Evgeni Damianov says:

Great channel! Subscribed!
I have a question.. Is this Bulova Accutron (ETA A07.161) a smart investment? Mint condition for under $500

Cameron Quinn says:

I have one of the Citizens bought on the grey market but interestingly its see-through back reveals the Citizen movement but the back itself is marked Seiko 5M42-0C40. I am guessing it was thrown together like that and I was not careful enough?

Essie Bessie Beats says:

that keith haring watches are already goeing for 2000 dollars in the Netherlands

Mark Woods says:

Sinn watches considering they’re now vintage watches have skyrocketed in value, two years ago I could of bought one in the UK for under £300 now they’re over £700

StellarBlue1 says:

The Timex is a perfect example of why the price of a watch often times has nothing to do with either the beauty, functionality or timelessness of any specific watch. I have (IMO) a very good watch collection, after 40 years of putting it together. Rarely, have I ever spent over 500 dollars for any of my watches. I am not cheap nor poor, but I personally find it difficult to spend big money for a wrist clock. There are just too many great watches out there, that won’t bust your budget.

Mike Stone says:

The Flightmaster is selling for about $250-$300 on ebay.

Carlos Guerrero says:

Why don’t you put affiliated links on Amazon? happy to support you using those links to buy watches!

itz Sonny says:

Timex made in my home town taboo name here factory shutting down screwed a lot of people

Lars Skovly says:

Timeless watch?? A watch without a caliber??

Zebulon Jakub says:

You are a nerd ( never ending radical dude ) I appreciate your enthusiasm eat al. Keep up the classical music in the background

Check out bombfrog

john patterson says:

Timex closed the uk production, due to industrial action, and left in a fit of pique …boo hooo….

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