Professional Makeup Artist Watching Me Do my Makeup — WHAT DID WE LEARN?? Episode 1

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Jules says:

This was so much fun to watch! ♥️

Michelle Knight says:

Oh my goodness, you are absolutely stunning! You have beautiful velvety skin! I love that lipstick on you also. I have attempted to wear red lipstick from time to time, but I have not found one yet that compliments my skin tone like that does to yours. Wow, I just love how natural your make-up looks! Absolutely flawless, is you!

Saab B says:

your skin is sooo beautiful

Christina Ortega says:

I’m loving this video but I’m having to power through her every “mhmm” reply.

Gretta Garboux says:

My God she has beautiful skin!

rainbowfishhh * says:

I love the openness to learn. Great energy in this video.

dawn moss says:

He’s seem so nice like such a nice genuine person and you can see he’s passion for makeup

Everybody Hates Judy says:

The truth about that matter Nyma is that they dont care about us…That’s why they purposely exclude us in those fashion spaces. Sad Naomi Campbell had to bring her own make up kit. Doubt much has changed now!

Nikki Da Diamond says:

Why do wear make up?? You’re beautiful without! You’re so beautiful! Not gay but just complimenting a beautiful sister!

Kelsey Morrison says:

The fact that your skin is baby smooth before foundation is AMAZING

Traci Urbina says:

The way the light hits your skin is so beautiful

ATHEER says:

Omg she’s so beautiful

Tiffany N. Torres says:

Love this vid!! Go girl!!

Victoria Grijalva says:

she’s FUCKING gorgeous

Beviwa Phillips says:

I love this dude, hes so chill and so nice

Christin says:

Love love love your skin colour ❤️

Ms.1111 R says:

You are flawless… so gorgeous!!

Jessica Ann says:

He needs to have a YouTube channel. He is so calming and has such a good energy. This video is so great

jenna dutton says:

You look drop dead gorgeous!! Your sooo beautiful!

Bianca Champlin says:

She is stunning ✨

Lyssy Jonas says:

You are literally SOOO beautiful. Straight up natural beauty

Eve Lacroix says:

Did anyone catch the lip deets?

Jessica says:

This is my first time watching one of your videos and can I just say that you are so soft spoken and absolutely stunning!!! ❤️

T says:

Wow she didn’t start the video wearing foundation?! Her skin is bomb.

Alel Baytsati says:

Her complexion is unreal!!

c o n s ų e l o says:

This video makes me feel soo calm and relaxeeeed

Sabine Oftheworld says:

Someone help me!! I’ve been looking for, Capture Totale Mat Maximizer, he said they have a green one. I can’t find it. It must have a slightly different name? Anyone know? Thanks, Happy Holidays!

Trima Frank says:

Honestly… She doesn’t need foundation….

Trima Frank says:

I just love how he’s learning … he’s a great listener.

sheabuttahtv says:

Yaaaas to the red undertone foundation! But they are sooo hard to find!

Dummpitz says:

Ain‘t that the perv from Dexter?

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