Paris Lux Shopping – Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Laduree

I like to think of my channel as a magazine. But instead of flipping the pages to see beautiful things, you come see them with me! 🙂

Come shop with me in Paris, watch me score my first Birkin, shop for shoes at Dior and check out my Karl Lagerfeld sighting at Chanel! Bags, Shoes, Clothes… It is all here! Lots of Paris fun!
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aom tothemoon says:

I love love your vlog so much <3 your family is amazing !

Daxlein says:

Fantastic video….thank you soooo very much….I too had the chance of seeing Karl Lagerfeld in 2015 in St.Germaine Paris.

Sherene Eid says:

Hands down best Paris vlog on YouTube! You transported me to a dream and your style / personality is really incredible!! Erica you are me new obsession on YouTube. God bless you and continue doing what you do best!! … Karl Lagerfeld part in the video icing on the cake. Best wishes from Dubai

Enzo Tours says:

Definitely the best travel/shopping vlog I’ve ever watched! I like everything about you, the personality, your family and your style! One question, how did you bring back all the shopping spree back to US, did you have to pay taxes upon entering US? Pls enlighten me, would really appreciate it. Thank you so much and more power to your channel. xoxo

India Kees says:

im going to paris in a few weeks! im only 14 so wont be able to buy all those things but i would really like to see all of the beautifull stores. but can i cause i know i wont buy anything… isnt it awkward? love the video!!!

sarqh alvarez says:

Wait…. did u have surgery to make your foot stay up when walking? If not, youre really good at it!

Teresa Laynes says:

Hey Erica! I am not a fan of high end designer goods, but for some reason I LOVE watching your videos. You are real, humble and fun…. thanks for sharing this with us, it was awesome to tag along with you!!

Thi Mai Ngu says:

I loved it

Joanna Bickford says:

LV drooling!

Mehdi Moi says:

What is your work ?

svetlan peacock says:

Super,Super video!

Julie Muniz says:

Holly Molly, a Birkin and Karl Langerfeld in the same travel to Paris? Girl, this is better then win in the lottery. Best vlog on Youtube’s history.

Vitor Gabriel says:


mayuyu watanabe says:

more d and g then gucci stores lol!!! 1 million subscriber to you!!!

Nick Patch says:

hope someone rob you, materialistic capitalistic biatch

Mel Coma says:

I tell to myself that I forget what I saw in the vlog just to watch it again e.e

priyanka kashyap says:

had so much fun watching dis…love the outfits…wanna see more vlogs like dis

Shawnee Sisneroz says:

I just found you, and subscribed your videos are wonderful, do you have a snapchat? you have a great down to earth personality, keep making videos

Bradyn says:

So it’s all good to drink in Paris, throughout the day? Like having champagne at lunch?

mwtjuhc says:

you just started 6 months ago and I already love your videos.
And now featuring Karl omg!

Kathryn Clay says:

Erica, I’ve been enjoying all of your vlogs so much, I had to subscribe! (And I never subscribe!) Your joie de vivre and positivity are infectious as you travel the globe with your family and friends. You are right, you are living Life to the fullest, and it is so encouraging. My lifestyle may not be quite as jam-packed with fabulous trips and shopping excursions as yours, but I also feel very blessed and thankful to know that I make my own happiness. And happiness is contagious, thank god! Thank you for your generosity of spirit and for sharing parts of your life with the world at large. It’s so much fun to “tune in” !! 😉

Danielle 1004 says:

Your video is always my favorite! I am wondering if there is a price difference between in US and paris for Chanel~

Onthego says:

Erica, I just got back from Paris. Eggs with hollandaise sauce at Laduree were delicious, thanks for the tip!

Iryna Marsella says:

mille grazie,Erica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Patch says:

so tacky

Dimitri C. H. says:

And nobody notices Sidney Tolenado at the Dior boutique ? In the back, talking with some people. GOD, it’s the global director !

SourRudy says:

Rich Lux sent me

Dee Dee says:


Sloane DeRothschild says:

When you were at Dior trying the shoes Sidney Toledano and Denise Hale (in red jacket) were behind you (starting at 2:39). Sidney is the President of Dior & Denise is a major San Francisco socialite.

petar petrov says:

Erica perfect video ,pliz more video in shops …..

sarqh alvarez says:

Ariana grande was on thus street!!!

julio hernandez says:

Love u shooting almost all the items,most of vlogger don’t do that ,that was very cool

Andres Chaves says:

OMFG you are so lucky! Karl??? OMG and the Dior guy jaja my lord! jaja

cortez says:

When you travel, do you sightsee or do you only shop?

Mary scarelli says:

Isso sim é um dia de compras…..só faltou legenda. Bjs

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