Best Watches At Every Price Point

The founder and executive editor of the luxury watch publication Hodinkee, Benjamin Clymer, recommends the best watches in every price range.


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Thomas Tschanen says:

Check out Oris

TwenyOnero says:

choice #1: Buy a car. choice #2: buy a mechanical sun dial.

DanielWhaaaa says:

They’re all trash

The Devil's Advocate says:

Are you saying there are some $ 50,000 – $ 100,000 watches that are junk and you couldn’t recommend ?

Venum Lord says:


Reehji says:

what kind of idiot thinks that a 300k+ watch is an investment of any kind. Something that has almost zero productivity improvement. It doesn’t return anything and most likely depreciate like crazy. This video is pretty ridiculous. One cannot justify any of these watches above 500$ as a form of investment (or worth).

Omar Muhnna says:



This guy chooses the same shit over and over.

Dl33ter says:

Between $50k and $100k, definitly the Patek Philippe Nautilus, or the Daytona 6263 big red are maybe the best investment.
Where are Audemars Piguet, Breitling (the Chronomat is very reliable and you can find it in good condition around 2 to 3K), Tag Heuer also, which is the small sister of Rolex, Piaget is also a great brand…
Above $100K, you can think about Richard Mille, the value is increasing like crazy!
Of course there’s more to say, and it would take more than a simple comment 🙂

DARLI says:

For how much can i buy a Rolex Datejust or DayDate ??

Michael Hale says:

What about longines

Jeancarlos Chavarro says:

I have a Citizen ecodrive watch that cost $100 and works great

CocoaButterQA2 says:

I got a Patek Phillipe (Ice Ice Ice Ice)

Andrew Pena says:

bruh… its a watch

Rick Malone says:

No Movado ???

TheGoogler77 says:

LOL some of those watches costs as much as a car. What a waste of money.

Bullit Cake says:

casio F-91W

abhishek kuchibhotla says:

Makes iPhone X look cheap

Ayokz777 says:

50k+ from that price point, you can’t talk about seikos or IWC, they are known for their less expensive watches (sub10k). Patek Phillipe, Jaeger le Coutre, even Rolexes… Some APs but not some iced out monstrosity, something slick and subtle…
I just find it weird you mention rolex only twice and IWC / SEIKO more than 4-5 times…

Shredder McScumbag says:

The frustrating thing about watches (at least for me) is that the majority of the value lays within the brand name of the watch. Sure, craftsmanship and ascetics play a role in the price… but you really are just paying for the name.

You aren’t getting any better “performing” / “more comfortable” watches, unlike cars or other luxury goods. Even more than those Luxury goods, watches are serious rip-offs when bought new….

Matthew Demonroe says:

Every price point???? Wtf????

FKFATS says:

My brain stopped after the below $500 range.

Hung Joon Song says:

So I guess I’ll get a Sako then, thanks

yung tmp says:

Wheres ap?

xWardy97 says:

It all tells the same time

MrBuckaroo2014 says:

or you can ask someone the time or look at the one on the office wall for free. Just sayin!

PHIFan-MIA says:

I wear the simpsons watches that they gave in BK

Cameron O. says:

Nicest watch I own is a $120 fossil, but I’m pretty sure I got it on discount for like $70.

iMoura UK /Minimal Vibes says:

Who the hell spends £500 on a watch?!

Demesvar Clerge says:

The best watch you can buy is a $15 digital Casio watch from Walmart

virag shah says:

dude I want a watch that costs over a billion dollars

didn’t find it here
would have to keep looking

Enrique Esparza says:

What about carti?

Ray Dingo says:

For a watch ? Mother fuckers have too much money

RivalsAirsoft3 says:

Once you spend a certain amount of money on something like a watch, it goes from a purchase to an investment; unless you’re never going to sell it.

Ayesha Irfan says:

What about a Forever 21 $5 watch?

invisible ink says:

start at £75

Pain in the PG Clean says:

This guy needs top shut up this is an add wtf his ranges are through the roof

Boaz Oakenshield says:

What’s the best dollar store watch that you recommend?

xyz says:

Can anyone give a reason I need a watch over $400?

Dontthinkever says:

You didn’t even once mention Audemars Piguet….

FUCKME says:

watch is stupid

kanervatie says:

Is Hamilton a good brand? I like the looks and they are cheap(ish).

Цветан Захариев says:

Lol get a G-Shock for 300 it’s damn killer

doubleupsidhu says:

Where is the submariner!!

Life of Sergej says:

Just get fully iced out patek

Aaron Schnacky says:

The correct answer is who gives a shit

Neo Pantoja says:

The watches brand are personal preference. Checkout Watchfinder channel to listen to the details of the watches he reviews.

Salih Ulvi says:

I am happy with my 25$ watch

Josh DeRoche says:

They all look the same

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