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parker judie says:

Haha! Well done!

Gustavo C. says:

i dont know if you gonna see this but I really need to say that! YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING!!!! I love your videos you are so authentic and chic, please keep doing this amazing reviews of luxury itens!!!!!

Era Ganotta says:

jewelry does NOT hold its value, tragically, even the Haute Joaillerie :/ ive had pieces that were bought for 20,000+ that I’ve tried to resell and what the market has told me is that id be lucky to get even a quarter of that back, most places will offer for the cost of materials and thats it. Hell even some vancleef pieces wont sell, obviously the Alhambra collections being the big exception, but the sad truth is that things are only worth so much as someone is going to pay for it.

Natalie Tang says:

i’ve been watching you for like 4 hours straight D: youtube autoplay makes it so tough to stop!

Anaroma LaCorona says:

what about cartier love ring?

Jordan McKay says:

It’s actually so frustrating that you say the designers name in an accentuated French accent that’s not very good. It’s so unnecessary…

l o says:

What do you think about Shinola watches?

Popv Monv says:

OMG, he needs to be my stylist.

Cayden Ortiz says:

I really like the sweater you are wearing in this video! What brand is it I would love to get one!

ilovelespotsacforeve says:

Charles please tell me your opinion on the amelettes de cartier. Im in love with the green one with diamonds, but sometimesi think it is too much. They are not that big, and still, i dont know if i should get the medium one!
Please tell me your opinion it would help tonsss

Wolfer Wolfer says:

very funny on watches…. good vid

Jessica Brownlee says:

I love the videos when you talk about different luxury items. But I have no clue what they look like D: can you please include more photos in your vids? haha I have two devices going, googling what youre talking about

Daniel McIntyre says:

classic charles is so soothing


Charles, would you mind sharing which camera and/or lens you used to film this video? Thank you!

Manool174 Albeshri says:

Hi you help me a lot love your fashion taste you’re so honest about it please make more videos like this we need this thank you

Latinogoyaman Latinogoyaman says:

Your jealous that you can’t afford a Rolex, mama’s lil gay boy

marcel smith says:

Fuckin stack them love bracelets!!

Taylor Yuen says:

You so funny. I love to watch your channel. 😉

lsx sss says:

U look even better without fillers!

kasey eskew says:

lol the INSTANT he said “pamp suisse on your arm” my mind went to the Valcambi Cook Island Armillary coin and the other Cook Island jewlery products by Valcambi
Armillary coinArmillary coin

chari chari says:

again,… your French hahaha sooo funny

lilian muoki says:

u are so funny

Aashni says:

holy crap u are so funny here oh my god im weak

jass batth says:

I luv u
I wanna meet u some day
U r so so so my types
I would surely try to visit NY for u
I luv u luv u luv u

Michaela Hearnen says:

ur amazing

plasticanimalcrackers says:

Hehe I’ve never owned like a high fashion watch but if you’re looking for something cheap (under 200 bucks!!! :D) Nixon and Fossil make pretty good watches. They aren’t always the most stylish, but they last for years and years.

Manool174 Albeshri says:

And omg I just purchased a classic Berberry watch and it’s amazing gold and black leather

Naydia Santiago says:

It’s ridiculo.

Leo Blog says:

Omg yes i have a Gucci watch its amazig silver belt it like white deiamonds on black clockk thinggg amaing gucci for lifeeee reccomend that for sure

SAS says:


Jahmaal glenn says:

Dude you’re funny as shit

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