Will This Be Your First Smartwatch?

Ticwatch website: https://bst.is/a/e8iO0WMvMlr
Ticwatch is having a Christmas sale on their website, use “whitechristmas” to get 15% off on all watch purchases.
Ticwatch Amazon: https://bst.is/a/ameKWmIrIhn

Info from the manufacturer –

Introducing Ticwatch 2, an innovative, affordable and intuitive smart watch. With built-in GPS, a sharp screen and a unique new way to interact with your watch, the Ticwatch 2 is leading the way to affordable, yet functional wearables. After raising over 2 million dollars on Kickstarter, the Ticwatch 2 combines an intuitive operating system with a classic design, delivering the ultimate smart watch experience.

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Clash Royaler says:

how much?!

Ryan Hamel says:

did you guys notice how he said kickstarter at the beginning of this video

PlasticPlay says:

“URL does not exist”

H rocks says:

Samsung gear is 150$ now awesome

ever flores says:

the link dosent work

Spartacus Legends says:

urls dont exist this shit aint affordable at all XD

Green Lightning Studios says:

Just get the Apple Watch series 3

aditya raj says:

laure mein pehan yeh ghadi

_aJaY_ says:

Nothing better than a gold old g shock tho…..

Reagan says:

you should do a hybrid watch

freshdaddy100 says:

How much is it

gawi bastian says:

link doesn’t work.. fix it please..

Mahmudul ony says:

Url isn’t working.
Fix that please 🙂

Ghislain Breau says:

reveal jack

Deividas Gedgaudas says:

“A cheaper smartwatch”. After one year – 300$.. Ah nah.. Imma go to my local electronics shop and grab a 50$ smartwatch and be happy with it ..


Hey for you is the speaker is good?

jhonny kscooby says:

700k to go for the big reveal of Jack!!!!!

Tcheng's Dashboard says:

Clicks on URL
“URL does not exist”
What? XD

Ronald Cruz says:

Is it water proof?

Dr. Saqib says:

No headphone, Jack.

Frk 2025 says:

Hey really love your page…..could you do one for “KW88” smartwatch

AeIpZ YT says:


yassir acharki says:

links doesn’t work

jdm_rafiq says:

I’d rather buy a gear s2 they look the same and the s2 is cheaper

Safir says:

O.o too much

Black Zone says:

links down!!!

Kyle Hilton says:

URL doesn’t exist…

Akash Gupta says:

just came from linus channel

Dr. Blacky says:

I like the leather and all black one

Sebastian Vanderbilt de Rothschild says:

The more I watch these videos the more I realize how beautiful this guy is. <3

Cory Robbins says:

That sweater stain..

Alex MH says:

Didn’t realise I wasn’t subscribed to your awesome channel! Mistake! RECTIFIED

David Aravon says:

URL does not exist. 🙁

tapan chaudhary says:

no url present there

Goober and Buddy says:

It’s hard to say this is more affordable/better than say an Apple Watch Series 1

Thomas Aranda says:

Wow, has it really been a year?

Chichi Honey says:

700,000 more till we know once and for all!!!!

Justin Luong says:

*gf pratically broke up with me 2 days ago cause shes having feeling for a guy from bangladesh* so this is what salt takes like

Tom Landolt says:

new camera? this video somehow looks crap

Kaleb Bohall says:

Ok ill listen to you

Raine Brookshire says:

Its actually magic mirror on the wall.This is an example of the mandella effect

RobbyJHope says:

URLs in Bio are broken

jaime delgado says:

I will never own a smartwatch!!
Unless it performs felatio.

Chris says:

She broke up with you because of the watch. HA

jon b says:

lol 48 bpm is bradycardia

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