Why Luxury Smart Watches Failed

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Bill Kong says:

You’ve bought into the mechanical watch hype. You’re not going to pass your mechanical watch to your grandchildren. They probably won’t even understand its purpose. They’ll have a direct brain interface to a computer and always know exactly what time it is.

t lech says:

In the landfill next iPhone X that will be outdated for $1000 plus just within a two to three-year period time. There’s more people willing to buy either I watch then the iPhone X I think the lemmings are getting tired of drinking the Kool-Aid

scott left says:

coooool….back doing what makes you happy….2 skills are better than one.

Watcher3223 says:

I think I can explain why luxury smart watches failed without watching the video.

Simply, it’s a poor investment compared to buying something like a Rolex.

The biggest problem with a smartwatch is obsolescence.

From that, it is the single biggest factor that will weigh heavily against the future value of a luxury smartwatch.

The fair market value of a luxury smartwatch will diminish as better smartwatches become available.

When the technology is obsolete to the point where the utility of the smartwatch no longer exists, then its value is no more than that of its component parts, which will never come close to the retail price of the luxury smartwatch when it was sold new.

In summary, luxury smartwatches have abysmal depreciation, even when taken care of to the point where its condition remains mint decades from now.

A good Rolex, on the other hand, holds its value very well. The utility of a wristwatch remains even after decades have passed, so long as the watch has been properly taken care of; obsolescence is only a factor when time is measured differently from how it is today. Its value is also helped by the fact that luxury wristwatches are potentially collectible pieces of functional jewelry. So long as it’s in good overall condition, a Rolex can maintain or even appreciate in value, depending on various factors such as what model it is.

Steven Kim says:

Good points however I figured that I could get a $6500 entry level mechanical luxury watch that I will need to pay for maintenance costs on every several years or get a used or new apple watch with vastly more functionality that should run for several years and replace it when the battery is depleted. By the time I die the costs should be close to par or less. Am I being logical in my choice? Of course there is the issue of environmental waste of disposing of non-functional digital watches and the lack of leaving an heirloom mechanical watch to someone upon my demise.

CamdenBloke says:

I did not know they failed. A lot of my colleagues in tech wear them, but I’m personally a fan of the Seiko Cocktail Time (which I’m planning on purchasing in June).

Equestrian Republican says:

I never got why anyone would buy a Smart Watch. Not much you can do with such a small screen….

jm Morgenstern says:

And no I would never buy Apple products number one number two since Steve Jobs is no longer alive forget about ever be buying Apple it matter fact of her little secret hair did anybody think about that about Apple products huh I don’t know

neosomato hypergenesis says:

I USED to wear a $10 calculater watch sooo funny

Lewis Lr says:


J. M. Pérez says:

Because you can get the same experience for way less.

Steve Roberts says:

These devices are a solution to a problem that never exited. Latest research, as far as fitness goes, is a few balls out bursts of physical effort 3 times a week is as good as running around with your iPhone strapped to your upper arm wearing tights and carrying a bottle of Evian or some other expensive ordinary water substitute. Like most things, we know instinctively what we need but are easily conned by marketeers. When they throw something shiny before us with the promise that this is the solution to the problems we weren’t sure that we had we buy. Easily led.

Gen Ohmni says:

For 6 grand I at least want a blowjob.

MacintoshUser1986 says:

Sorry but I cannot trust a doctors word for anything especially because that doctor is most likely bought.

Zach Monroe says:

Ok the series 0 apple watch edition didnt fail. Apple still made a profit off of it because of the shear price tag. Apple knew that this watch was only for people who had 17k to blow.

Keith Wiggins says:

I just use my smartphone to show me the time. If I wanted a smartphone on my wrist, I’d just strap my smartphone to my wrist. Fantastic, now I can experience the inconvenient position my arm needs to be in for the prolonged usage of a computer on my wrist.

Chung Kai Man says:

Gold Apple Watch are mainly make noise and tell customer how “cheap” the sport version is.

Apatthetic Man says:

Smartphones succeeded because they simplified life. You could make calls with it like your old cellphone, but you didn’t have to take out your laptop or get onto a desktop to browse the internet. Smartwatches on the other hand makes life more complicated by being an expensive addon to your phone that also needs to be charged. Addons usually fail. Everyone remembers Sega CD? 32X?

Jonatan Søgaard says:

The point of fitness watches isn’t that they are medical health devices. They are simply meant to motivate (which they do for me). I never understood this argument.
Also who actually thinks that smartwatches are like mechanical watches. Those two categories have very different purposes.

Lewis Lr says:

oops caps lock on.

Sphereslip says:

Had my Huawei W1 smartwatch since 2015 and it’s still going strong, hasn’t missed a beat (fingers crossed).

NTH THN says:

$17000 dollars for something that get outdated in 6 months? 🙂

Jebediah Kerman says:

I actually forgot these exist but seriously $17,000 apples going too Over priced into their products like the iPhone X in my Opinion
If u want to buy something like that u might as well get insurance with it as well because once it’s gone…it’s gone

Zachary Dalton says:

I have an Aluminum Apple Watch. That one is good. I don’t need to spend money on a luxury Apple Watch that does the same as my Aluminum one.

Ham Sarris says:

Landfill…That’s what I took away from this joint…Lots, and lots, of landfill…It seems to be a recurring theme I observe with every human interaction. Landfill.

Peng Fu says:

“Same cheap Chinese hardware you’ll find in your smartphone`’….here we go again. For your ignorant mind, Chinese manufacturers produce some of the control panels for United States’ fighter jets. Human hypocrite trash like you are abundant on earth. Time is coming. You will be wiped out and the world will be a better place. You are using, riding, playing on countless objects that are “Made in China” – phones, appliances, computers, parts that made up your car, parts of the planes you fly on, furnitures at your home, your relatives’ homes, your friends’ homes”. Advise for you: ANYTHING THAT ARE TOUCHED BY THE CHINESE, you should investigate carefully and throw them out. Anything that are remotely linked to China, boycott them. Show the courage of your conviction. YOUR LIFE IS IMMERSED with products made by the THE BLOOD AND SWEAT OF the CHINESE PEOPLE. You are able to maintain your current living standard due to the face that products from China are priced cheaply so you could afford it. Amazing, it is as if you latch onto the milk gland and keep suckling, while complain incessently about the milk that being good enough. Where is the last time you produce ANYTHING? Shoot yourself, you ungrateful tool.

Scott Aveles says:

You mean there’s more to it besides the fact that they’re ugly and stupid?

Sir Billie Piper’s Teeth says:

I wouldn’t wear one of these glorified slave tags if I was paid to.

DDSYT Channel says:

The cheapest for an Apple Watch is 269

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