UFC Connected – Episode 3

With a heavy emphasis on fighters from the Europe, Middle East and Asia regions, UFC Connected gives fans a unique look inside the UFC with exclusive access to fighters, teams and events from around the globe.

Fronted by widely respected sports presenter Layla Anna-Lee, each episode includes regular segments and features that cover a diverse range of all aspects within the UFC.

2018 marked the Octagon’s 10th visit to London. In this episode the milestone event takes centre stage as we review a special night in England’s capital.

We cover all the action and reactions from UFC London in Fight Night Follow- Up.

In Fighter Focus UFC welterweight Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards and his pro-fighter brother Fabian descend on London for back-to-back fight weeks.

We join former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping in the front row as watches the fight of the night between Jimi Manuwa and Jan Blachowicz.

And UK MMA legend Brad Pickett and UFC flyweight Paige VanZant run a seminar for the world renowned Prince’s Trust charity.

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DigiFootage Channel says:

It never fails to disappoint? What?

Brandon Read says:

“never fails to disappoint!!!”hahahaha

karl jonson says:

Fun stuff.

Mawahib AMN says:

Go to Dagestan

EZwA says:

Qit pStrEng mUV stRz mIkL, all that gI wantd 2 dU is disaPR & watch some fItz bt- nooOOOOOO, U had 2 sit nX 2 him stRt yip yapN & draw the cMRaz on him.. QIt NOEng thE mUV stRz awA from fIt✋️☹️ sheeeash..

Soma _ says:

23:03 tf is that

Andy Foster says:

Bispings face when he heard the score 30-27, there’s always one judge who hasn’t a clue

Manuel Arambula says:

It never fails to disappoint?? Well, I like the accent anywhoo

OurLucidDream says:

Fuck Paige VanZant.

jairo tovah says:

Lol Paige is female version of Sage Northcutt

Matthew Reagan says:

*When the UFC rolls into London, it never fails to disappoint.* Uhh, what was that? That is in the running for the worst opening line ever.


Page was raped when she was 10

lonniemo says:

Should have been, “Never fails to impress!!!”

The Isaiahnator says:

Bisping and Leonidas enjoying the fights together.

doulos88 says:

don’t think those kids will be using it for self defence

dunnypop says:

Why isn’t there a US version of this? The recap of the entire event is awesome.

G S. says:

Layla Anna never fails to disappoint.

Andy Foster says:

I’m pretty sure nick and nate diaz would kick you and your brother asses so badly woodley will be saying it’s racist

James Woods says:

Kinda late

Leroy Gallagher says:

Say what you like about Paige but shes a sweetie, a hottie and a professional fighter capable of kicking most of your asses!

UnKnownLeegendTV Gaming says:

Wait what. Did I hear that right. “When the UFC rolls into London it never fails to disappoint”?

History Geek777 says:

Bisping obviously watched that fight through his bad eye to think jimmy won

shane davis says:

pvz is aa stanky kaksucker

Joseph Ganetakos says:

.. might want to edit that opening line

DrSourPurp says:

The UFC wants Paige to be a success so bad.

Paul Nava says:

Paige is looking very milfy nowadays

- Tattooed Literature - says:

Who did she have the blow to get this gig? 😉

DF Moria says:

The saving grace of this series is it’s host Layla. Man I wanna impregnate her. But wait I’m infertile because of chemotherapy sooooo endless cream pies

Shoxy says:

If you ever wondered why Paige VanZant is still with the ufc, you only need to check out the thumbnail. It’s all she’s good for.

Clementine says:

22:58 looks about right.. hungry blacks 1 lone delusional white woman

ReptarsRoar says:

I’m confused, how does Paige Van Zant who gets destroyed by everyone she faces get a published book and publicity like this??? And they say good genes don’t get you somewhere in life…

Buil Dinit says:


Gabriel Salgado says:

Why does PVZ’s face look so fake?

ryan atanacio says:

I’ve got a sneeking suspision Paige had her nose done

Marty Laquidara says:

I made it 15 seconds until I heard “the UFC cards never fail to disappoint” and turned it off.

Alan Ross Martinez Rodriguez says:

I can’t believe Paige was gang banged at 14…those little f%cking perverts. They even made her change her real surname.

Tony Quigley says:

Seriously why the fuck is Paige VanZant on almost evertything?? she’s literally famous just for being good looking, it’s so fucking stupid she can’t fight for shit

Salman Mason says:

Does no1 else think Paige Van Zant looks like a chimp.

Brianstorm says:

I feel bad for Paige and understand why she kept it secret for so long, I mean just look at the comments around the internet. What the fuck is wrong with people?

Alex Radu says:

nice for paige to teach young kids in africa , about mma

Damjan Visnjic says:

of of Paig in tights in slow mo!

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