Top 7 Best Smartwatches You Should Buy In 2017

7 Smart Watches that will Make You Leave Your Phone At Home



5.Ticwatch 2:



2.Neptune Pine:

1.Tag Heuer connected modular 45:

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LastCrises 200X says:

What’s the watch from the thumbnail?

☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣ says:

When can we get a GPS implant put into our kids so that we never have to fear kidnappers ever again?

Hallox says:

the Neptune thing is just fucking ridiculous…… its like a fucking smartphone on ur wrist. WTF is that. that shit hilarious. its ugly.

J FC says:

technology is making people more lazzy depressed and stupid!!!!!!

11kwright says:

I want a phone with total GPS (if lost can route me back home etc), receive and send calls, msgs voice command, music, camera/video if possible but not essential, can work on android (like Samsung) but can also work independently without a SMART phone. Does anyone know if something like this exist as I’ve been wanting to get a SMART watch for ages but haven’t found one that meets all those criteria or close.  I own a Samsung S7 Edge but it’s for someone else (the watch) and I need to be able to track their every move no matter what time of day and they can contact me without any problem.

ThePharaohsCat says:

PINE. Big beard. Big watch. This is a spoof comedy sketch right?

Colin Lucas says:

if Gordan Ramsay was into tech

Trumpalumpa says:

First: This video is shit. Second: All of these “Smartwatches” are crap.

Rico MegaSuper says:

I use my simcard in my Gear S many times that’s why I love it.

Richard Garcia says:

At least the Tag has a more traditional watch feel to it. Also, of all these watches the presentation is the least boring.

devante washington says:

I’m IN

premier69 says:

im a nerd and i still cant figure out what i’d use one for.

Paul N. says:

Besides the Apple and Gear (Samsung) Smartwatches, every other smartwatch is pretty much identical. ……..Literally

DrkphnxS2K says:

Seriously, the waffle comes in blue? wowWOW!

Zeh Zahl says:

The PINE?? In mid-2017?? Are you guys serious??

Why, ZIP HD, in mid-2017 are you showing that old product that was on Kickstarter FOUR YEARS AGO, along with a link showing the Pine’s replacement that is itself years old vaporware?? Yeah, you guys are really on top of things…NOT! No sub from me.

Do your research first before you put out a video!!

Gitonga Mwaniki says:

cronovo is a prototype

Prateek Kava says:

what’s the song in Dagadam watch playing ?

Christian Lfkr says:

No one is god just the Apple Watch series 2 is the best of all watches I got one

violeta torres says:

i got one

Tedo - Games says:


PixelTV Xd says:

How to make the Neptune pine first get a small android phone next strap it on to your wrist via 120 layers of scotch tape and boom there it is

savage_junior_107 Da savage says:

Bro I thought the apple watch was going to be their because I have it and it is awsome!☺

Black White says:

They are all a wast of money. Research shows that none of them is accurate. Its ironic because you are actually buying that for fitness

Loganatorexit says:

That watch that’s at the “pike” is ugly and clunky.

controllingtheironbeast alucard says:

Nothing beats Suunto Spartan Ultra for me!a multisport watch

devante washington says:


ajareti says:

Who talks like that in real life?? So much BS and hype, how pathetic and retarded..

Qwerty9066 says:

Apple Wacht, Gear S3 Frontier???

winkipinky says:

that PINE watch is not a watch, it’s a half size phone with a huge wristband. it look terrible too..

Katrina Phillips says:


MKFM_ HunterDrone says:

look at 6:10 the text overlaps lol nice fake add

Edespede pelaa says:

I heard she said “call the police” at 4:21

Richard Garcia says:

I bet the Neptune Pine lasts for two hours, tops.

IceWolve says:

Second to the last one makes me thing “fallout pip-boy.”

Mae Vidal says:

when will this be out

Ritu Sareen says:

What about Armani smartwatch how is it

dion smith says:

Idk how ppl can say that the gears s3 is the best over all these watches without even testing them.

Sandeep Kumar says:

If I want to buy this voice, can I tell you which website I can buy and can you tell me.plz?

RedLadyBug says:

I currently have the old Fitbit hr, I’ve had it for about 2 years. Not sure which watch To get next any suggestions?

Pilocide says:

apple watch is still better, and gear s3

Nukzis says:

THE BEST ONE IS NON OF THEM I recommend zeblaze Thor it’s better than all of them

Mustafa Duran says:

technology for idiots

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