TOP 6 Best Smartwatch 2018

Check out TOP 6 Best Smartwatch 2018. You can find this amazing smartwatches on Amazon. Links below:

1 – Asus Zen Watch 3:

2 – Samsung Gear Sport:

3 – Fibit Ionic:

4 – Apple Watch Series 3:

5 – Garmin Forerunner 735XT:

6 – LG Watch SPORT:

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chicovonchico says:

the LG looks pretty nice man buns are goofy

kalapna kandel says:

Do Asus Zenwatch 3 supports for all android???

RpBunny says:

70%off on TOP brands SMART WATCH Limited Time click —

ann richter43 says:

just bought a nomi w10 smart watch yesterday,i like it actually.but these in the top are also cool as well

robert lennox says:

Can we all agree that LG watch was number one on the list?

Mikkel Jeppesen says:

2:02 really god quality.

MiticaHritcan says:

Guys, I just bought my first smartwatch from here! Good prices, and very very good quality! You should check out:D

Nihat Galpi says:

leather bands are indurable and looks like trash, i wonder why so many people still using it

Evert van Ingen says:

All are so Sporty Cliche

Matharu Matharu says:

I am buy a first watch how many rupes this watch

Adria Simeone says:

I was looking for the best smart watch. Not best smart watch commercials. Really?

MiticaHritcan says:

Guys, I just bought my first smartwatch from here! Good prices, and very very good quality! You should check out:D

RetroManchop says:

LG advert was best, told me all the things I’d ask if the watch could do clearly.

Tonio Picture says:

The Apple Watch is a Wonderful Premium Watch. I recognize that LG make a really good watch to the sport woman and sport man.

suparthchai aid Jaivongyah says:

Ticwatch are best Smoot and quick response .. Samsung poor quality watch face not balance

nickgavis0305 says:

I don’t care what anyone says apple products are the best. If you don’t think so it’s probably because you’ve never had one

LadyJoolree says:

What about if you don’t want it for bloody sports?! Sheesh there’s more to life!

Clarence G. says:

What about Gear S3?

Danu Priyatmoko says:

Where is xiaomi amazfit?

Cem Seymen says:

can they fart ?

Pavan Krishna says:

Lovely video ….Fenix 5

C F says:

S3 classic is the best looking smart watch in my opinion.

iank muin says:


matrix gamer says:

What’s with the fossil q explorist it’s a really nice Smartwatch

goodboy says:

i have gear sport

עומר לוי says:

Wow the Apple Watch looks amazing

InFaMouS says:

Anyone know when the gear s4 by Samsung might drop?

KJX says:

apple watch…. beeeeeee :/

armystrong6920 says:

The Samsung Gear S3 frontier LTE still tops them all.

Navus_X says:

Are there any smartwatches for non glamorous , non active, average looking, average body, not sophisticated, non sportsman human being ?

Rong Fan says:

looking for the smartwatch for swimming, thx for review

Vasilios Sotiropoulos says:

apple watch 4th? rubbish…

Christopher Alden says:

DONT get the Fibit Ionic. It suuucks. I’m an iPhone user. My options are extremely limited. Wish the Samsung Gear played with iOS nicely. Otherwise, that’s probably what I would get. Miss my Pebble immensely.

Alex Camilo says:

tic watch 2e and 2s?????????????????????????

Best Electronics says:

“Asus Zen Watch 3” is best !! I like it.

David Gattenberg says:

Good adverts… But where is the facts

Cem Dönmez says:

I think gear sport looks dope

the painter says:

The thumbnail is not matching the watches….

Desert Survival says:

just a group of ads?
This not a review …. just ads

Tampatec says:

7:54 is nice for guys and 0:09 is nice for women

Daniel Llorente says:

Y Huawei?

Rakiii says:

Busco exactamente lo que ofrece LG, Samsung tendra las mismas funciones?

honyburger123 says:

I’m going for the Samsung

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