Top 5 Smartwatches for Android June 2017: Gear S3 vs Android Wear

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swishpronoob says:

I’d love to buy a gear S3 frontier/classic but I think $300 and above is too much, wish it costs about $200.

Waylander says:

I think you got the list right.

Octavia says:

My Gear S screen is now flashing and does not respond to commands. Is the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier  watch appropriate for a very petite wrist (5 1/2″) wouldn’t want it to fall off and is S Voice available for this watch?  Because I use my watch for medical reason to  call my sister or doctor. I have RSD/CRPS the severe form. And with the old Gear S I can use S voice to call for help! Or  do you have a suggestions on a watch? I really appreciate all you do because this take time and thank you too your family as well

Witcherworks says:

Hey Jeff, could you tell me the difference in vibration motor from Huawei Watch 2 and S3 Frontier? That is one thing I hate about the Watch 2. I can’t tell if I received a notification unless I turn up the volume.

ig ml says:

can you make a video about the new ipad pro 10.5″ and why not make another comparison with previous ipad pro (and maybe even samsung note pro)?

xMiniMorg says:

I have the Gear S2 and I so want a Gear S3 but I’d rather wait for a new one from Samsung first!

Robert Leal says:

with the S3 can you answer phone calls from a non Samsung phone ?

Hugo Cisneros says:

I’m still happy with my moto 360 2nd gen. haven’t found the need to upgrade. everything still works and don’t need android pay on my watch or LTE. If you are looking for one you can find them still for $200 on amazon or ebay.

Aaron Crawford says:

Agree with Top one!!

steve rowlands says:

agreed. I love my gs3 frontier and the battery lasts more than twice my OG Huawei WATCH.

Ahamd Alsahl says:

Hi Jeff, does LG watch sport compatible with Blackberry KEYone?

David Sherlock says:

Am I correct in assuming that the Samsung watch required a Samsung phone to be fully supported? For example Samsung Pay?

Leewing4 says:

What is your thought on the Samsung Tizen OS on the Gear S3? When you rate them, have you consider its Zero Day vulnerability? If not, will it still be in the top of this list?

Manish Kitawat says:

First to comment nice vid


Do I update Android wear 2.0 in Moto 360 1st generation?

Terrance says:

Why are all the smartwatches Round? I do not want a round smartwatch I still have and love my gear s I will not buy a new watch until I can buy one that is big and not round I like 2 inch screen or bigger

DMD says:

Do you see any difference in performance/battery life when pairing the s3 with a non Samsung phone?

xd xd says:

what’s your thoughts on the Moto 360 2015 model? I got one band new a few weeks ago and I love it. also I received the update for android wear 2.0 two days ago!

Shell Casing says:

The Gear S3 is definitely the best smartwatch at the moment, although I personally prefer the classic variant.

Ján Bírošík says:

Hello! Good choice of smartwaches in your list. I am looking for some smartwatch for strength training. For this smartwatch I need some app where I can record reps, weight for different excercise. I know that for androidwear I can have these apps (Jefit, TrackMyFitnes …). But I would like to buy S3 Gear with Tizen. Can I have similar apps in Tizen as well? Please let me know if you have any information about that. Thanks a lot.

Waylander says:

Will the Wear24 work okay with a non Verizon phone? Thanks

Matt Josephson says:

Congrats Jeff!

bander ibrahim says:

Thank you for this video.

Tom Com says:

Are there enough apps for Tizen outside or should I go with Android Wear (Huawei Watch 2)

Mike Woodman says:

I have a question I can’t seem to find an answer to: will calendar reminders on any of these smartwatches ‘alarm’ if the watch is not bluetooth-paired to a smartphone? I’m asking because I bought a Samsung Gear S3 and, while it pairs easily with my Note 5 and calendar reminders are pulled from the phone to the watch, unless the watch is bluetooth paired with the phone (and in range of the phone), calendar reminders don’t “alarm”. This is disappointing given that this was the entire reason I bought a smartwatch – to have something on me at all times that would have an alarm that goes off to remind me of calendar events. Can this watch do that?

If not, is there a way to set a recurring reminder within the smartwatch itself? Eg. something that could be set to alarm daily at a set time, recurring daily, end date = “forever”? Again, I can’t do this on my Gear S3.

Thanks to any and all who can help me with this issue!

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