Top 5 Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2016

In this video, We will show you our top 5 best Smartwatches in 2015, This video is for who want to buy the best smartwatches with high quality, smooth and beautiful such as Samsung, Asus, Pebble Steel, Motorola and LG Watch brand. You can buy all of these watches in the description below.

►Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops to Buy in 2017

5. Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch (0:00)
4. Asus ZenWatch (2:00)
3. Pebble Steel (3:51)
2. Motorola Moto 360 (5:08)
1. LG G Watch R (6:03)

Here are new smartwatches in 2016 that i didn’t mention in this video.
■ Asus ZenWatch 2
■ Samsung Gear S2
■ Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.)
■ Huawei Watch

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中华人民共和国 says:

Haha they just completely ignored the huawei watch 1 and 2

Miley Leon says:

my bus driver has that first smartwatch

JUST POST IT!! says:

wow..amazing how u present the watch. the way u video it is so catchy and look so good. love it!!

中华人民共和国 says:

Moto =Lenovo am I right?

Stevica Knaus says:

Ja imam MEANIT M4 ima samo jedan problem traje mu baterija 24. sata. kad je spojen na bluetooth sa mobitelom.

Anshu Yadav says:

hey wats the name of the watch that appears on your video post. the one with all black round face and no bezel and black straps and on tje sxreen is written MUSIK & RUZGAR and is showing play button for 0laying music?

John T says:

Thumbs down…click bait crap

Italo_Colella 2003 says:

What is the smartwatch on the cover?

Kaushal Kumar says:

is it necessary to use with the phone

Bhagyesh Bhavasar says:

try actofit band, it’s awesome. 🙂

rushikesh hudar says:


Atobite Fareedah says:

can you type with smartwatches??

Mr.BassPwr says:

I want that LG G watch R <3

Edy'S Vlogs says:


The Gaming Guava Fruit says:


rabnawaz nawaz says:

I want this .00966596611075


love it….. amazing video helped me a lot to choose which watch to buy .

Geth777 says:

google’s upcoming smartwatches gonna rule the market

Super Tux says:

I think smartwatches are useless but I still think they’re cool

GSMArena New says:

woow good

Chemical Ali says:

Xio Mi smartwatch

Shubham Singh says:


Emil Bang says:

Fucking android lover

Lukas Pjw says:

The only and one is the Huawei watch!

the manic eraser cat says:

i have a smartwatch

Max says:

LOL, the Moto 360 at 5:45+ has a poor tracked video over the watch, what a poor execution of the motion-tracking job done here!

רועי בן דור says:

How much?

Sohel rana says:

how much price???? this

ToughCookie says:

what is the watch in the thumbnail

Mariovo5 says:

lol the same video hahaha a year latter lol

Alystar SLJ says:

last video — Audi

the vinyl man says:

i love the last video!

Cute Videos says:

what’s price is moto

Nasir khan says:

price in Pakistan I?

Puggley Plays says:

lol it said succ lol and I know there’s a ess after okey

Alex says:

Its so that the freewheeling Harley Davidson guy never misses the notification to pay alimony.

MäzëKïñg says:

whats the name of the watch in the thumbnail

Mystic Lifts says:


Theo_dav_ #1 says:

Can you tell me if there’s a smartwatch that you can make calls without being connecting to your phone?????

Bluesteve 75 says:

the links are fake

Brad Hall says:

what about the Gear S3 Frontier?

abdul moiz moiz says:

Those all are the best watches of the world

Kalash Vyas says:

nice yaar

sang roo says:

0:40 *SUCC* cess

Bhagwan Jha says:


Ice0071000 says:

Better title: “Top 5 ugly Toy-Watches you absolutely don´t need!”

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