TOP 5 BEST GPS Watches 2017!

– fenix 5:
– Apple Watch Series 2:

– Suunto Spartan Sport WHR:

– Polar M400:

– TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music:

– fenix 5:

– Apple Watch Series 2:

– Suunto Spartan Sport WHR:

– Polar M400:

– TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music:

iOS –
Android –

Top 5 Best GPS Watches 2017! You guys have been asking for it so we finally updated our Best sports watch list. In this video, Jeff discuses the pros and cons of each of his favorite fitness watches. Of course, there is a Garmin watch on this list (Garmin fenix 5) but this year there is no Garmin Forerunner on the list. Other running watches on this list include TomTom Spark 3, Polar M400 gps watch, Apple Watch Series 2 and the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR GPS watch. Jeff has reviewed pretty much every gps fitness watch on the market, which can be found on our website. Hope you enjoyed this Best fitness watch 2017 and Best GPS Watch 2017 video.

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Honorable Mention:
– Garmin fenix 3 HR GPS watch
– Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Watch
– Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Watch
– Garmin vivoactive HR GPS watch
– Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch
– Samsung Gear S3 Frontier GPS Watch



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spaceface3122 says:

No potato?

Amin Ameri says:

Hi Rizknows,first sorry for asking this question here,,,because you have not any video about this watch.I wanna know is amazfit pace watch can update its time without connecting to the phone with Gps??


I like my Garmin Nuvi 255. Updated open source maps, color touch screen satelite time, I don’t have to wear it on my wrist and get sweaty, I can just put it in my pocket… and it costs only $10 on ebay! Plus with a microSD card in it, 4gb native + 32gb of storage. About 4hrs battery life when actually on to check your time/location… otherwise, in off mode (normal) will probably hold battery charge… months, years. Plus I don’t look like a dork for wearing a watch. Don’t follow the crowd like a lemming, think out side the box.

Joey Garra says:


Bap Gia says:

Suunto! I love mine

Faisal Tahan says:

Wanted to go for the Fenix 3 HR but none of the retailers in my city has it 🙁 So I was thinking a good replacement would be the Samsung gear s3 fronter ?? .. I’m not a hardcore athlete .. I weightlift , run .. and walk a lot .. what do u suggest ?

TuGefezitaSanta :V says:

and the gear s2 >:v :’v

Diniava Palladini says:

Lets say I am a cheap dude! I want things to work for me, I took back a Garmin Vioactive HR and V3 , I know got a Gear s3 and this is the 2nd day, I do boating and Mouantian biking. I needed something that i could answer a phone call and GPS not to stop running on my activity!

Vitaliy Latanskiy says:

thanks for the review

blafuckyou says:

I feel like this could be a big market but honestly I just started to look into GPS watches and I am kind of disappointed. prices are too high at the moment in comparison to what kind of smartphone you get for like $150. I know, I know comparing different things here but I feel there is room for improvement

kyle Bidwell says:

looking for a watch that can pre map a hiking trail and then have my location in relation to the trail so i dont get lost. anybody know of a watch that can do this or is the technology just not there yet.

heardistance says:

No Samsung wearables here like Gear S3 ? Did they dont pay you ? 😀

Marcus V A Correa says:

very good images. Which camera do you use?

Lachezar Lazarov says:

Can someone help me i am divided between fenix 3 hr and gear s3. Does gear s3’s gps have the ability to track me back for example i go from A to B and i want to go back and i know that the garmin can do that. And finally gear s 3 has a lot more storage for Music but i don’t know if that is really good or bad.

Rambo John says:

ROADTEC RD5 Smart Watch GPS waterproof heart rate heart monitor smartwatch adult Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Wristband Sport watch

Darth Ham says:

Can any of these survive at high altitudes

baaz says:

**sorry, I typed this comment in your other video, but was meant to be here, so i am pasting it**

Hi, I am really enjoying your great reviews, thanks a lot!

I am going to Guatemala for a mountainbike trip soon and I am looking is there is a watch around that would help preventing getting lost, ( after I got lost in the Bolivian rain forest last year).
My plan is riding around tracks that can be more or less official, but may incur in unmapped walking tracks.
I currently have a fitbit charge 2 for tracking daily activities, and I could either get a whole new watch and sell this, or just get something specific for GPS routing.
I have been looking at GPS watches that support GPX files for route navigation. I game down to narrow the selection to Garmin and Suunto brands but now I am quite indecise with the models. The Fenix 5x is probably the top, but also pricey, and not sure if it would be an overkill for me. The Fenix 3 seems like has GPX capability but for what I understood only through Apple laptops ( I use windows os).
I have little interest in the smartwatch functions such as messages/email/facebook. My primary function is GPX navigation (if I find a budget option) or GPX+Fully activities (including HR, sleeping etc) and in that case it would substitute my current Fitbit
What is your opinion?

Nannunannu2005 Nannu says:

Nice video

Michael Mouse says:

Jeez… this guy must have studied at CNN… No mention of Suunto anywhere. What a Joker. I’m calling Fake Review here

Humberto Arce Sanjines says:

También lo tienen con otros idiomas

EnTrOpY says:

hey! is moto 360 sport good for workouts

Edmilson de Andrade Silva says:

Amazfit PACE for the poor like me 😀

Sudden Revelations says:

This is like the worst top 5 watches gheez. The Garmin 230 or 235 is around $200 and it puts to shame every one of these fitness watches. This video is pure click bait

Taron t says:

Are you going to do a video for the Huawei Sport 2?

tegheim says:

I can’t deside if I’m going to buy a 735XT or a Fenix5. Here in Sweden we have a deal right now, where the 735XT is below half the price of a Fenix5. Is the 735XT sooo bad?

Jesus Chavez says:

Hello I was wondering. Does this watch detect when you start your work out or do you have to actually select what your going to do manually. ?

Jelmer van der Burg says:

If you had to choose between the chronos or the 5x. What would it be jeff

Armina Yuson says:

Can these watches be used as GPS locators?

Brandon B says:

Yea Samsung Gear S3snt perfect but it’s superior to the Apple watch by far. Com’on it has Spotfiy, gps, and so much more. I can go on my gps runs and listen to spotify and just have my headphones. Text and make calls too. Yea huge miss from your list.

JD Wagler says:

what is the best watch with both music storage and gps?

Patrick Olson says:

Any recommendations if one is allergic to dairy and gluten?

D S says:

Haven’t seen a good comparison between the Traverse Alpha and the Fenix 5x. Is there any reason (other than price) I would go with the Traverse Alpha vs. the 5x if my primary use is outdoors and navigation? TOPO maps, vibrant display, tons of customizations for the watch face and apps, maps, etc.

Sam Qureshi says:

I recently subscribed to you and I have not been disappointed. You make quality videos and make me wanna go home and run. 10/10

Mikel says:

Garmin Forerunner 735xt or Suunto Spartan sport?

Dadmehr Nikkhoo says:

Polar M600?!!

Nakadu says:

I can’t believe how terrible the tomtom watch looks!!

samagatsu1 says:

garmin beat every thing

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