Top 2 Budget Smart Watches For Anyone! ($30 & $65)

Top 2 Budget Smart Watches For Anyone! ($30 & $65)

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Mlg Streamer says:

Nice video,accurate,helpful and generally good quality keep up the good work

Joeyjg says:

I love the intro music.

1 Icon says:

How much is 65 dollars in pounds might buy


is there google on any of them

1 Icon says:

How much is 65 dollars in pounds

Midnight Gamer says:

Oh god ur intro is Ebola

Jaleel Hoyle says:

it could have fell off the rail

Sanket J says:

available in India?

OzZiO says:

hey kryp im very sad becoyse that first watch is has no sgipping to finland 🙁

Bibek Kahlon says:

This video was really helpful. Just a small tip though, maybe just talk a little bit slower it sounds less robotic and doesn’t make you sound rushed.

Haris Wadud says:

the logo on the front of the 2nd watch is just hideous….

The Unknown says:

Your intro is cancer

the Reviewer says:

i have the 30 dollar one and let me tell you its very snapy it gives you notifications one the spot you can remotely control your phone camera and take pictures remotely i just saying its a lot more snapy when your scrolling through the interface and looks faster than the 65 dollar one from what i saw but i dont own it so who knows its just what i think

Jitesh Harsoda says:

this smart watch is very costly 5000 and 9000 watches in rupees

Orb Playz - Roblox & More ! says:


Kyle Ritchart says:

Intro is overall fucking cancer

Tirth Agrawal says:

you can buy both for 20 dollars

Driveformer says:

do they work with Tasker? I’d like it to launch Google Assistant

amaan ramzan says:

Weel done man


lol you are so stupid in my country they are only 15$ haha

Technical Himanshu says:

You are from America?

Siyad Akbar says:

does these watch can view pdf..documents

yasinrahman _ says:

How do I get connect it to my iPhone 7

Josh Lynn says:

apple watches suck dick

Eric Gaughan says:

Your “is and isn’t” sound the same, annunciate those words a bit more
also liked the video, but don’t feel you highlight the actual products enough.
Put links on the reviews or something?

Frank Valentine says:

save your money, buy an apple watch or a samsung gear, you’ll never buy garbage like this again

Nj TheWolf says:

does the iron link have a memo text??

Aditya Pratap Singh says:

2nd one is amazing

MC Jesus says:

are any of these water proof? also great videp

T.H .H says:

Sorry to disappoint any one but the strap is shit and it came loose and smashed the screen

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