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Brynh Delos Reyes says:

HEY MAN! NICE REVIEW! Just a question though, are somehow related to Sean Penn? Thanks man!

snoopyfix2 says:

You say the Galaxy Watch it’s ecosystem is limited because it’s only for Samsung phones …but the Apple Watch is also limited in it’s ecosystem, cause it does the same thing.

DustOffSoul says:

‘Intimacies’? LOL! I do think you meant intricacies. 1:55

Eli Dingens says:

How does the galaxy watch have a worse build than the Apple Watch, the galaxy watch has a much higher rating

994gian says:

This is literally a useless video. Wtf

W1ll Nash says:

I still prefer to use the sun to tell the time☀️

Tamil Master says:

I can promote you in india haha

Eli Carpenter says:

Could you do a review of iOS 12 in macOS Mojave

Tyler Pavlic says:

Keep it simple stupid.

Cameron Haywood says:

Get anything by G-shock, sorted.

Big Voice says:

You are the best YouTuber on planet

Tom V says:

(for us commoners, we also factor in price)

Destiny Hart says:

Okay first of all I like to say you’re cool and second what I’m looking for is the capability to be able to answer when my husband calls and or text when he text without having to have my phone glued to my hand. Any suggestions? Other than a freaking phone armband thingy.

олег чагаев says:

And now I decided 2 buy pergament

C.Harris34 says:

Casey can you go over your pc setup in a video? Maybe just an few minute explanation in a larger video?

Papa Bugg says:

So the Apple Watch explodes with water and the galaxy doesnt, but yet the apple has a better build quality?

aiden hugg says:


Tyler Hanley says:

Why would anyone buy the galaxy watch? Everyone I know that owns a Samsung wants an iphone and so would hate a Samsung watch.

CaseyNeistat says:

how many times do i say ROBUST in this video? a robust amount of times.. rubust use of the word robust. ROBUST VIDEO.

Shazmil Nassar says:

funny how you think apple smart watch is smartest

Brian Teddy says:

So your opinion on the VERY BEST SMARTWATCH is… don’t know.

NotSoAvgJoe says:

@CaseyNeistat you should check out hybrid smart watches i have looked at many and the one i use everyday is the Garmin Vivomove HR. It has great heart rate tracking and long battery life. It basically just gives you notifications on your wrist. Which is what i think is the most important thing a smart watch can do. Hybrid smart watches are the best for people who just want notifications on their wrist and not all the features of a full fledged smart watch.

Filip says:

My friend told me to go follow this guy, and now after watching this I question both of their IQs. I know it’s not what he’s about, but why do tech reviews if you’re not competent enough for that? Oh yeah, money grab…

Adam Saleh says:

People don’t forget about Casey’s standard
(Look to his broken collection of cameras, drones, electric skateboards and etc to understand what I mean)

Siddharth Singh says:

When drawing a categorical bar chart use different colors for different categories.

Victor Lepage says:

It’s sad, if you want one of the best smartwatch (apple watch) you have to use a shitty phone

Jorge Resendiz says:

More like NERD watch instead of SMART WATCH

Luca Mascadri says:

Weird flex but ok

cutie Llama says:

Hi, I’m new here I just noticed that you’re the only one that I watch that no ads srsly…

Asdon motovlog says:

Wiiihhhh keren

BobbleFTW says:

I love the intro to these videos!

YoursTruly Stories says:

Sorry but your intro is the definition of satisfaction

Rhys Hogan says:

@11:11 pause, that graph is just a mess!

stuart jackson says:

Still think that APPLE is losing some market share by now having the iWatch compatible with persons who do now own an iPhone.

henoch44 says:

Apple sucks as always.

The Tony Martin Experience says:

Huawei watch 2 is my next smart watch purchase

Ben Ruckus says:

In conclusion, you have no conclusion. Also, it’s not “intimacies”, it’s “intricacies”. Learn English.

Chase Ballard says:

Your apple watch band is upside down…

danyofdeath says:

Clearly trying to show off his bicep at 0:34

ابو اللوز says:

ترجم للغة العربية لكي تحصل على 10 مليون مشترك عرب

Emils Emils says:


james P says:

Stick to my EcoDrive for a everyday watch because it takes no charging or batteries… just works

Ramon Luis says:

I currently have a an Apple Watch series 2. I had the Samsung gear previously. There is NO WAY you can say the Apple Watch has a better build quality. Screen popped off my wife’s in just over a month. My screen scratched soooo easily and overall the software capabilities were greater by far on the galaxy. Series 4 just got automatic workout detection. Wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t so expensive. Battery life was much better on the galaxy as well and was way more durable.

Frederick Gyebi says:

Casey i don’t have any smart watch. can u send me one of those please. Thanks.

Ryan Fausnaugh says:

What about the Fitbit

Aristocratic Beast says:

Dearest alive creature you sound and appear as a challenging son in law

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