The Movado Connect Is So Beautiful I Never Want To Take It Off

The Movado Connect is, hands-down, the most beautiful smartwatch I’ve ever worn. It’s the kind of perfectly-proportioned, well-balanced wristwatch you expect from a 136-year-old company, with a stock watchface modeled on a design that first saw the light of day in 1946. Even the band, made of a humble soft silicone, manages to come off as somehow fancier than it really is.

Yes, everything about the Movado Connect oozes sleek sophistication … which is why it’s going to break my heart to return it, as I’ll probably end up doing. Find out why in MrMobile’s Movado Connect First Look – and let me know whether you’d keep it or toss it back, in the comments below!


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Movado Connect Smartwatch [Movado]:

Movado Connect Smartwatch Ion-Plated Stainless [Amazon]:


MrMobile’s Movado Connect First Look was produced following a day with a Movado Connect review device purchased by Mobile Nations. The device was paired with a Pixel 2 XL and received one update during production, to Android Wear version


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Don Palen says:

Very awesome!! Very nice review!!

lol boi says:

I’d love a full review of this

David Bressi says:

I’ll have that face on my Huawei watch with the black stainless case and band and it will look 100x better. And function better lol.

Xaverius 1 says:

When you said I GPS I was done with the review. Why wouldn’t it have one?

S Vukovic says:

This dude does great reviews. Can’t believe u haven’t heard of him earlier

Phillip Pugh says:

Just get the gear s3 frontier an classic then you’ll have the look an a better UI for less then $300

Miguel Rosa says:

I can’t believe they are selling such a nice watch with a silicone band. Doesn’t scream luxury to me, at least not for a watch that isn’t meant to be a sports watch.

mrkiky says:

Luxury class… sure. It has fuckin plastic straps, gorilla glass screen and android wear (or wear OS whatevs google). Luxury watches are expensive because they are treated like pieces of jewelry with exquisite fit and finish and attention to detail. Disregarding design because that’s subjective this has the fit and finish of a 20$ piece. And android wear has the refinement to match, just look at 0:40 how the whole watch face shifts to the left. Disgusting! I’ve been having the same problem on my Huawei watch for months and it’s driving me crazy. I only wear it because the notifications on the wrist are very convenient to me and I’m not an Apple guy, but damn I wish there were better choices out there.

Isaac Adam says:

Is traditional, both analog and digital, still around?

Venom415 says:

I have the movado bold black and green and I see one of the presets mimics my watch so that was pretty cool to see. But its a shame that for the price you pay it lacks in many aspects

Anjelica Dixon says:

I love You!

armystrong6920 says:

The Gear S3 looks better. Both models.

Richard Slater says:

Why not wait a few days and do a proper review? Not one after using it for 2 days

Joshua Gall says:

I actually don’t see the aesthetics. It looks too simplistic to me and also a little plasticky with the band

Natalie Harrington says:

I love You!

chowner says:

When did you start working for Google?

Eduwin Bird says:

Just bought a Xiaomi Amazfit Pace, is it possible for you to review one? or even the Pace 2. Would love to know what you think

shreyash Dwivedi says:

Yes a review

Steve Henricksen says:

Please give us a long term insight on the lg sport watch. Thank you

D Leong says:

You can do a separate review on the box. But im guessing no one cares too much about boxes.

Daftrok says:

TLDR Huawei Watch 1 is still the best

Mk 17 says:

The best looking watch is the huawei watch 1st gen

D V says:

please review amazfit stratos

amardeep malviya says:

You should video on matrix power watch ( smartwatch that doesn’t need charging )

Paul Enriquez-Goehring says:

If you make the video review for this watch then I will watch it like I’ve watched all your videos since Pocketnow

Gennaro Savastano says:

You should do the Louis Vuitton smartwatch

Praharsh Bhatt says:

Try diesel proguard Android watch. I have tried almost all popular Android smart watches, and loved deisel’s

Syed Alam says:

Thank you! I can’t hate Android Wear more!!

Andy A says:

I saw this video reposted under someone else’s name.

FhargaZ says:

In my country: “you didn’t like it? Too bad, no money for you!”

Dane Reid says:

600 bucks? That’s it? C’mon man. I thought this was 1500 or something why you were complaining. It’s Movado

Alan Guo says:

Ok…so basically it’s a much more expensive, much thicker and bulkier, LG watch-sport-sized LG Watch Style. People give the watch style so much hate, but it’s the thinnest android wear watch, and the bezels are so much smaller than those huge, ugly, black bezels on the Connect. The Style lacks the same features as the connect, so I really don’t get why so many people are rating the Connect so well while hating on the style. It’s a smaller and slimmer package with basically the exact same specs…

Brian Felshaw says:

You saying $600 is rough which, which it is, but people out here dropping hundreds of dollars for Apple watches.

trinityace87 says:

You said that the magnets for the charger are strong and lock it in place real well, but I’ve had mine for a couple of days now and it’s actually really hard to connect the charger and it come loose without hardly any force at all. Do you think mine might be defected and should contact movado?

Nikola Vojvodic says:

look like a pile of shit compared to gear s3 or the apple watch.

Philip Whaley says:

Looks very cheap v the tag !!!!!

Teemu Keinänen says:

How does the Moto 360 gen 2 hold up to these newer competitors in 2018?

Tac Wolf says:

Do you think you could do a review on the Tag Heuer smart watch sometime!!!???

SwagGod 22 says:

The best looking smart watch is the mk watch.

Sphereslip says:

Still got my 2015 Huawei Watch. Still see no reason to upgrade.

Sharath M says:

Intro is very similarly to ‘The verge ‘

Tech 2143 says:

Awesome video maker.
We all are waiting GiveAway

Jeffrey Wu says:

$595!!! More than my s8+

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