Another by request review, we look at the gorgeous Casio EQB Series. These are Bluetooth connected watches that repeat your always-accurate cell phone time, no matter where you are. Functions are a bit limited but you won’t care and you wouldn’t use them anyhow. What is impressive are the EQB800 and EQB900 looks: imposing wrist presence, high polish SS case, classy bracelet, and perfect blue faces with high legibility hands. They have the appearance of very expensive watches with the functionality, reliability, and value of Casio. Highly recommended.

Casio EQB Smart Watches:
Casio EQB-800DB-1ACF, the star of the show:
Casio EQB-501:
Easy Model F14:
Casio GG1000 Mudmaster G Shocks, highly rec’d:

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1abcrr1 says:

deal of the century w chevy chase

Justin L.T. says:

Is Top Gun a chick movie or a guy movie?

Iowarail says:

Yes the Tomcat could take off with that missile load.

Anonymous Maximus says:

I’ll stick with the gwg 1000 mudmaster . That’s about as high of tech that I’m gna allow on my wrist . Solar Temps compass barometer time altitude ect prety much everything accept for TYRANNICAL GPS OR TYRANNICAL BLUETOOTH. I don’t allways carry my phone anymore. We are heading into a very perilous evil orwellian society .

And I’m not about it anymore.

Stay aware and vigilant my friends. Things are moving fast .

Dagny says:

You’re a long winded blowhard channel.

MoreAmerican says:

Bad ass watch nutn.

armstrongjasont says:

You may not be a trivia king, but my Christmas Eve Monday morning (at work…..) is now a little better! It is a great looking blue, the Bluetooth feature is interesting. The hands on it are SICK. Casio does some great work. Wenger watches are just gorgeous. Thanks to you, I scored the red/orange dive watch before the new design came out. Wish I had the blue in the previous design. Merry Christmas NUTN.

reptilianresearch redux says:

Edifice watches are great!! Great value too.

MoreAmerican says:

9:20 blue tooth info

shcmoly says:

Beautiful but heavy.

HashTagRealName says:

SAWC compliant watch? I’d say no.
I can’t stand bulky watches because they get caught on clothing, packs, slings, body armor… This includes G-Shocks in my experience.

Chase Ferguson says:

Love Casio I enjoy my G-Shocks

Carl B says:

I tune into the watch reviews to see what else shows on the table.

Jason M says:


drew hood says:

The cat could definitely get airborne with that loadout. At least in the B/D configurations. The A models had issues.

Danny Gomez says:

I’m a watch guy and I’m not a fan of the Apple Watch. I don’t won’t a computer on my wrist, I want a watch! I do like this and that it keeps the time only with my phone. I hope it comes out in a darker band.

Armed ASMR says:

I’m curious as to if you still support the NRA and if so, how much gun control they would have to support before you’d consider abandoning them. Thanks for the video

reptilianresearch redux says:

Nutn have you seen the G Shock mtg b1000b-1a? It will ruin you for other watches, it wins every time.

sdjxb says:

Have you ever reviewed the Suunto Core watch? If you have, I apologize… that watch!

Scott Scammahorn says:

Very cool watch. The weight is a deal breaker for me though. Casio has some titanium case and band options that, although not as good looking, offer more 1st cool and much better SAWC. During the early years of GWOT, most guys I served with wore either a G-Shock, or a Suunto Vector. The Vector’s were very popular with combat arms types. I still have mine. I think Suunto has an updated version that I might be interested in, but I know nothing about it. I don’t think you’ve reviewed any Suunto products. Yes that’s an official review request, lol. Great review as always.

Pete says:

For the price I’d really like illumination button.

KingSureShot says:

Can you review the glock 42?

Jon Winters says:

It’s a beautiful watch. I don’t really understand what the benefit of Bluetooth is. What does the app do?

Brent Russ says:

As a total Casio watch fan boi (take it with a giant mine of salt) – that is one sexy watch. Love it! And P.S. Kikuo Ibe is one of the best engineers in history.

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