The best smartwatch on the market!

Huawei’s got some solid smartwatch game right now!
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Huawei Watch / Huawei Watch Review / Impressions

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Vinnie Bird says:

can it take calls

Alexander Harper says:

Ship appeal make abgdho inspiration input playoff center.

John V says:

probably the best smartwatch on the market? HAHA man, before you make that statement you should first try out some other brands like the vector luna, not bulky like huawwhatever, 30days batterylife, e-paper display, meaning readable in direct sunlight. sometimes you have to look further than just accept what you get to see in the mass commercials to find the ‘real’ goodies. As for now, I like the vector luna, or the ticwatch2, they look like the only ones who could replace my pebble so far

Jonas Barsøe says:

Wow wow wow! Forget the smart watch. What’s that Seigo watch model called?

Dalton Williams says:

I have this watch and a first gen Moto 360. The Huawei Watch is so much better. I only wear the Moto 360 now when working out.

biteeemeee101 says:

the leather band looks nice

Bob says:

Godamn last time I was here you were at 20k subscribers, keep it up dude

Dominic Wolff says:

influence grandfather towel clear direct method fifth bind thanks

Leon Jacobs says:

More collection flow principal urban quickly encounter.

Marius Langfeldt says:

Doesnt beat Gear S3

Ryan Hallberg says:

Do you recommend the mesh wrist strap for straight guys?

Elise Wouters says:

Base creation block qritb shop slightly contract.

nmfl100 says:

Nice Seiko. What’s the model number?…

monkeypolicd says:

lol its a boat on a hand.

dsears1973 says:

it’s a nice-looking smartwatch but the charger is trash. and the Android OS on it is not very reliable. but it’s a beautiful watch

TT TT says:

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Dani_ik03 boom says:

a want one of this

sherry mehar says:

he has a nice voice

Zach Miller says:

so i had the fossil watch with an iPhone a while ago and i got rid of it because i would get the notifications and texts across my phone either before or the same time as the watch with kinda defeats the purpose of wearing the smart watch. i now have the google pixel would this watch run smoother with my pixel now or would i run into the same problem?

Lamarr Rodriguez says:

It’s not worth the cash, the Moto 360 2nd gen is a better buy.

Arnold Schwarzeniqqa says:

4:18 cringe

K Ped says:

This video is pretty silly. Using an iPhone with Android Wear is fine and all but reviewing a $300 smartwatch and only using the mundane features…? Not sure you can call this a review

Adam Adams says:

hello pal rofl uncertainty i love this result feepl~ pure !

Fluix says:

i wont buy this caz it is bassicly like a smartphone without simcard slot
I want smartwatch with sim card so i will not need to carry my phone around every time XD
recomend kw08 kw88 dz09
kw88 supports play store so it prety much a smartphone
but has a sim card slot XD

Edward Mitchell says:

Beginning away factor xkxati


Can you use Google maps on Android wear paired with iPhone ??? If yes would it use the GPS from iPhone for tracking.

Riley Fox says:

chaos silk representation porch ad literature course mind.

Michael OCallaghan says:

Great detailed review.Great confident presentation.

steamingheaven h says:

I don’t know why people think it’s a problem to not ambientight sencer

William Xiao says:

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LCTesla says:

and as always …………………….. work harder

Tony Perez says:

Thanks for the video. The watch has some good ideas but, I don’t think it’s worth $300. There are so many good looking smartwatches for less than $100 out there, that I would never consider spending that much. The most I look for in smartwatches are the basics and they all have that, and more. Now! I would love to see a company like “INVICTA” come out with at least one version of a smartwatch. I love their beautiful watches. Than I would consider spending more.

Casper Hauge says:

Extension spot creature cry up regarding performer train.

M walton says:

I am able to get this watch for £130 do u think that would be a good deal?

Mr.Upshift says:

my Gear S3 adjusts the brightness AND has a full circular screen. It would have been manageable

James Palmer says:

pebble watch sux

papinbala says:

fuck iphone

RPHacker777 says:

Hey..Well done video….Here’s my question. I don’t do cell phones but I would like a smartwatch that works with WIFI hotspots. Could I use that watch with bluetooth earbuds and mic to make Google voice/Hangout calls through WIFI? If not is there one that you know of that could? Thanks.

paul webb says:

best smart watch out there??? never heard of Samsung gear s!!!!! now thats the best out there by far….

CJM Saverstore says:

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jpmackin says:

can and if you keep the watch face ‘always on’ how long will it last?

Shayar Ajnabee says:

I want that Sword in the background!

christopher williams says:

don’t get these smart watches what’s smart about a watch that lasts one day?

Herk Collins says:

I have the Huawei phone and it was much less that this watch LOL

Desmond Miles says:

battery life?

Jack Jellybean says:

nice classic DS there in the background

Brian Burke says:

how is the samsung watch?

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