The $12 Smart Watch – Does It Suck?

$12 Smart Watch (USA Link) –
$12 Smart Watch (International) –

This smart watch is not an Apple Watch. It does not use Android Wear software. It’s not perfect but for 12 dollars it doesn’t suck!


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KartKing75 says:

That is awesome for 12 bucks


I got that for 9 dollars

Younqin List says:

Honestly if I had kids they could have this.

Naud van Dalen says:

For $12 you can barely buy a regular digital watch, so a smartwatch for that price is insane!

Włodek 1410 says:

stop fooling around, you are not funny

Rayna Williamson says:

It’s a DZ09 watch I have one

blitzer25 blitz says:

seriously the most underrated smartwatch for the price!
the only downside is no aftermarket support. anywhere in the world but China. Maybe?
because of that i bought Huami Amazfit Pace for myself and Bip for my wife.. best budget branded smartwatch.
review those, especially the Pace. takes me 1 week to realise its running less featured Android Wear and on the list for Wear 2.0!

fred flintstone says:

How long does the charge last?

Robert Hladik Sr says:

This watch does SUCK !!!

McNasty Nationwide says:

I bout 500 of them, 5 dollars each, sold them for 25 dollars on Amazon, merci, and let go. Sold out in 3 weeks. You do the math I made a killing

Vel Anandh says:

Dude (20$) thats like 1300Rs. India its a nice high budget for some of us!

Dean Xiberras says:

I got a black version of the smart watch

Kulbhan Ranawat says:

I want Smartwatch with all function like this but more expensive and round shape. any idea

Sweetie BreLOVE Phil says:

“Gift for a kid” shit I’m 30++ and want one!

sanokodarkworld says:

hey, i saw everyone doing this review with the watch in their hand, how about do it on your wrist?
I really like to know where the camera point to when it’s on your wrist…

harry flander says:

For 12$ this rocks

Max Payne says:

love this…i have dis phonewatch worth

LucidManatee75 says:

Me: Okay then :))

Brian Briggs says:

What carriers does it work with?

Tafari Boozer says:

I have one, and I love it. It’s not a Apple watch or a Samsung Gear, but it’s not trying to be it’s just a simple watch basic functions.

Ray W Penn Jr says:

Mcnugget smart watch lol

Petar Uglik says:

I have the watch of 11$

Unbox Therapy says:

$12 Smart Watch (USA Link) –
$12 Smart Watch (International) –

Amazing cat says:

Im going to buy one

Hashim Honey says:

Funk you sexy

pyronmasters says:

Can the $12 watch connect to Bluetooth headphones? I mean can it work as just a phone and/or mp3 player for jogging?

weldee says:

Thumbs up!!! This video didn’t suck.

Jayvee Aurea says:

After a year, the color fades. I have one.

Jason Reyes says:


Lord Testkill says:

That watch has more functionality than my 400 euro one…

Nova says:

It’s 12 dollars because children probably make it
Thank u sweat shop labor

Lil based cat says:

12$ but looks 50$

Thien Nguyen says:

The catch must be where it sends the data

Monti y Chambloo says:

That are the models

Doom Doom says:

I have this

Youtube master says:

I think so

Android X says:

is waterproof?

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