TAG Heuer Connected vs. Moto 360, Huawei Watch, Gear S2


Tailslol says:

lg g watch r…

Neil Keith Pereira says:

Dayum the Huawei Watch looks premium as fuck.

Pascal Erb says:

Amazing channel man!

Joaquim Thomas says:

why is moto the only one with a flat tire

ComerBeber Jogar says:

Tag Hauer uma merda, e caro, wft

Autelesk says:

A whole lot of Tag….

Marin Sagovac says:

i don’t like tag heuer connected. it’a thick and lower cpu performance and battery than my lg watch urbane

Che Campbell says:

Holy ripped off. TAG = shit

Kapsol says:

I have a question for Driod Life, are there any good watch besides Garmin or Sunto that can handle the same things but Heart rate and all and look nice as well?? APN water all in one package

Øyvind landa says:

Watch face for tag heur xonnected used in this video, where have you fond it???

Kapsol says:

Rolex is just Gold and made with “higher end metals” none the less there metals, but out in the field and need something I trust, I am going  G-shock. For me I would get a Garmin…. None of these watches have any APM ratting meaning not water proof at all. GPS eats battery like crazy on all them. I would keep my money and get a Nice Swiss made watch like victory Swiss, I would never drop that much money on a Rolex.. Once again your paying for Rolex when the Victory Swiss is more trust worthy… There is a sucker for every dollar!

DIY Enthusiast says:

thank you for the video but you didn’t compare them (features, memory, CPU, menus, apps) you just talked about their looks and it is a video so we can see it anyway but thank you for the video 🙂

Vin Mar says:

Totally waste of money!!

Gerard Tre says:

I would rather pay 1500 dollars for the Moto 360

BertoBeats says:

That Tag watch is fucking disgusting, so fucking ugly.

Gerard Tre says:

The joke is the Moto 360 has a better processor and a better battery and a better price

Sharath Koday says:

I’m really glad you did not get apple watch into this!

wardope says:

as long as it’s a Android wear watch. you are good to go. i my self have the moto 360 and the Huawei Watch. i like them both.

Arnamo says:

1500 for a rubber band?!?!

Fernand Egers says:

can i have one???

Howie Katts says:

Nice review.I really am surprised how good my Huawei watch is. It does so much and really well. I own the silver w/black leather band [ cheapest version].What also surprised me was the quality. It looks and feels so well made. I cannot see spending over 1000 dollars for the TAG, especially after watching this. I have owned other smart watches and disliked them all. The Samsung watches just look and feel cheaply made. I have had my Huawei for a few months now and plan on keeping it for the long haul.

doubleT84 says:

Too bad the Moto and the Huawei bands and bezzels just look cheap and tacky. TAG has style, which the others are lacking.

Jaime Filho says:

Compare a Huawei with Tag is same to compare Ferrari with a Kia 🙂

Bright Soundz says:

use about 40fps, 60 does not look real

Michael Marranca says:

People pay $$$$ for watches because they survive the test of time, not get replaced by version 2, two years later!

Eduardo Trujillo says:

I got the gear s2 for $270 and I returned it, that thing has 5 good apps and the rest is just paid watch faces.

Michael Marranca says:

What ALL you don’t understand is that the only thing TAG about the watch is the case and name…the rest is made in Japan! You’re paying $1500 for a Japanese Circuit in a TAG case….real smart!

Adeel Tiwana says:

Did anyone noticed LAG in TAG watch and not in cheaper watches ? 😀 go tag your LAG TAG FUCK

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

The tag looks the best it’s even better then the Apple watch

slyboybill says:

That watch is sexy af

Conner koskela says:

You pronounced tag heuer wrong

Bhandi Gamchod says:

Good comparison video. Thanks for uploading.

Soccer geak extreme says:

Yeah heure connected
few 1000 dollars what

sanjoos sanjoos says:

hey..thanks for the comparison…i really liked the huawei watch. can you please tell me the name of the watch face of the huawei watch…??

Timo Nowitzki says:

How is the watch face on the Tag Heuer watch called and how to get it from google play?

Tol ViSa says:

Just get an analog watch jeez. Still better
Than any smart watch

rusTORK says:

Something REALLY wrong with seconds arrow on TAGs. When display wake up – it’s spinning like crazy!

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