smart watch DZ09 SmartWatch bluetooth with camera dialing retail box

bluetooth smart watch DZ09 for apple/samsung Xiaomi ios/android phones men women wearable watch sport wristwatch PK Uwatch U8


Kimberly Rigano says:

can you add Instagram on this watch

Technical Marid says:

i just loved it

حسام المياحي says:


shahir karim says:

can we change the ringtone

ikzitonderjebed says:

is this only voor android

Anughra Narayan Deo says:

how to download bt notifier inremot device

Amal Mathai Edattu says:

1. Is it possible to install apps ?
2. Is it possible to connect bluetooth Head set ?
Please respond this comment.

Unai Ibarrola says:

mode d’emploi en Français merci

Ja Slap says:

do you need a two Sim. To mobile And to watch

Xavier Nolan says:

Can you text connected through bluetooth, without a SIM card?

Lacasse Jean-Philippe says:

Bought it for 11$ USD on Aliexpress + free shipping.

< >

Note: I don’t know why but mine came with NO video record app. Only a pict cam was installed.
Can anybody confirm if they received the DZ09 watch with a default VideoCam app??

It also seem to often ‘auto’ disconnect. Will have to investigate.

have fun!

anderson paxtor says:

q lindicimo me gusta bendiciones

Muhesh Kannan says:

1. This model smart watch any repair or any problem attack?
2. This model watch water resistance ?
3. This model is how much warranty ?
4. This model watch is connected in Android phone especially Asus, lava ..
Please reply bro.

yolo days says:


Jen Gal says:

can u download fitness apps or YouTube?

Keren Ariana Mendes says:

is there a headphone jack on the device?

joey victor says:

bgm name?

Luis Vlogs says:

I have the same one

YOUR NAME vik says:

Cam you put sim
please say me fast

Naveen Kandregula says:

do we have whatsapp pre installed in watch?

An. Ib. says:

Help. I cannot use the apps that are on the left corner of each frame of the menu 🙁

Lightningboy King D says:

Can’t watch sad song lol

Sandy Ly says:

Buy android smart watch phone please whatsapp:+1-5677037108

Jean- Chrys says:

How many hours for the first charging ?

TheTransportGamer says:

I am expecting that watch soon it looks good can’t wait to get it I think it came this morning but I am not at home until tomorrow

Nabila Huda says:

what is the price of this hour

Gilbert Boye says:

Can’t stand these music videos, please stop doing them

EB 15 says:

Can u download the apps for iphone on this watch

Mena Hamdy says:

هي الساعه فيها وأي فاي بحيث ان احنا نتكلم علي الفيس او الواتس

Quốc Cường TRẦN says:

Is it possible to transfer a test from pc to this smartwatch and read it on smartwatch ?

anderson paxtor says:

ala lo quiero

Rashid Tube says:

is this watch waterproof

Dennis TC says:

What is the camera like ?

Moo Yih Han says:

My xiaomi cant find and pair the device at all … How come … just waste money …..

ebomb says:

This is not a DZ09

Joran van Ginkel says:

I just bought this thing and I wanted to know what it can do, but I didn’t know it was this great!

Smile Be Happy says:

*The watch you use in the video is the watch you buy from the link given in description please reply*

azrin baharin says:

can we call without sim card?
and what is the BT Call function?

Ayaan Siddiqui says:


Sunt şofer says:

I paid 50 Euro for the DZ09

creamy newzs says:

what is the music

Mike Pan says:

why this watch so cheep?

Jean- Chrys says:

Combien de temps dure la première charge ?

Teo cel Tare says:

browser works

md jaffer ali says:

can we play games in this watch

Dembhard Brooks says:

are they water proof ?

Ayaan Siddiqui says:

How do you download what’sapp

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