Smart Bluetooth Connected CASIO G-SHOCK Watch!

Casio G-Shock G-Steel GSTB100D-1A ➜

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This is the G-Shock G-Steel Smart Bluetooth Connected watch from Casio. It not only looks super classy, modern, and top quality, but it also has some cool tech features hidden inside!
The watch is completely solar powered, shock resistant, 200 meters water resistant, LED light illuminator, multi-function rotating disk that looks like jet engine blades, connects to your phone and it will auto sync the precise internet time to the watch. You can also set an Alarm and Timer countdown from the app. There’s dual-time zones you can easily set and swap home cities for when traveling. My favorite feature is Phone Finder, simply hold the FIND button on the watch, and it will start ringing your phone – perfect for those times you can’t find your phone in the couch cushions or wherever.

Overall, it’s a fun mix of classic analog technology and new school modern tech all packed together.

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Thanks so much for watching – huge thanks to Casio for sponsoring this video.


YoungKuk Yeon says:

가격? , 구입방법?0018 x0122x 0743 =11036

Jane Callista Anayah God Child says:

How much is this one?

KinderToys And Songs says:

400$ !!!????

Bernd Lippert says:

Thanks for high quality review. Couple of questions:

– How scratch resistance is the steel frame and wrist band?
– I assume it has the same G-Schock resistance ratings? Can I use it in the sauna and in water?

Supreme 1s says:

Hi, how big is your wrist?

slctdmbntwrx says:

gross, I’ll stick with Suunto thanks.

Kuen Lee says:

This is really good for people who wants a reliable smartwatch and yet none of the fancy things they never really use.

armystrong6920 says:

This would not be considered a “smart watch”, but rather a featured watch. For $400 or less you could pick up a Samsung Gear S3 in either Frontier or Classic. To elaborate further on that point, if you buy the LTE model of either, it can also be a standalone device. The only disadvantage would be the need to charge every few days. With all that said, between a true smart watch like the Gear S3 and a featured or even standard G Shock, the only correct answer is to get both.

Bidyasagar Moirangthem says:

Price in india pliz

Tom OakTree says:

Excellent Overview of the G-Shock GSTB100D-1A!!

Omarion Aqmal says:


AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Just snagging the top comment here, Thank You ALL so much for watching and sticking around! I love to find cool, unique tech gadgets and share them with you – only with your support can we continue doing bigger and better projects – thank you, thank you!

Dutch Drone Adventures says:

Nice review! Seems like a awesome watch!

elcabrononwheels says:

Does anybody know how the app/watch  works with an I-phone 7?

Edward Tham says:

Hi may I ask how come my watch Bluetooth unsuceful connect to phone

Omarion Aqmal says:


Shayan Khan says:

man when am i gonna start earning money

Martin Hawrylkiewicz says:

Nice vid! Would you be able to tell me how much this watch weights? If it’s all steel it must be quite heavy.

Sb Sb says:

Could you review GA1000

Hilal Alshabibi says:

There is a casio smartwatch that has notifications and stuff on it already..its the Casio GB-6900.

Oliver Jeffery says:

I was wondering what your email is

Elizabeth Long says:

;”’;; ..nice;”’;

Николай Тихоненко says:

nice review! Hello from Russia

Farhan Mahmood says:

I loveeee thiss watch

Christopher Clement says:

More of this! Yehey@

LuminatX says:

$400 for a “dumb” smart match is a bit much. some need features and I love g-shocks, but damn that price tag.

Omarion Aqmal says:


Leonel Rodriguez says:

I like The G-Shock watch it is tight

AIR skaterz says:

Really awsome for classy people who want a smarter watch

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