Skagen Connected Hagen Smartwatch Review: Elegantly Analog

A slightly different take on a smartwatch, the Skagen Connected relies on analog dials to track fitness and deliver notifications. Boasting six month long battery life, can this wearable bridge the gap between classic timepieces and modern smartphone accessories? Here’s our full review.


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Chat with Juan


Sully Mems says:

I know that you said that the company mentioned that you “can” Americanize their name if you so choose, but come on. “Sk-ayn” or “Sk-ane” or however you wanna spell that pronunciation. Like, I know that we have an Americanized version of Jaime Rivera’s first name, but I wouldn’t call him James or Jamie. His name is Jaime. Skagen is not pronounced like that in its native language.

crabid says:

£200 for a watch you have to change the battery on every 6 months? : / I thought it would use a kinetic movement or something to charge itself and just limit its power usage.

Dewey Cox says:

I would not buy this.

Monkey D Luffy says:

Yeah I am not buying a smart watch again anytime soon. Yet I’m still here because its a pocketnow video. And all their videos are quality videos.

Mads Friedstrup says:

I’m a simple man, I see a Danish product i Like video

Francois Messely says:

This is the kind of smartwatch I would trade my moto 360 v1 for !

Lewys Cousins says:

I lost it when the hands started moving on their own XD It looks so badass!!

ketchup says:

This is the look i want from a smart watch, now it only have to be a smart watch as well.

The war man says:


Allen Tom says:

meh not so great. If it was thinner then maybe but i honestly dont see my self selling my gear s2 for this

John Guinto says:

Awesome review! Will you be reviewing the Withings Steel HR sometime in the future?

Svangen_ says:

what case do you have on your LG V20?

Guido Moree says:

i schould only want the battery to be recargeble

Christian Meyer says:

0:06 No, the coin flip did not literally decide. Maybe, it was a literal coin flip that decided that.

Kay Lou says:

1:10 Doesn’t interact with Juan’s skin issues which is probably caused by too many MEGA PICKLES LMAO!

TheStation007 says:

it’s looking sleek

Mahfuz Anam Ullash says:

Do a review on Xiaomi Amazefit pace smart watch…..

Zulqarnain Aidil says:

Looks like what 90’s people think what 30’s people think the future is.

Madelaine Thomsen says:

Skagen is a city in Denmark 🙂

Kyle Netherwood says:

I wish you wouldn’t leave text on so shortly because I want to be able to read it without pausing or skipping back.

Ice 2 says:

I wouldn’t call this a smart watch.

Wayne Richter says:

Apart from being able to tell the time from your wrist, what other compelling feature/s does it have? It’s not even a half decent activity tracker from what I’ve heard here although I can’t begin to understand why you’d even consider using it as a fitness tracker. For that you’d want accuracy and robustness, not bling and flash.

Tomas K says:

Would probably buy it if all the three buttons would be customisable

SammyT says:

This watch is too thick! Skagen are known for svelte watches but this one is most certainly not svelte. I know digital watches tend to be thick but that’s mainly because of the rechargeable battery and this watch uses regular disposable batteries.

Gavin Crowley says:

I love that movement for some reason!

Eduardo Avilés says:

it sucks man!! I prefer a mido watch

Lukas Murmann says:

I won’t be buying a smartwatch untill they’re as flat as a regular watch.

Scoop2427 says:

Interesting buuut.. lol .. not for me,I’ll stick​ with the gear s3

sexy korean girl says:

whats the black thing?

Mr. Brownie says:

I think it’s funny when he says skagen

Chipperowski says:

I believe it’s pronounced skay – en

leiya107 says:

At around 4:55, I was expecting a jump scare.

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