Scratched Display on $1700 Watch? Tag Heuer Connected Modular Unboxing

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Anson Tsugawa says:

ughh, so disappointing with that scratch, that is crazy for Sapphire crystal, I’ve never been able to scratch any my watches with Sapphire. well, it looks good otherwise, I’ll look forward to your follow-up video. With your order, you said Jared, seems like it arrived pretty quick? was it a good sales experience otherwise?

Aaron Cross says:

I had a regular Tag a few years ago. They build some nice hardware for sure. I’m happy with just my S3 Frontier though. A smart watch that expensive is a bit too much to put into since it will be outdated fairly quickly. Analog Tags are another matter and totally worth it. Good video.

TG Sam says:

bad luck for u, the scratch, u can’t find any scratch on the cheapest apple watch…….

Laurent Taton says:

Hi, this is not a scratch on the display, there are 2 layers of plastic screen protector You should remove the 2nd plastic too

Debra Dukes says:

Jeff you are absolutely correct it is an investment like a piece of Jewelry and also supposed to be a top of line Watch.I’m sure that they will have to do the right thing and from what I have read that they give you the option to trade in after a year or so I’m told.At least that is what I remember.I Wish you the best getting it straight and if not unsatisfactory.I really like and have loved their style again I’m sure they will do the right thing.Thanks for sharing appreciate it.Please keep us updated as I absolutely love fine Watche’s and used to collect them.Thanks so much Deb

Brian West says:

What a waste of $1,700.

Lex Teh says:

after watch this video. I’m glad that i own a gear s3 🙂

권혁진 says:

Hi jeff, I learned later, but the watch has a doubled protective film. It would be better to check again if the scratch you are talking about is on the protective film.

Orlando Biotechnology says:

I bet you some employee at the manufacting plant dropped it and said screw it and put it back in..

Mr KuoDude says:

I’m so sorry to hear your watch got a nasty scratch, I feel your pain. For a brand like Tag and $1700, it better be perfect. I have my LG Watch Sport preorder and will get it soon. Hope the new watch you exchange will be perfect and not more defects. Like your video, keep up the good work!

Nickoy1 Channel says:

Samsung should make an Andriod wear 2.0 with the build of the gear s3, it would be great.

MrOnlyforcommenting says:

no offense but for 1700 , its ugly as hell. doesnt mean its tag heuer and 1700 means its always the best. the gear s3 looks way better than this.

John Catral says:

There are TWO screen protectors. Make sure you remove the second screen protector because it looks very clear. My TAG Salesman told me all about it before hand. The second screen protector is what you see scratched up.

itz me me big boy says:

I’m pretty sure that u will be selling other smartwatches. Hit me up if u do!

Kevin Keller says:

Great Video. I hooked it up with a like and a share.

Edward Mailyan says:

It would be also nice to put it next to Gear S3.

Dontbeweakvato says:

what’s your fav watch? never had one but liked the look of Samsung gear s the first one

TheMetalmachine467 says:

how did that scratch pass quality control
there was no damage to the box

Harzem Ayna says:

first tag heuer was better

Q Graham says:

That would’ve pissed me right off too! Don’t say much about quality control possibly.

myusernames1967 says:

$400 watch…..put Tag Heuer on it and its $1700,its not worth that with the price of other good smartwatches.

Slifer7564 says:

what makes it worth 1700 to you. not judging at all was just wondering I know for me I just dropped like 700 for everything for my switch so I get it. just wondering and makes worth it to you.

Kumar Siva says:

Glad you they gave you replacement… They should anyway for a $1700

Dontbeweakvato says:

take that shit back! maybe you’ll get a free band for the inconvenience. when you go in you can say it’s great and all with a nice screen except for the BIG FUCKIN SCTRATCH

joe watson says:

That watch is OVER PRICED. I understand their regular watches costing a lot. They are good watches. But their smart watch is no better than Samsung, LG, Nixon or anyone else. You’re just paying for the name.

Debra Dukes says:

Very nice really can’t wait to see I think it looks nice Deb.

rob robertson says:

Hi my friend. Will this watch connect to Apple iPhone 5c? Good video. Not annoying like most videos. That scratch would have sent me round the block. Very annoying. Does watch have fitness app? Cheers.

Original doBo says:

1700$ why are they calling it modular? What can you remove or upgrade ?

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