Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review: The smartwatch final frontier!

Juan’s on a quest to replace his beloved Pebble smartwatch. The most recommended replacement in our comments? The Gear S3 Frontier. After spending some time with it, is his quest over? Let’s take a look!


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Lorenzo Rhino says:

fucking nobody is making a video on how to set up or how to use the 4g function, why? or is samsung making up shit?

Jason Powell says:

Get a Samsung phone, easily fixed

snowdoggieii says:

what about battery life on bluetooth vs 4G

andreo says:

I think they may have put all the bells and whistles in the menus since the LTE version is supposed to replace your phone.
It sounds like Samsung should have a “simple mode” for people that just want quick access to a few items.

But as a recent owner of this watch, returning to Samsung after trying out a couple of different Android Wear watches. I have to say that it is very impressive.

I wrestled with the price a lot. I wondered if I would miss large number of apps that Android Wear offers (I then realized that I barely used the apps that were offered on my Android watch) . But I welcomed the ability to answer calls on my watch (I have to be on-call sometimes and being to answer the phone quickly in the middle of the night from the watch is a good thing).
It takes a while to get used to digging through the menu for some items. But after a few days I found myself navigating to where I wanted to be pretty easily.

The watch feels great on the wrist but I’m a bit baffled as to Samsung’s choice of watch band. I’ll have to look into some replacements as the rubber band seems a bit cheap feeling. It’s still comfortable but seems a bit cheap.

I was pretty sure I was going to take this watch back but I instantly liked from the moment I put it on. So it’s a keeper.

Raghavendra Sai Charan says:

nyc video

Ignas Astrauskas says:

Hi, what is that other bracelet seen on Your hand during the review? Thanks.

ibrahim IQBAL says:

Whats the name of fitness band your using in video?????

Dan Moran says:

At 2:58, you had two shortcuts. You could’ve put the heart rate or any other S Health widget on the home screen, or you could’ve set the “button double press” to open S-Health but no. That was a very lazy part of the review. You were also very harsh on so many things I feel like your being dishonest. I rarely dislike videos but in this case I feel I need to.

malik sumheed says:


Tony Nguyen says:

Can you do audio recording using the watch?

EL Taco Boyz says:

Free samsung smart watch just subscribe to my channel! Not Spam lol

2010ngojo says:

They really need a few more buttons on this thing. One on the left, and three on the right. And make music control possible via those buttons, like the pebble.

malik sumheed says:


Tyrone Walker says:

Can you get it wet? If you can’t take it into the “wild, forget it.

Sir AIMF says:

I still think the pebble is the best, may not have fancy apps but it does want I want and almost a week of battery. too bad the company is gone now

Chad Christian says:

Hey that is me at 1:47 🙂

Sniper 61119 says:

At 2:35 whats the thing left to the frontier?

Nimendra Goyal says:

strap can be changed? @pocketnow

Austyn Wright says:

Another clueless youtube reviewer….

Jessica Wongso says:

give me one plz

Rowan Barker says:

Heya guys . Fuck print It is great video itself

pedro mendes says:

Hi there, can u please tell me what’s that bracelet u using and what it does? Thank’s

Monique Meza says:

Love this watch sooo much

Valentino Flores says:

that kinda bracelet are you wearing

John snuuu says:

Got the impression this guy just doesnt like Samsung.

Predator7 says:

I love this watch, very smart and stylish

xmarty1 says:

Asus zenwatch 3 over s3 always.

Kemuel Uy says:

i didnt get the logic of reviewing a samsung smart watch using a different phone. yes that could be a bonus, but of course the watch best potential shows when connected to a samsung device.

Michael Mitnik says:

Just got it and the only downside for me is that Spotify doesn’t play through the watch, and that the lines on the bezel move. Other than that it’s excellent

Melvin Ray Spence III says:

the Gear S is still good…

Alexander Cabrera says:

Thanks for the review!!! helped me make the best decision ever!!! really great watch and really great review as well! keep up the great content

Yo-yo says:

5:12 YES! This is exactly what Apple did with iTunes and allowing it to run on Windows.

Michael Jimenez says:

Godamn, android hardware is ugly

Mikeybikey88 says:

You can put a widget for the heart rate monitor

IsolestiK says:

at least samsung made this to be compatible with other phones. apple watch is for iphone only.

Blues Lover says:

i have one plus 3t will i have any problem because its not samsung?

sogladtobefree says:

Very immature “review.” Samsung watch, but no Samsung phone…hmmm, makes NO SENSE!

LuxMenda - Monster Legends says:

can you download games on it??

Cesar Rodriguez says:

good video

just Q says:

I have my s3 Frontier to cool smart watch

Rae says:

this is very pessimistic

Raggedy Exynos says:

Sometimes the gesture doesnt wok its annoying to spin your wrist

Rick Scicluna says:

Anyone in Canada have this watch working with the LGG5?

Deyon Weekes says:

why not use a Samsung phone to get the best results.. it’s like trying to use a apple watch with a Samsung phone..

Raghavendra Sai Charan says:

u have so many watches give me one brooooooo…………

Eric Ng says:

mate 9 user here.. hmm this changes my views about the watch

ThejewelCraft0100 says:

Can you reply with text to speech with a Galaxy phone paired?

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