Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: The Smartwatch That Does (Almost) Everything

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In a sea of Gear Fit 2s and Apple Watch Series 4s and … whatever Casio is calling its latest, the name “Samsung Galaxy Watch” has the double advantage of simplicity and the esteem of the Galaxy brand, which we haven’t seen on a smartwatch since 2013. But such a dramatic re-naming usually signals a very different product – and different this is not. I’m MrMobile and this is the Samsung Galaxy Watch review.



MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Watch Review video was produced following several weeks with a 46mm Bluetooth-edition Galaxy Watch review device provided by Samsung. The device was used with a BlackBerry KEY2 on T-Mobile US. This video was sponsored by LastPass.


Galaxy Watch 46mm [Amazon]:


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Alvin Noel says:

i would like to know if i can view pictures on this watch from what someone would send me from a social media app??

Ramiro Hurtarte says:

So much better than the iPhone watch. I had to switch. iPhone watch looked cheap

gunsnrosesfrk says:

Is there a camera? Helloooooo

Richard Rico says:

How long was he holding “skeuomorphic” in his back pocket?

Justina Martinkuvienė says:

Why don’t reviewer tell the truth that this watch has so many bugs on fitness part, does not count steps properly, does not count heart rate properly and etc. Just read sumsung support you will find so many issues that is not being fixed. I watched so many reviews on youtube before buying it and none of them told the truth, only know when I bought it and encountered all issues, I saw that it was long known issues that these reviewers never tells about. Shame

Prasad Sawant says:

Hey Michael, you look handsome!

Blaž Bohinc says:

Your torso twits are laughable.. You’re stiff as a rock mate

phantomtq says:

you sir need to do huawei watch2

armenway says:

Great review

See Yi Ze says:

How good is the Bluetooth connectivity with headphones? Do they cut off like the Garmin music models do when worn on the opposite of the receiver side?

Hendra WhORty says:

Hi MrMobile, can you describe about samsung galaxy watch .. can the watch using as camera remote? because in samsung galaxy gear frontier, i didn’t get the remote camera, thans

Mrafters says:

this guy kinda gives me a jeff goldblum vibe

Glen T says:

Why is it so big. I could put a wall clock on my wrist and it would be smaller.

Bárđur Sóleyarson says:

This is the 1000 komment

James Pickering says:

Thank you for the Useful review ZeFrank. Now get back to making hilarious true facts animal videos! 😉

BoostedZ28Camaro says:

What is the min-max dial around the weather widget ?

Croft says:

Man, I hate the whole condescending “oh dear, you haven’t moved” crap. Anything like that should be opt-in, off by default.

tihi says:

How is the name Apple Watch any more complicated than Samsung Galaxy Watch?

TheDriza says:

I want one


Does it play music

Shifty says:

Best review I’ve seen on this watch yet

Games 4 Days says:

I have the 42mm version bc the black one is just so much nicer imo than the silver. But I love it. I get 2 to 3 days of battery life with it but still tend to charge it every night anyways.

Johnathan says:

BlackBerry? Sorry lost all credibility bye

Peter potter says:

Does anyone know if it is possible to search the Internet directly from the smartwatch?

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