Samsung Galaxy Watch – Hands On

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Watch for 2018 at the Unpacked event in Brooklyn today. It is easily Samsung’s best smartwatch to date offering 2 sizes, a number of colors, and interchangeable watch bands. The always on heart rate sensor is also a key feature for health monitoring.

A LTE version is on the way soon, but we got hands on time at the event with both sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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Zaid Martin says:

Looks like I won’t be upgrading from my S3 Frontier after all.

Shannon Gear says:

Just got off the phone with Samsung, she told me the new Samsung Watch does have Samsung Pay, I hope so, will check it out before buying…………..

aurangzeb zeb says:

Tag heuer is far more superior than samsung or apple

ALI ESSA says:

Looks gorgeous but after getting the awesome Fitness Pro 2 as much as I love it the app support is so limited in their own OS. Andriod wear has been so much better.

Chris P. Bacon says:

Very disappointed, 46 only comes with silver. Midnight black looks better on the 46!

Curtis Joseph says:

Is he that fit to be at 59 bpm?

Jonas Yeo says:

Does the bezel still makes the cheap knocking sounds like the S3 when you tab the bezel with your finger?

Gary Jr says:

Not upgrading…. Keeping the s3

Simon Milner says:

As a s3 owner from day one I was looking forward to this release but now I’m slightly disappointed tbh I expected it to be slimmer or at least different from s3 I got 2 years ago. My own personal opinion but I won’t be upgrading to this.

Dre J says:

Hope this one WORKS with TATTOOS. And SAMSUNG is not excluding tattooed people again.. I purchased a gear s3, 2 months ago with no warning on this issue, thought I had a faulty watch. After I started researching I seen that anyone with TATTOOS in the wrist area has problems with heart rate sensor, Samsung pay features, screen locking up, sleep monitoring, and more .., I been managing inconsistently, by using a MATERIAL bandaid with the white paper on the bandaid cut to fit over the sensor ,, sucks but it’s the only thing that works most of the time..

drzefkovitsh says:

No need to upgrade from S3 🙂

MintArcade says:

Samsung beat apple on putting click wheel on a watch

Mr. Pooba says:

So happy i bought the frontier for !
200 bucks…. f.y.i if you go to best buy you cannot try on the watch at all. Cant even test it, locked behind glass.

Michael L says:

Nah i will still stick with my S3 Frontier …not much that will get me to buy this i will hold off

Cool Squad says:

I will still take apple watch hands down because its the fatest smartwatch in the buissnese and the battery life last for 2 days and samsung is just trying to copy appls

Oliver Mark Drews says:

Does it have a magnetic sensor for a compass?

MR NON PC says:

It’s a little late now, but if you get your hands on the Galaxy Watch again do a side by side comparison with the Apple Watch Series 3. Last year when the Series 3 came out I did a side by side with it, and my wife’s Gear S2 comparing the sound quality. I could clearly hear notifications on the S2 over the ambient noise in the Apple store, and I couldn’t hear them on the Series 3. I previously had the Series 2, but sold it after a couple months because the sound quality was so poor. I wanted to see if it was improved on the Series 3, and in my opinion it wasn’t.

leebog31 says:

How much radiation does this put out? If you are going to wear this all the time I’m kind of concerned. The cell phone give out a lot already.

Turre Tuntematon says:

What’s new? Really? Nothing.

Cool Squad says:

The new samsung watch is a down grade from my garmin or my applw watch series 3 nike addision and its more better has more features

Ludakritz says:

Should I get the galaxy watch or s3 frontier?

NitsedFTW says:

So why on earth would I buy this when I have a S3?

michael greer says:

46 mm…. nah

Maciej Piotrowski says:

Still no WhatsApp support after so many years??? 🙁

George Kaftan says:

My gear sport has a continuous heart rate monitor

Elmer Davis says:

No Samsung Pay!

Waleed Abu Ghali says:

0:17 there is no Gear S4 .. where did you come up with that ?

BestiDeviceHelp says:

The cellular LTE version of this watch is coming out on the 24th of August right?

William Huo Cheng says:

Not a fan of Tizen OS.

De Kronik Snowsill says:

I do not feel the need to upgrade from my s3 frontier unless I have slot of money to waste. I think the s3 frontier is a better looking watch.

hr1100 says:

Inhale, exhale, stress levels… what a piece of bloat shit. Maybe it will last a month if you drop this garbage and make it available only someone explicitly downloads it.

Justin Langfeldt says:

What a garbage watch, I’m replacing the battery in my S3, only reason to stick with Tizon was MST and why the hell did they remove their best feature?

goatmonkey2112 says:

Why doesn’t anyone build the battery into the band? It seems like it would make so much more sense than having giant thick watches. You could have each segment in the band store another battery.

aurangzeb zeb says:

Waste of money

ConditionRed says:

So basically they’ve been lazy at R&D and expect us to buy this. How insulting.

Simon Cez says:

how is this different than my gear s3 lmao. it hurt watch

Big Cat says:

How about apps support does it improve?

Sameer Shah says:

350 USD? I can get a Tissot or Seiko

philippe lemaire says:

Blood pressure monitor? Can it track distance on treadmill? Samsung pay? Bands change easy? Speaker?

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