Huawei Watch Hands-On: Putting the “Smart” Back in “Smartwatch”

With its first Android Wear offering, Huawei looks to put the “smart” back into “smartwatch” – in the fancy sense. Does it have what it takes to make a splash in a crowded market? We took a look at a prerelease version of the Huawei Watch to find out!


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走了在 says:


Sham Hosein says:

this watch is just gorgeous.

K5995 - says:

no sim

JesusSavedJoshua says:

Review is excellent as always. Androidwear does not work consistently on any watch and is simply not worth the investment now. $450 for a smartwatch is ridiculous. The software acts as though it is worth $.02.

alcaponed16 says:

Whyyyy doesn’t the production version have that screen-on animation??

Ankush Choudhary says:

can we access the photo gallery in our phone’s on this smartwatch?

ELGaming Channel says:

While I’m here with my Garmin vivoactive

Juan Rivera says:

Thats all OH brother.

Tenzin Lama says:

best watch apple watch. None of these android watch can compete with apple watch.

2manysecrets says:

People do nt seem tomentionthe importance of its saphire crystal..very impressive.

Pedro Bynoe says:

That good

nana1234567890 nina says:


PS says:

Do we need a plastic sh!t looking android phone to go with this?

doganb34 says:

awesome watches but fuck they’re so fucking expensive

chigasaki06 says:

I’m still not on board with smart watches, but this one here looks great. A little on the thick side, but it definitely looks premium, especially with the stainless steel design and band.

Umeed Kassam says:

Will it work well on ma i phone

Flaming Stabber says:

I have 1 of each type they are awsome work faster than my new apple watch

Denzel Dickenson says:

that watch would go great with my 6p <3

2manysecrets says:

People do not seem to mention theimportance of it having a sapphire crystal as well…impressive. Big +

Sarcia A says:

hi ‘where I bay the huewei watch and how much Saudi riyal

Knarf28 Coc says:

i rather wear a cheap Casio

J Soze says:

can ipick up calls with it

Alexander Cheney says:

Mine comes tomorrow!

Tabraiz Akhtar says:

will it work with any andriod or iphone

Michael Myers says:

can you replace that mesh band with that stainless steel band? thanks

David Hand says:

I have an iPhone 6 and have just bought this watch. Set up was good. The face keeps reverting to the same one rather than to the faces I prefer-is this normal? Can you advise how to set so it stays on a face I prefer. Thank you.

العمودي says:

How much the gold one ??

Fronbondi Skegs says:

Very nice – This is the first smart watch to catch my eye.

Adrián Alcón Żurawka says:

watch my retro review videos 😉

Soroush Rishehri says:


Chris Kay says:

these aren’t available in the UK yet but if I imported one from Italy or Germany, would it work? I know the charger would be different but is that the only difference.

Olev Korb says:

Can u write text with it and use messanger?

clence mann says:

How much in Egypt?

jay suka says:

way to expensive i know the apple watch is the same price but thats apple and the resell value is still there

Vinnie Bird says:

can it text

2willcat says:

if I make a calculator watch, would that count as a smart watch?

Ryan Stewart says:

Hi there, Better Than Ever! foregoing tooth What’s your opinion about !

gulan2008 says:

Is this still available in stores? If yes then please tell me where and price?

Sabbir Ahmad's says:

sim support

Tabraiz Akhtar says:

can i buy and have it delivered in hongkong,,what is the price

yolo MCswagings7 says:

what are the sizes for this phone?

Gaius Coleman says:

I still want one, but need to know if it can be made to be compatible with my new Galaxy S6 smartphone. Also, I have heard that the newest model will allow the wearer to speak into the watch to not only receive calls, but also to answer calls and speak to the caller, just using their watch. Is it out yet? I hope you can answer my 2 questions here.

yaz 5544 says:

gooooood ابي مثلها

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