How To: Set Up Your Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatch

Learn how to use your Fossil Q Gen 4 Smartwatch powered with Wear OS by Google™ by following these easy steps: charge and pair your smartwatch, set up notifications and features, customize your smartwatch, track activity, control music and navigate basic troubleshooting.

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Charging 0:08
Paring 0:36
Notifications: 1:52
Connect to Wifi 2:25
Google Assistant 2:58
Google Pay 3:48
Button Functions: 4:55
Customizable Watch Faces 5:46
Setting your social image as your dial 6:27
Download Third-Party Apps 6:56
Customizable Watch Straps 7:46
Google Fit 8:22
Heart Rate 9:11
Swim Tracking 9:31
Control Your Music 10:11
Respond to Messages 11:24 (Android users only)
Smart Replies 11:41 (Android users only)
Google Assistant for Android users 11:54
How to Conserve Battery Life 12:15
Water Troubleshooting 13:04
Connectivity Issues 13:23
Disconnect & Factory Reset 14:52
Powering Off 15:46
Customer Care 16:15 or call 1-855-322-6465

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. CT
Saturday, 9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. CT
Phone: 1-855-322-6465


Philéas says:

Is it compatible with basic phone apps on the play store ? thx

Club android says:

Does it have celular data please reply

Vishwas Sharma says:

Wowwww! I am in love with this watch! How is the compatibility with ios?

Oleksandr B says:

Probably you need to put how install Google Play before how to configure it.

Robin Johnson says:

What is the app at 2:08? I would like to download it. Fossil Q doesn’t work, as it is only for hybrid watches.

Gloria Coombe says:

Do you ship to India ?

Vaibhav kanotra says:

I have a query, is it compatible with iPhone X? Will I receive whatsapp notifications and will be able to reply? And when will it be available to buy in India?

Aryeh Lowy says:

can you get apple music or spotify? if im using an iphone will i have siri? what generation ios can connect to the watch?

Parallax says:

Wear OS is so much better than Tizen on the Samsung Gear. I bought the Gear because I have the S8, but after moving from the Apple Watch, the Gear is just terrible to use, and the lack of apps kills it. One area where Apple win every time is their smartwatches and watch OS. Google’s closing the gap though!

Cory Daza says:

Are you unable to send text messages using voice command if you’re using an iPhone ?

Adil Shaikh says:

When it will be available in India ???

Michelle Adom says:

I got it it’s amazing love it

Mikee Mesina says:

Should I switch off my smartwatch during night or when not in use, to save battery? I wonder if it will not destroy the battery or the watch itself??

Sarah McBeth says:

Hello Fossil. I own iPhone 8 Plus. Can I control my audiobook (from audible app or iBook) from my fossil watch?

Taíno SC says:

Really want to get it but the fact that I can’t answer texts because I have an iPhone sucks

Daniel Tremblay says:

Hey Fossil, is it possible to get your e-mails on this watch ? I have an Iphone 8? How about messenger ? I just ordered the watch. I thought for sure you could receive texts and respond to them as an IOS user ?

KidGloves2112 says:

I can’t seem to find any specs regarding the display. I’m fairly certain it’s OLED because when I was playing with it at Best Buy, I noticed screen burn-in, but what is the resolution/ppi?

Victor Aviles says:

My screen locks every time I try to touch it. Any idea how to fix this issue? Thanks

bayram uysal says:

wich smartphone is this ?

Mehmet Demir says:

It has black stainless steel ?

Harry clausius Tjandra says:

Will this new gen 4 be able to download and play spotify songs aswell??

Seven smith says:

Must have!

jdeltree says:

When do we get a version with the Qualcomm snapdragon wear 3100?

Tony Flores says:

Authentification error when connect to facebook

אור פאר says:

what did you upgrade in this gen vs the last one? thinking of buying the last gen as it cheaper and also has speakers.
did you pass out the speakers because you waterproofed the watch?

TheTechHorizon says:

Hi Fossil, what is the song of this video? 🙂

Chris B says:

Can you use spotify on the fossil smartwatch?

Krystyna Bugała says:

Ich brauche eine Betriebsanleitung auf Polnisch

אור פאר says:

does the watch work with WhatsApp, can you write and receive messages?

Azor Ahai says:

can I use Amazon prime music on the watch

GuiltyAssassin says:

Way better than apple

Cash Money says:

When will it release in india? And hope you guys add a speaker in next gen models

mr alt rock says:

Can you voice reply to messages?

Duane Cuaresma says:

Hi fossil! Can the watch be paired with phone and at the same time to a bluetooth headset? So i can make or answer a call on it

Matthew Henderson says:

Does it pair with iPhone ?

srikanth abhi says:

Does this watch has speaker option like gen 3 ? I heard that it does not have speaker option. Is that true ?

Azor Ahai says:

Will Shazam app run on the watch?

mtzlizzylm says:

can you reply to msgs with this one?

masood surve says:

Release date for this watch please….

Messy Barresi says:

Why do I only have wear os1.5?

BrokezTibi says:

When paired with an iphone, can you see photos from the phone on the watch?

Raajesh Komatla says:

Does it has vibrating alaram?

ChineseBeaver 7 says:

What are the main differences from the gen 3 to the gen 4

Darrin Stoddard says:

Any reason why the messages app won’t open on the Fossil watch?

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