How to set up any android smart watch with your smartphone 100% works

Guide that actually works- Best step by step guide to show you how to set up your android smart watch with your smartphone. the smartwatches you buy online will ask you to install bt notifier and i will show you that as well. the watch im showing you guys is called the Padgene DZ09.

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ConsciousVirgo says:

Do you have to have your phone near you for the smart watch to Work? are can i leave my phone in my car and have my smart watch for work?

Rachel Battle says:

This video was very helpful. Thank you (^_^)

Plushicakes Playz says:

I downloaded the app but it never worked but I never knew I had to have the 2 apps thank you so much

Cheryl Matrasko says:

Mine did not come with a SIM card. I can’t remove the SIM from my Samsung Note. Where do I get SIM? Is there a way to dup mine from the phone to the smart watch>

Falana Jerido says:

how do u take emergency off my smartwatch I have a sim card and data

Anita George says:

Erm the time didn’t change to the one on my phone…

Griselda Becerra says:

so it wnt work with Android for texting and recieving them?

Jacob Martinez says:

I am following your instructions, but after setting the visibility to On on my watch, I do not see “search new device”. What went wrong?

Billy Roberts says:

Thanks m8 for helping me subscribed and liked

OZ Unique says:

I also have watched the video it helped. it was nic to see the connection. great info admin

Harshit Tripathi says:

Internet is working

Falana Jerido says:

I have a new sim card and memory card and a different number for my smartwatch and want to use local and it still won’t let me make a phone call with Bluetooth yes not alone why

Michael Dornuf says:

Thanks for your help.I got a DZ09 Smartwatch for my birthday yesterday.I also looked at several other videos but yours was the easiest to follow.I got it setup with no problem.

Mark Oh says:

Excellent video. Helped me figure it out when all others failed.

vignan rajuri says:

how to get browser application

Earlle Myel says:

How if it reached the maximum

Flash photography Lee Hensman says:

Great vid but got to ask did you fart at 4:34 ?

Nancy Brown says:

How do you adjust volume..

Curtice James says:

I can’t do any apps like facebook, or what’sapp etc. It asks me to insert a sim card. I have one in my phone. What do?

Technical Master says:

My smart watch is not opening

wayne tucker says:

Thank you.. This worked a treat. What sim must it be to use google?

Falana Jerido says:

mines won’t call out why

Sonja Wallace says:

Do you get charged extra when you place a Sim card in?

Jermaine Daniels says:

Everyone keeps saying download bt notifier but the smartwatch won even show up in the Bluetooth devices on my phone!!!

Get Over it says:

When I call out no one can hear me. Please help I have no sim card installed

YO jas TN says:

omg you are the best

diasaun says:

this tutorial was very helpful. but why doesn’t my Sprint SUM card work, my watch keeps saying that it is locked. and how do you synch your contacts?

Aman Pasha says:

Can it display Samsung health statistics ?

BrokeAmoeba says:

Hi i just ordered this smart watch this vid really helped thanks.

Yvonne Martinez says:

Why does it ask for a code for the bt app

Icey 2k says:

Mine just says insert sim

Pinkie PieParty says:

Mime wouldn’t connect

Falana Jerido says:

I brought the Samson gear 2 classic it work those phone don’t work only on Bluetooth mines don’t need to be on Bluetooth and I can make calls

OLID Hosssain says:

you faucker fake

jake rye says:

Do i need sim card for this to work

Robert Anderson III says:

Awesome, Thank you very much Dragonicwarfare, you’re a life and time saver. got the 2 notifiers and all connected and working great now after a few days having this new and 1st smartwatch for me.

Falana Jerido says:

how do u take emergency off ur smartwatch I have it own sim card and memory and a different number how do I get emergency off the phone another q do I keep it on automatic or manel

Liz Lopez says:

Finally a video that can work on my itouch watch

Max Rex says:

thanks very much for showing this

Nashia Marks says:

I hv a Huawei p9 lit and it wants a pin any help

Alison Felton says:

How do you adjust the volume on the smartwatch?

Technical Master says:

How to open plz tell

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