How to pair GT08 Smart watch with Iphone 7

a guide on how to pair the GT08 smart watch to iphone 7. If this video was helpful please leave a like, share, and subscribe.
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R MCK says:

I would like someone to show the smartwatch working with the internet on it with the sim and memory card in it. ALL THE VIDEOS on YouTube have people using the GT O8 SMARTWATCH but without the sim card and memory card so they are not showing the full functions of it. SHOW YOUTUBE ON IT OR SOMETHING PLEASE.

Farhan Ahmed khan says:


Nate Robinson says:

Does it have wireless charging and can you use a apple watch charging pad?

Rotavis Shelby says:

Did your smart watch need a SIM card


Can u pear the Watch to a iPad

Oniah Boloko says:

Do not get this watch if you have an iPhone it is a waste of money . These Indian people will sell it to you and scam the hell out of you

Evan Nario says:

I’m confused on the bt notifier when I try to access the bt cam. How do you access that?

Inez Smith says:

If you have a iphone do not puchase sim or memory card, all the features will NOT work with the iphone

Angel Colon says:

How to recive notification

Cruz Filex says:

Have you ever do a vid about how to use a Smart Watch? I don’t have one, but I will like to know, how practical they are.

TheNeonUmbreon says:

Can I text in the watch I have one and can’t figure it out

tayabah godil says:

Its good

MG Gaming says:

On iPhone seven u have iOS 10 not iOS 9

Vlogging Shubh says:

In this can i use wifi?

Raina Sanderson says:

Need app bt notifier

Dr CRAZED says:

Do you receive your msgs??

meenakshi baher says:

How to sync contacts into smartwatch

Mason Bristow says:

Does it need a SIM card tho use the internet

Gaming24/7 says:

Will this work with my iPhone 4s?

DragModz says:

How do I setup text

theengineerbox says:

I can’t peer the watch to my iPhone SE, only PAIR it.

billy inky says:

i sub. and that gave me a lot of help

Jainey Sainey says:

What SIM card should I be using ? I purchased this watch and it is not fully functional? I want to access google and fb but it tells me “please install ” ” bt notifier ” ” to remote device , and I’m not sure what to do? I have an iPhone 7plus ?

Emma Zelaya says:

Thank you so much but now if I have them connected and I watch a video the audio comes out of the watch. How can I prevent that from happening

laurent leonard says:

Bonsoir , pourriez vous m’indiquer l’application à utiliser pour pouvoir appairer cette montre à mon téléphone . J’ai un iPHONE 6 et je n’y arrive pas .

Hajb Gamer says:

Thank you very much
You helped me ❤️

Gonçalo Gameiro says:

Does this work with iOS 11?

Tawanna Williams says:

This was a very helpful video I appreciate it I have a iPhone 7 and I notice you can not access some of the features on the watch only call and text this was a gift someone gave me and you cleared up a lot that I was confused about. Thanks !

Honey Grace Gamboa says:

What if I don’t have an Iphone?

W204Nation AMG says:

Did you install any other app? To fully function the watch?

Djanaba Esparza says:

How does it work overall with the iOS device?

Jacquez phillips says:

Bt nodifier

QuickScope Angels says:

I thinks its bull shit that iphone doesnt get notifacations with thses watches

Marami Sadri says:

in my smartwatch don’t have logo bluetooth like in your smartwatch. i don’t understand how to pair with my iphone. connect to bluetooth only recieve phone and to play music

Damia Giles says:

What app to download or I need a SIM card for I have the iPhone 6s

greg austin says:

have you tried uploading photos from your phone to the watch ?

Preena Pattni says:

This video really helped! Thanks

Wordpress Tutorials says:

cut your nails – ffs

Alexis Barrera says:

how can you recive notifications and send messages

Haley/ /Jenny says:

Is this able to track or monitor whomever is wearing it? Also, does the syncing make iPhone privacy available? Child’s father for her smart watch but I service her iPhone. He’s a bit of a stalker. I don’t want any devices from him but don’t want to deny her gift.

Kierstein Vaden says:

Does anyone plonks how to set up to receive and send text when paired to an iPhone 6?

Genesis Nieves says:

Can a iPhone 8 connect to a smartwatch? Or does it have to be apple?

Tommy Gunz says:

will your carrier charge u for extra sim for the watch

TFC_Juju says:

It work led I swar to god it dose

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